20 Times Celebrities Lost Their Mind Over Food

People all around the world love to share things on social media. From their pets, to their children, and their many material possessions (just to name a few), there's little that people won't share to their followers on whatever social media platforms they frequent. One thing that's often posted or shared is food- home cooked meals, late night junk food runs, and restaurant outings are all options that can be shared. This is done to either show off what the poster made or ate, or to show off a cool new restaurant they've previously visited. It's far from an uncommon thing to do that it's hard to find any frequent social media user who hasn't done this at least once!

Of course, it's not just people like yourself who share posts about their love for food. Celebrities are just as guilty, if not more so than so-called "regular people" because of their higher follower count. They love to gush about what food they love to eat - from the healthy items to the less than healthy options available. Their followers don't seem to mind too much because they're most likely getting ideas on what to eat in the future. Plus, they get to confirm any sneaking suspicions that their favourite celebrity eats some of the same foods as them. That last point may seem hard to believe, but it's not as crazy as you may think. Need proof of that? Well then, here are 20 times when celebrities made their feelings about food crystal clear.

20 Selena Gomez Loves Fries More Than Twitter

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Selena Gomez is many things - an actress, a philanthropist, and a singer are just a few of the titles that she carries in her back pocket. But one that you may have not known includes fry fan. Back in 2009, Gomez sent out a simple Tweet to her many followers that read, "I hate twitter. I love fries." It was short and sweet, while also helping her declare her love for the salty treat at the same time. She didn't need to include a photo of her scarfing down fries to prove it (not that we'd judge her if she had ended up doing so after all).

19 Kim Kardashian Loves Her Sugar

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Businesswoman and one of the many stars of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian-West is someone who doesn't keep much hidden away from the public life. A majority of her life is regularly showcased on her TV show, but there is one thing that may have been missed- her massive love of all things sugary. Kardashian-West once revealed that she craves mainly sugary foods such as Kit Kats and cookies-and-cream ice cream. Don't believe it? Then take it from the woman herself; when the subject came up, she couldn't keep her true feelings hidden: "I need sugar like five times a day. I love to eat."

18 Audrina Patridge Loves Making (And Eating) Food From Mexico

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Audrina Patridge used to be a star on MTV's The Hills before making a splash in the fashion world with Prey Swim, a luxury swimwear brand. Given that she's modelled some of the bikinis herself, Patridge is in fantastic shape- but that doesn't mean that she avoids unhealthy food like the plague. As a matter of fact, she's been known to gush about her love for food from Mexico. She's confessed to making many dishes upwards of three times a week - quesadillas, salsa, tacos, you name it. While she admits that most other junk food isn't part of her diet, she refuses to give up on this kind of food - and we don't blame her.

17 Cara Delevingne Is A Self-Confessed McDonald's Addict

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Cara Delevingne is always in fantastic shape, which is far from a surprise- she's an actress and model who's been in many movies, photoshoots, and runway shows in her lifetime. Still, Delevingne doesn't deprive herself from the occasional junk food run; and her favourite thing appears to be McDonald's. If you've ever glanced at her Instagram, you can find more than one post of her enjoying a meal from McDonald's with sheer glee written on her face. Delevingne admits that she almost always craves the golden arch-adorned fast food joint, once joking that the longest she's gone without it is a week; and even that was too long for her to handle.

16 Chocolate Is Britney Spears' Favourite

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She may be one of the most successful pop singers of all time, but Britney Spears is also a huge chocoholic. It's a poorly kept secret, as Spears will tell most anyone how she feels about the delicious dessert treat. Spears also doesn't have a preference as to what kind of chocolate brands she loves the most. She seems to like almost any that come her way; M&Ms, Snickers, Twix... you name it, she enjoys it. Needless to say, Spears is the type of person who would have no problem scarfing down a chocolate bar whenever her sweet tooth decided to come out.

15 Hilary Duff Is Crazy For Cheese

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Hilary Duff is another very famous woman who also carries plenty of accomplishments around wherever she goes. Unlike Gomez however, Duff has never tweeted about her love of fries. Instead, she's made no secret of her love for cheese. She's even got her son Luca hooked to the dairy food item (although it's hard to consider that much of a bad thing). Given the fact that Duff is currently pregnant with baby number two (a daughter, by the way), there's no doubt that Duff will successfully have her hooked on cheese as soon as she possibly can.

14 Nicole Scherzinger Sticks To Her Roots

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For many, the food they tend to gravitate towards the most is what they grew up eating. That's very much the case for singer Nicole Scherzinger, who's originally from Hawaii. Scherzinger once revealed that Hawaiian food is her favourite type of food to eat. This includes banana pancakes topped with coconut syrup and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts; dried tuna dipped into soy sauce, and kalua pig, which is pork that's traditionally cooked in an underground oven of sorts. It's definitely not the kind of food most people would go for- but if you grew up with it the way that Scherzinger did, you'd love it, too.

13 Kylie Jenner Is A Massive Popeye's Fan

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Before she became a mom to baby Stormi, there was something else businesswoman and fellow Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner loved to post about. No, not just her many products or pictures of herself- her love of Popeye's. Considering that Jenner has posted about it not once, but twice on her Instagram, it's clear that she (along with other members of her immediate family) love to make a run to the popular fried chicken joint whenever she's in the mood for it. While it might be harder to have it considering how busy she is nowadays, there's no way that Jenner has completely given it up (even if she's not posting about it like she used to).

12 The Cast Of Riverdale All Love Domino's Pizza

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When you join a new group of people- whether it's classmates, co-workers, or something else- it's natural that you want to bond over something you all enjoy. It could be a band, a movie... or it could be as easy as pizza. That was the case for the cast of Netflix's hit show Riverdale, and it's more than clear. Camila Mendes posted photos on Instagram in July 2017 of her and some of her co-workers chowing down slices in what look like an amusing photoshoot of sorts. Later that November, fellow cast member Lili Reinhart drove it home by tweeting about ordering pizza. We think they're all getting along just fine.

11 Cupcakes Are Blake Lively's Weakness

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Blake Lively is a great actress, but she's also a great baker, too. While she bakes plenty of different desserts, there's one that she loves to eat the most (regardless of whether she's doing the baking or not)- cupcakes. She made people laugh back in March 2018 when she uploaded an Instagram post of her eyeballing a box of cupcakes from Sprinkles like a shark eyeballs a helpless fish. Not only did the post earn Lively laughs and jealous comments, but it also earned the bakery she'd bought the cupcakes from some unexpected yet well-deserved attention for their own social media.

10 Gisele Bündchen Is Into Dunkin' Donuts

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She may be a world renowned supermodel with a fantastic body to speak of, but don't let that fool you- Gisele Bündchen still loves to have a cheat meal every once in a while. Her favourite cheat meal? Dunkin' Donuts' Munchkins. She loves these pastries so much that she's confessed to being able to consume up to 10 in one sitting. This may be surprising given her physique, but Bündchen is human after all- if she wants to have a Dunkin' Dounts Munchkin (or 10, or however many she's craving at the time), then she's more than welcome to eat them up.

9 Emily Ratajkowski Is Obsessed With Food From Italy

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Another gorgeous model that's well-known for said gorgeous looks, Emily Ratajkowski is also someone who appreciates great tasting food. What better way to enjoy such food by going to a country that knows how to make some of the best tasting food you'll ever eat- Italy. Back in September of 2017, Ratajkowski uploaded a photo of her enjoying a large glass of red wine before devouring a massive pizza. While it's still unclear if she was going to share it with someone else, no one would blame her if it came out that she ate the entire thing in one sitting- it's homemade pizza in Italy, for goodness' sake!

8 Zendaya Is A Rabid Ramen Fan

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Zendaya is known as a triple threat in the world of entertainment; she can act, dance, and sing. But when she's not doing any of those things, she likes to hunker down at home or on set and enjoy some instant ramen. Surprised? It's not completely surprising - she once posted a photo on Instagram of her eating this exact food item in December 2015. It may sound like a boring choice, but we can't blame her. If you were someone who's as busy as Zendaya, you'd probably want nothing more than some instant ramen to get rid of any hunger.

7 Taylor Swift And Her Love Of Chicken Tenders

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Taylor Swift is arguably one of the biggest and most popular singers of the 21st century. When she's not busy selling out stadiums on tour or recording new music for her next album, Swift most likely tries to relax as much as possible. One way she probably does this is by enjoying her favourite cheat meal- chicken tenders. She'd eat them as much as possible, but (as she herself admitted) "[only] if calories didn't count." If that kind of world ever did exist, then we'd definitely want to join Swift so that we could also eat anything that we want.

6 Alessandra Ambrosio Loves Her Cheetos

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This popular Victoria's Secret angel is a stunning beauty who knows how to stay in peak physical condition- something that's extremely important, given her profession. Having said that, Alessandra Ambrosio isn't one to shy away from her favourite treat - Cheetos. Her flavours of choice include the spiciest kind, as well as chocolate. Ambrosio admits that they're her go-to snack when travelling, and will eat when whenever it's appropriate. It may not be the first snack choice for a model- especially once who models lingerie for a living- but who are we to tell someone how to live their best life?

5 Beyoncé Loves To Indulge With In-N-Out Burger

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Queen B seems like the last person to be on this list- but then again, you should always expect the unexpected. In early July of 2013, fans were most likely surprised to see a post on Beyoncé's Instagram with her having an order of In-N-Out Burger close by. It turns out that this popular fast-food burger joint is one of her weaknesses, and she has no problem ordering it whenever that craving unexpectedly hits. While there's no concrete proof of it happening, we're pretty confident that IN-N-Out Burger's sales went up as a result of Beyoncé's post. After all, who wouldn't want to eat at the same burger joint as Queen B?

4 Justin Bieber's Love For Tim Horton's Is True

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He may be an international superstar, but Justin Bieber is still a Canadian boy at heart. What's the one place that Canadians love to grab food from? Tim Horton's. In October of 2011, the pop singer/songwriter took to Instagram (like so many on this very list) to post his order from Timmie's to share with fans. While many may not have cared or even known what Tim Horton's is, there's little doubt that his Canadian fans were surprised- and maybe even a little touched- by this post. It must be true then- you can take the guy out of Canada, but you can't take Canada out of the guy.

3 Kanye West's Love For McDonald's Is Notorious

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One celebrity that probably loves fast food more than most anyone on this very list is Kanye West. From heading to Wendy's to being spotted on Chrissy Teigen's Instagram inside of a Waffle House, it's obvious that West likes his share of fast food. What makes it unique (and perhaps a bit creepy) is the revelation that her wrote down a lyrical poem titled The McDonald's Man. It definitely an unusual step for some to take, but West seemingly didn't care because he did it anyways. Now that's what we call strong consumer loyalty to a company that you love!

2 Cameron Diaz Is Another Cheese Fanatic

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Cheese is such a widely loved food item that plenty of people - both celebrities and so-called "regular people" like us- can't hide who much they love it. If you don't believe it when it comes to celebrities, then you haven't heard what actress Cameron Diaz has to say. She echoed a lot of what Duff previously said, but also added how she doesn't have a particular cheese that she loves. She enjoys all kinds of cheeses- blue cheese, gouda, and even string cheese, just to name a few. Diaz isn't ashamed of her love for cheese- and if you're in the same boat, then neither should you.

1 Ashley Tisdale Loves Anything That's Full Of Carbs

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We've talked about celebrities gushing about many different fast-food joints, junk-filled snacks, and even food made in a different country. But Ashley Tisdale's tastes are much more simple than her peers. She revealed that her favourite kind of foods are the ones loaded with more than enough carbohydrates. Foods such as pancakes are something that Tisdale adores dearly. It's arguably the simplest food talked about on this list, but it's hard to not want to give so much love to high-carb foods. As unhealthy as they may be, they're also delicious and filling to enjoy eating- in moderation, of course.

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