21 Times Food In Cartoons Was So Tempting We Wanted To Lick The TV

We all love watching cartoons and we all have our favorite. But despite watching them frequently, maybe even daily, we often miss to notice certain details that are trivial or seem irrelevant for the plot: one of those things is food. It’s true, there are a couple of cartoons where food is the main thing, but usually we don’t even know what the characters eat (or we don’t really care). And then boom! Suddenly, some luscious food appears from nowhere and it looks so real and so delicious you can almost feel its aroma. Your mouth starts watering, you feel so hungry even though you’ve just had your dinner, and before you realize, you are in your kitchen trying to recreate that wonderful cartoon food!

But why is this happening? Apparently, as an Oxford study shows, a great majority of people find their food tastes better if it looks good. And food in cartoons is designed to look amazing, to be the most attractive version of itself, so we automatically assume it tastes great even though we know its not real. Some meals look so unbelievably good they make us salivate despite knowing they’re not real! It is interesting to know that some fanatics actually succeeded in recreating some of the most famous cartoon meals, and they are carbon-copies indeed, but we will never find out if they taste the same!

So, below you will find 21 food items from famous or a bit less-known cartoons that look so irresistible they made us lick the TV and wish they were real.

21 Scooby-Doo – The Super-Duper Sandwich

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It is inevitable to mention the iconic huge one from the Scooby-Doo franchise, the Super-Duper sandwich Shaggy created and he and Scooby-Doo adore. This luscious sandwich with hamburger buns and like 83 layers of ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato slices with mustard and mayo in between… Did I forget something? Hopefully not, ‘cause I’m planning to try it this very moment! I would be drooling over it even it was 20 times smaller, but this one is out of this world! It doesn’t matter we have no idea how to eat this thing – it will always be one of the best cartoon sandwiches in history!

20 Spongebob Squarepants – The Krabby Patty

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The hidden formula for the most beloved Krabby Patty has been the most closely guarded mystery of the Krusty Krab ever since Mr. Krabs was a child. Apparently, even the master of Krabby Patties, Spongebob Squarepants doesn’t know the entire content. We know everyone goes crazy for those patties, while Plankton is trying to steal the formula in each episode, and we can not blame either of them – we would like to get it as well so we can make it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and as a snack in between! It is interesting to know that one of the producers said that “there is absolutely no meat in the Krabby Patty, and there is no animal product there”. Happy or your dreams just got crushed?

19 Sesame Street – Chocolate Chip Cookies

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If you ask me which Muppet am I, I would say right away - the Cookie Monster! I could (and I do) eat all sort of cookies all the time and never get enough! But let’s come back to his favorite ones – chocolate chip cookies. Who could resist those? Luckily, those cookies really exist and making them is easy (and they are tremendous, by the way) so we don’t have to think about how to recreate them. But until we wait for them to bake, all we can do is enjoy the smell and say “Me want cookie!”

18 Ratatouille – Remy’s Omelette


Considering that the greatest part of its plot was related to cooking, the animated comedy movie from 2007 understandably showed us a bunch of mouth-watering meals that were just beyond words: cheese, pasta, vegetables... The most remarkable one was definitely the title dish that softened the harsh critic: the aromatic, colorful, vegetable delicacy – ratatouille, and many people heard about it for the very first time in the movie. But am I the only one that liked his perfect omelette better? The juicy golden one Remy prepared for breakfast for Alfredo and himself? I believe even Gordon Ramsay would have only words of praise for it!

17 The Simpsons – The Donut

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Anyone who has watched The Simpsons has certainly drooled over the round, pink donuts sprinkled with colorful sprinkles that Homer adores so much. Of course, we completely and fully understand him! Who would resist this sweet delight? Luckily, those pink donuts are on the list of cartoon foods that exist in reality as well, so you don’t have to imagine their flavor anymore each time you see an episode. As a matter of fact, an Australian company makes those donuts and sells them as “D’ohnut” referring to Homer’s trademark phrase. Also, there’s a real-life version of the bakery from the show in Universal Studios in California and Florida. All you lucky guys who manage to get some, please tell me if they're as good as they look!

16 Frozen – The Waffle Tree

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The Frozen franchise has been consistently popular since it appeared in 2013 and became one of the most favored party themes, especially for girls. In the “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” short from 2017, we can see Anna is checking if everything is ready for the Christmas party feast, and then she talks to Elsa about something… I’m not sure about what, as I stopped listening the moment I saw this amazing waffle Christmas tree on the table. I mean, doesn’t it look wonderful? Just imagine it’s all for you, and you pour the whole bottle of maple syrup on top and splash on some whipped cream.

15 My Little Pony – Cherry Changa

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Going further with the sweets, let’s check the Cherry Changa from My Little Pony. In this cartoon that is especially popular among girls, one of the characters created a cherry stuffed chimiganga, and during that entire episode she bothered everyone with asking if she should call her invention chimi-cherry or cherry-changa. And I believe most of you who have watched it don’t care about the name – what’s important is that this succulent, refreshing, sweet cherry stuffed, deep-fried burrito topped with sugar, and sprinkles and extra cherries looks so heavenly delicious and that you can easily recreate it at your home!

14 Kung Fu Panda – The Buns

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The giant kung fu fanatic panda Po Ping, who’s the title character of this cartoon, works in his adoptive father’s noodle restaurant, so it is understandable why we see a lot of delicious noodles in the cartoon. But the food that looks the most appealing here is not the noodles but the buns. For Po, those steamed and baked bean-stuffed buns are more than just a food. He uses them as tools for his kung fu training and even as weapons when he fires them out of his overloaded mouth. In short, yes, we see a lot of buns in the movie. And they all look delicious, even those he spits out!

13 Alice In Wonderland – The Eat Me Cookies

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Since it’s called Wonderland, it is perfectly normal to expect that all food in Alice in Wonderland will be wonderful. It is indeed! Remember those colorful magical cookies Alice found in a box by the Doorknob, that came in different shapes and colors, all covered with sugar icing, with “eat me” and “take me” written on them? Alice did eat one and grew giant. If I was Alice, I would have probably eaten them all and the story would go in a brand-new direction, like “She ate all the cookies and she lived happily ever after…” However, those cookies only look nice. If you read the ingredients list that was published in one of the movie versions, you will regret ever thinking “those cookies are yummy”!

12 Lady And The Tramp – Spaghetti With Meatballs

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In one of the most famous dogs-themed animated movies after 101 Dalmatians, there is the famous scene with Lady and the Tramp where they are having a romantic dinner with candles outside the restaurant, and they are having spaghetti with meatballs. Spaghetti may not be the best choice for a date night if you are not skillful at eating it, but it is delicious for sure! And when we see the two dogs sucking that juicy spaghetti with such enjoyment, and even share a kiss with the last piece, we just can’t stop thinking of pasta with meatballs. Press the pause button and put the pot on the stove!

11 Garfield – The Lasagna

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I shall say this only once – Garfield and his lasagna – and it’s all clear! The famous orange tabby cat that was born in a restaurant and ate all the lasagna immediately, so he developed an obsession for lasagna. Later, we can see he's a fat and lazy cat that hates doing anything else but sleeping and eat lasagna, and we totally understand the lasagna part (well, the other one as well): who could resist that succulent cheesy aromatic pleasure? My mouth started watering just thinking of it, not to mention seeing it! Garfield hates to share his lasagna, and we hate Garfield for not sharing it with us!

10 Tom And Jerry – The Ham

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We all know Jerry was always after the huge piece of cheese and Tom’s bowl of milk, but what did Tom crave the most for (except for Jerry, obviously)? That huge piece of juicy ham, of course! How many times has Tom tried to cut a perfect paper-thin piece of ham and enjoy his dinner before someone interrupted him and stole that meat? Hundreds of times! If it was me, I would have given up a long time ago, but not Tom – he’s still trying!

9 The Flintstones – The Mammoth Ribs

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Well, we won’t be trying those ribs in reality, for sure, but the Flintstones characters had them for lunch or as a snack very often! The whole Flintstones show had a lot of crazy moments due to the unique time it was set in, and those mammoth and brontosaurus ribs were certainly one of the most remarkable things! Unusually, but understandably huge, those ribs could barely stand in the footmobile, and not to mention the dinner plate, but strange enough, Chef Ed had lots of them in his small kiosk. He used to put some secret sauce on them and those ribs looked so juicy and delicious we can totally understand why the Flintstones and their friends were always eating them whole!

8 Looney Tunes – Bugs Bunny’s Carrot


Some may say: “But, it’s just a carrot!”. Well, no, this is not just a usual carrot. This is The Carrot! The crispiest, the juiciest, the freshest, the most orange carrot ever seen! It’s so fresh it even has those raw, bright green leaves on top. We have watched Bugs Bunny eating it nonchalantly so many times while jesting his opponents (interesting enough, he never eats it entirely), and we have all thought at least once “I want it now!”. Unfortunately, no carrot, organic or not, tastes like the one from the Looney Tunes.

7 Super Mario Bros. Show – Spaghetti

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It’s true that the TV show was way less popular than the legendary Nintendo game it was based upon, but it certainly brought us something we couldn’t see in the game – food. Well, we did have the Super Mushrooms, but we can’t really say they looked tasty. Indeed, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show showed us one of our most favorite meals on Earth: spaghetti! It may be stereotypical, but really, what would be a better favorite food choice for the two brothers from Italy than a plate full of juicy spaghetti? I wish I knew what the sauce was…

6 Peppa Pig – The Fruitcake

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The famous animated TV show intended for preschool kids tries to teach them how to behave nicely, and what to do, including the eating habits. So we see a lot of food here as well, though not so realistically shown. But you have all probably noticed the super-tall fruitcake Peppa’s mom made! Super soft sweet bread full of colorful candied fruits and cut into huge serving pieces, this cake looked so attractive, and his size made it even more desirable and mouth-watering! Peppa may teach us how to eat properly, but if I had this cake for real, I wouldn’t use any fork – I would just grab it with my hands and be messy like a little baby!

5 The Loud House – Lincoln’s Sandwich

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This relatively new cartoon became one of my favorites mostly due to some amusing synchronizations in other languages, but also because of its funny stories. And in the house of Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters we can see tons of food (of course, when it’s a family of 13 there has to be lots of food), but this food is most often being used for fighting during dinner or within a couple of seconds when we see the fridge open. Still, we have seen a couple of food items for long enough to see they are appetizing and tempting. One of them is certainly Lincoln’s favorite, a delicious-looking dark-bread sandwich with peanut butter and sauerkraut that makes him do a loud burp of pleasure. Burping is gross, but this uncommon combo is tempting, indeed!

4 Ninja Turtles – Pizza

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There have been dozens of versions of the world-famous Ninja Turtles, both animated and live-action, and they all twist the basic story differently. However, they all have something in common (except for the Turtles’ names, of course) – in all versions, the Ninja Turtles love pizza. They even had a birthday pizza in one of the episodes! In some of the movies, each of the four turtles even has his own favorite kind of pizza, but one thing is for sure – they all look amazingly delicious! Really, only a burnt pizza is bad pizza, and those in the Ninja Turtles cartoons are absolutely fabulous! Luckily, none of them has pineapples or some strange ingredient (though it would be expected), so we can all crave it while watching.

3 Popeye The Sailor Man – The Hamburger

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I’m sure that when you hear “Popeye the Sailor Man”, the first thing that crosses your mind is spinach. Of course, spinach is the favorite food of our favorite hero, the one that makes him be so strong. But don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about spinach here. Really, who would possibly lick the TV because of some spinach (though Popeye is taking it with such a delight)?! I want to talk about hamburgers – about those tiny, simple but delicious hamburgers Popeye’s friend Wimpy is constantly craving. He can eat hundreds of them and never get enough. He is always asking for some more meaty patties, promising to pay on Tuesday, which he never does. I could definitely join him for a few… and I'll pay on Tuesday, I promise!

2 Tom And Jerry – The Turkey

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So, what’s the most delicious food seen in this cartoon, except for the ham (OK, and the pie)? The roasted turkey, of course! We have seen it on the table, in the fridge, even in Jerry’s home at some point, and it always looked so incredibly juicy and aromatic! Tom was willing to share his ham with Jerry, but he wanted to keep the turkey all for himself which lead to some hilarious fights between the two. Eventually, he agreed to share it with Jerry and the little orphan mouse for Thanksgiving, but none of the two managed to try the turkey, as the little mouse ate it all within a blink of an eye!

1 Strawberry Shortcake – All The Sweets

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The cute Strawberry Shortcake cartoon is all about food and fruits, so it would be crazy not to choose some for this list. It’s kind of “dessert-oriented” as all characters are fruit-inspired. And the main character lives in nothing less but a strawberry shortcake! Now, that’s a dream house! Or maybe not… I would probably become homeless in a few days… But let’s get back to the cakes! If you don’t like strawberries for any reason, you can choose between a Huckleberry Pie, Blueberry Muffin, Raspberry Tart, Plum Pudding and Apple Dumpling and before you finish the episode, you will add on a few pounds… But you will enjoy! Oh, right… Those were not real sweets…

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