10 Times Bacon Made A Dish Better (And 10 Times It Made It Worse)

A few years ago, the Internet suddenly exploded in unbridled enthusiasm for bacon. It didn't seem strange at the time, as everyone really loved bacon. It was just that such a large group of people has never expressed such a fondness for it on such a large scale. It was not much longer before companies, restaurants, and people started incorporating bacon into nearly everything they could think of. You couldn't turn a corner without seeing a food item that included bacon. Some of these baconized foods were pretty delicious! Of course, those were the foods where adding bacon seemed like a perfectly logical choice. They were foods that nobody thought would be ruined by the addition of bacon, and for the most part, they were right.

There were other times where people went ahead and added bacon to foods where bacon had no business being. Most of the time, these food items were desserts, which seemed really odd. Bacon was not meant to be a dessert food, after all. These were uniformly bad ideas, and no one seemed to notice or care. We all just accepted the fact that a bacon sundae could exist in our world. It was completely unnecessary, and it was a lot of these strange bacon foods (plus other items like bacon band-aids, cologne, and body wash) that eventually had people saying "okay, you know what? We have had enough bacon for a while). Still, people shouldn't forget about the foods that are actually made better by the addition of bacon. These are ten times bacon made a dish better (and ten times bacon completely ruined them).


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There are not many things in this world that are better than a good grilled cheese. The simple yet delicious sandwich is a staple of anyone who doesn't really know how to cook a lot of different meals. On top of the fact that even a regular old plain grilled cheese can be delicious, it is also endlessly customizable. You can put pretty much anything on a grilled cheese to make it better, but nothing can really beat a good old-fashioned bacon grilled cheese. The crispy, smoky flavor of the bacon really helps to accent some of the other flavors in a grilled cheese, especially if you're using something like a sharp cheddar.


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Brownies are already delicious, and sure, they can be made better by adding things like caramel, peanut butter, or even marshmallows and graham crackers (to make s'more brownies). If there is one thing that seems like it really does not belong in a brownie, however, it is bacon. Honestly, does bacon really have any place in a brownie? We can't imagine that it would really add much flavor since a lot of ingredients in brownies tend to get thrown off by the massive amount of chocolate flavor in them. Besides, Bacon is best when it is either adding flavor or texture to a dish, neither of which it does in this case.


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What better food to combine with bacon, which is just smoked pork belly, than more pork? That sounds like a winning combination to us! Bacon is the perfect meat to wrap around a nice, juicy pork loin. Not only does it add a nice, meaty and smoky exterior, but by wrapping the loin in bacon, it actually helps to lock in moisture and flavor which might otherwise be lost during the cooking process. This would be especially handy if using a pork tenderloin, which is a tender cut of meat, but can have a tendency to dry out or be less flavorful than fattier cuts of pork.


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Mozzarella sticks are a great appetizer or snack in almost any situation. They are a perfect combination of cheese and bread crumb coating, but what if you were to change even just one element of mozzarella sticks? Honestly, the whole thing just falls apart. This is especially true if you make mozzarella sticks with bacon instead of breadcrumbs. first of all, these would be just about the greasiest possible things that you could eat. Second, there is a very delicate balancing act to mozzarella sticks, in which the richness of the cheese is balanced out by the mild flavor of the breadcrumbs. With bacon, they just don't work.


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If there is one thing that can make vegetables more interesting, it's bacon! That's especially true when it comes to asparagus, which pairs so well with bacon that it's almost like they were made for each other. Asparagus is even the perfect shape for being wrapped in bacon. What more could you ask for from a vegetable? The best thing about bacon-wrapped asparagus is that it is so easy to make. You can bake it in the oven, or even throw it on the grill to make a perfect side dish for any summer meal! What better way to enjoy a nice steak than by adding even more meat to your veggies?


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Tacos might just be one of the world's most perfect foods. You can put almost any kind of meat and veggies in a taco shell and it will almost always be delicious. The key to a good taco, more than anything else, is a good corn or flour tortilla. However, there are folks out there who think that a taco shell made out of bacon might just be the best thing to happen to tacos since spicy ground beef. First of all, making braided bacon taco shells seems like a lot of effort for something that might just be okay at best. Second, these would leave your hands so greasy, that you'd be wishing for the good old days of normal shells.


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Okay, we know what you might be thinking: "how could bacon possibly work in a fruit pie?" We admit that it seems like a weird combination, but hear us out. Fruit and pork have always been good friends, and apples in particular work very well with pork. That's why the classic image of a whole pig being roasted always shows them with an apple in their mouth. So if apples and pork work so beautifully together, then why not bacon in an apple pie? This would definitely impress people and would help to blend some more savory notes into the flavor of the pie. Bonus points if you use a little bit of bacon fat in the crust.


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Sushi is the kind of food that people don't like to mess around with. Remember when Kim Kardashin made hot dog sushi? Yeah, that was not something that people were fans of. The thing about sushi is that it is such a specific food, that any sort of weird variation on it is often met with derision. so why on Earth would anyone think that wrapping sushi in bacon would be a good idea? It seems like the flavor of the bacon would really be at odds with the freshness of the raw fish and vegetables wrapped up in the nori and sushi rice. Bacon wrapped sushi is the perfect way to ruin two good things by mixing them together.


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Candy, bacon, butter. Are there any three words that sound better together than those? Maybe chocolate peanut butter, but that still includes the word 'butter,' so it doesn't count. What is beautiful about this butter is that it combines a number of flavor profiles. There is the salty smokiness of the bacon, combined with the sweetness of the candying ingredients (which would most likely include brown sugar and cinnamon), and finally the richness of butter. You could pretty much spread this on anything and it would be delicious. Pancakes? Waffles? Your morning toast? All of them would be amazing with this butter.


bacon sundae
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When Burger King trotted out its bacon sundae at the height of what historians may someday refer to as "bacon mania," people were pretty excited. Then they tasted the actual sundae, and they decided that they didn't want to have anything else to do with it. Bacon has no place in a sundae, and luckily people realized that fairly fast. There is just something so wrong about how the cool creaminess of soft serve mixes with the salt and smoke of bacon. The flavor combination just doesn't work. The addition of caramel and chocolate sauces did not help the sundae to taste any better.


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If you've never had a water chestnut in your life, then you should know this: they are not worth eating unless they are submerged in a marinade made from soy sauce and other ingredients, wrapped in bacon, and cooked in the oven. Then, and only then, do these little vegetables, which are often found in orders of vegetable chow mein, become amazing. The bacon perfectly helps to bring out the flavors of the marinade, and the meaty texture actually plays very well with the more crispy organic texture of the water chestnut. Try these at your next holiday party! They are guaranteed to be a hit.


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Cinnamon rolls? delicious! Bacon? Also delicious! Bacon cinnamon rolls? Okay, you lost us. The problem with these breakfast treats is not so much in the components but how they are often prepared. See, people like to roll the bacon up into the cinnamon roll so that is enveloped by pastry. The problem here is that the bacon is not going to get crispy if it is cooked this way, and what is the point of eating bacon if it's not going to be at least a little bit crispy? If you ask us, this combination just doesn't work. What would be better is just having a cinnamon bun with a side of bacon. Problem solved!


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Now here's a combination that we can get behind! Caramel corn already combines the flavors of sweet and salty, so the addition of smoky, meaty bacon actually makes a lot of sense. This snack works in the same way that candied bacon works. While bacon and chocolate should just be a non-starter, Bacon and brown sugar, which turns to caramel when heated, play very nicely together. This is the kind of snack that would be perfect for a movie night when regular popcorn just isn't cutting it anymore! What's also great about this snack is that the bacon can be allowed to get crispy before being mixed in with the popcorn, giving it a nice, extra crunch.


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What we said about bacon and brownies also applies to chocolate cake. there are not many flavors that can make a really good chocolate cake better, but it just seems like adding bacon to one is totally pointless. First of all, if you are serving this cake to a large group of people, you can bet that there will be someone who objects to the addition of bacon to their cake. Meanwhile, the bacon doesn't really do anything for the cake itself. Chocolate and bacon just don't really blend together well, meaning that what you essentially have is a cake that is based on two flavors that are competing for attention, rather than working together.


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The secret to using bacon well in a recipe is allowing it to play well with other flavors. Since bacon is already at home in salads (in fact, it is often the best part of a salad), the idea of a bacon vinaigrette is the perfect way to add a little bit of bacon flavor to your greens. Adding bacon to a vinaigrette allows its smoky flavor to mellow out the sharp acidity of the dressing. It won't overpower any of the other flavors, like garlic or black pepper, but it will help to enhance some of the other flavors of the vegetables in the salad. This would be the perfect dressing for a more hearty salad, like one made with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms.


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Cheesecake is delicious. It is also very rich. There are not a lot of things you can add to cheesecake that could ruin it, but the best ingredients manage to cut through the richness. something like cherries, strawberries, or blueberries work perfectly. However, adding maple flavor and bacon to cheesecake is not going to make it better. If anything, it is going to make ti too much for people to handle. That's not what you want with a cheesecake. Besides, the trend of including bacon in desserts has to end somewhere. There's already been bacon milkshakes, cakes, and brownies. We don't have to try to shoehorn bacon into cheesecake as well.


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Here's the thing about bacon and seafood: it doesn't always work. You have to know exactly what kind of seafood will pair best with the savory, smoky flavor of bacon. Well, we're here to tell you that people have known what the perfect seafood and bacon pairing is for years: bacon-wrapped scallops. Scallops are meaty, tender, and delicious on their own when seared in oil and butter, but when they are wrapped in bacon, they become even better! The bacon complements the more subtle flavors of the scallops, and both foods have a nice, meaty texture. These are the perfect appetizer to serve when you want to throw a fancy dinner party.


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People seem to love the idea of shoehorning bacon into a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Apparently, this sandwich was a favorite of Elvis Presley. Well, we all know how that ended. The problem with this sandwich is not the peanut butter, nor is it the bacon. It's the bananas, which cannot possibly taste good paired with bacon. The flavor combination of those two foods is just far too strange. Some people even like to deep fry this sandwich, which can't possibly make it any better. Then there are the crazy folks who like to add jam to the situation, which is just far too much.


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Come on, you thought we weren't going to put the most famous bacon-augmented food on this list? How could we make a list of foods that are made better by bacon without including the mighty yet humble bacon cheeseburger? There's just something so magical about a bacon cheeseburger. No matter where you go to eat, you can bet that if they have a bacon cheeseburger on the menu, it is going to be pretty delicious. There is no denying how great the combination of beef, cheddar, and bacon can be. This is probably the most satisfying sandwich you can order, beyond any other kind of burger or entree.


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No no no! Eclairs are sacred! they are a thing of beauty, an almost perfect dessert that needs no alteration or additional ingredients. Bacon eclairs should absolutely not be a thing. You can call them something else or just stop making them entirely, but they should absolutely not exist. Aside from being absolutely awful for your health, there is no way that a bacon eclair could ever stand up against a regular eclair in a taste test. Sure, some people use maple flavor to sort of play off of the bacon, but then you can't call these things eclairs. They are nothing more than long, maple bacon donuts.

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