Tide Doesn't Want You To Eat Tide Pods... But Its New Packaging Looks Suspiciously Like Boxed Wine

Tide revealed that they’ll be changing up their packaging in January 2019, and it looks like a box of wine. Following their nightmare of children and young adults eating Tide Pods, this association of their liquid soap to a drink is probably not something the company wanted. Tide’s intentions for the new box were harmless, yet the Internet has turned it into a new meme.

While it’s fun to joke about Tide’s alleged edible products, the company did go through a lot of trouble late last year and early this ear. Young children were eating the pods of detergent because the bright colours and the small size made them look like candy. As a form of dark humour, adults on the Internet turned this into a meme: tide pods are gourmet snacks. This resulted, however, in people taking part in the Tide Pod Challenge, when they actually attempted to eat a Tide Pod. Obviously, this did not end well for those who purposefully ripped open the packaging to ingest detergent.

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Tide’s new box was meant to be a step towards environmental responsibility and minimizing costs. The packaging is now cardboard box with a bag of detergent inside rather than a plastic jug—creating a new packaging that uses 60% less plastic. The new no-drip valve is also supposed to make shipping and handling easier than the jug version. Despite these improvements, the online community chose to create memes of the new box because it looks like a box of wine.

The company is enjoying the free press from the Tide box wine memes, but you can also feel a sense of frustration from them about the topic. Regarding the new packaging, a spokesperson for the brand stated: “we all know laundry detergent is for cleaning clothes. To be sure people know this is detergent, we put a large picture of our Tide bottle on the side of the box. Whether your Tide comes in a box or a bottle, it should be stored up and away, out of the reach of children.” Ultimately, this statement makes a lot of sense. Companies do have the responsibility to create safe packaging when the contents could be dangerous if consumed, but parents of young children also need to take precautions when storing these items.

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At the end of a long day, if you want some wine to wind down, Tide probably won’t be the best option for you. Even if the shiny, blue liquid is appealing to you, don’t drink it; the satisfaction (and taste) of that is probably not worth it. If doing your laundry helps you unwind, then this is the perfect box to come home to!

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