25 Times People Created Food Flavor Combinations That Should Never, Ever Be Eaten

Food is an important part of a balanced diet...and our lives in general. I'm new to TheRecipe, so let me introduce myself as a versatile sports reporter who's also a bonafide foodie when it comes to eating, drinking and cooking. I love food, but there are some items that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole like the items I'm about to go in-depth about. For example, raw horse meat flavored ice cream and girl's hair flavored fried chicken. Yep, there's a whole lot of obscure foods here in the states and abroad in foreign countries.

Obviously, you don't have to give these culinary oddities a taste (or two), but you should at least give my list a chance as it'll change your perspective by a full 360-degrees, which shouldn't be a difficult task to achieve at the moment. There are a lot of items that we aren't well-aware of and that's OK! For every "normal" item out there, there are two stranger items that we'd probably pass on. I saw so many items with the ick factor, but I did my best to narrow it down to just 25, which should be enough for you and your reading pleasure, as you likely don't have a lot of time at work or school.

Let's take a look at 25 times foods were flavored like things that should never be eaten. Hopefully, you won't run for a toilet while checking out my list, and feel free to express your disgust in the comments section if you're still up to it.

25 Food Waste Ice Cream

Via fastcompany.com

Next time you're in Portland, Oregon, you might want to stop by Salt & Straw...just not for the Food Waste Ice Cream. Its name pretty much says it all. It's made of a wide range of flavors of food that would've ended up in the trash and stayed there for the hauling of garbage trucks.

I'll give Salt & Straw credit for rescuing food, but I wouldn't give this odd flavor a chance unless if I was paid to do so.

24 Girl's Hair Flavored Fried Chicken

Via soranews24.com

Yep, there are lots of flavors of fried chicken in the states. You can't go wrong with buttermilk to Nashville hot. But, if you thought you've seen all the flavors, think again.

There's a flavor in Japan called the Onnanoko No Kamenoke No Aji, which translates to Girl’s Hair Flavor. That's right. There's a flavor you've never heard of and never wanted to try. Sure, it was the result of a collaboration with the J-pop female group Kamen Joshi, but come on now! It gave me the shivers just thinking about it!

23 Raw Horse Meat Ice Cream

via Kataku

When you think of Japan, you'll likely think of vanilla or green tea ice cream being served as post-dinner desserts. But there's more to ice cream in Japan than those two flavors.

How about some raw horse meat ice cream? I don't know about you, but I'd opt for a traditional flavor compared to that supposed novelty. I've never tried raw horse meat before and I don't plan on doing so anytime unless if I have to go into survival mode in the middle of nowhere.

22 Sasebo Burger Drops

Via foodettereviews.com

I really can't put into words what I thought about the Sasebo Burger Drops the first time I saw them on the internet. This was yet another snack from Japan that gave me a bad daydream.

Sure, you can soothe your sore throat, but you'll likely want to stick with the standard mint and honey drops instead of the Sasebo Burger Drops, which drew mixed reactions ranging from "tastes horrible" to "tastes like frozen burger fat or scorched cheese." I think I've explained it well enough so you can avoid such drops.

21 Squid Ink Infused Black Burger

Via gawker.com

Like the swordman Miyamoto Musashi said in The Book of Five Rings: "You may abandon your own body, but you must preserve your honor."

That's exactly what the Kuro Burger at the Burger King restaurants in Japan said. It's not your average black burger with the spook factor for Halloween. It features black buns, black cheese and a black sauce that's infused with squid ink. It's unusually dark and disgusting, so if you're going to head to the Pacific Pond, try this all-black concoction at your own risk.

20 Barf Flavored Jelly Beans

via Delish.com

How did Jelly Belly come up with its strange flavors? That's a good question, and while it'd take forever to provide an answer for each one of the strange flavors, I can give you an answer on the barf flavoured ones.

Jelly Belly spokesperson Jana Sanders Perry told Mental Floss: "The Vomit in the Bertie Bott’s and Barf in BeanBoozled lines were born from the humble attempt to make a pizza-flavored jelly bean ... Attempt after attempt was rejected by our taste testers because the cheese flavor of the pizza was not palatable."

19 Mountain Dew Flavored Popcorn

Via funfoodsyt.com/

You already know Mountain Dew quenches your thirst with its one of a kind bold taste, but did you there's a movie theater snack called Mountain Dew Popcorn?

That being said, your mouth won't be sure if you're drinking Mountain Dew or snacking on popcorn. Also, don't forget that there might be a weird aftertaste after you're done with your snack, especially if there's butter (or extra butter) in your popcorn. Uh, yeah, I'd prefer not to think about these things, as they're starting to gross me out as I'm writing this entry.

18 Pizza-Ghetti Slushies

via Fine Dining Lovers

Pizza or spaghetti? That's usually a tough choice unless if you're not a big fan of Italian food, which would sort of be a strange thing, but hey, we won't judge if you're not into Italian food.

Anyways, you won't be torn between the two if you're in Quebec. There's a thing called the Pizza-Ghetti Slush in Quebec that pours out pizza or spaghetti flavoured slushies. You can get one or the other, and if you're feeling up to the challenge, you can get both flavours!

17 Booger Flavored Jelly Beans

via livedoor Blog

This was yet another jelly bean flavor that made me gag at the thought of it.

As I've mentioned earlier, Jelly Belly created a long list of gross flavors, including the one I'm about to mention—booger flavored! You can go on an adventure and pick any jelly bean from the jar to put in your mouth or you can be like me and refuse to bite into an unusually salty jelly bean that would taste like the boogers in any nose out there.

16 Coal Candy Canes

Via headtale.com

Sure, it sounds like fun to put coal in a naughty person's stocking, but it's sort of messy so if you plan on doing such a thing, you might want to look into Coal Candy Canes as they won't be burning through the holiday-inspired fabrics.

These black and gray candy canes have cinnamon and smoke flavours to them. While they might be good for you—after all, coal's health benefits include gas reduction, digestive cleansing and toxin removal—these just don't sound appetizing even to the sweetest of sweettooths out there.

15 Haggis And Black Pepper Chips

via Culinary Passport

Yep, Mackies of Scotland makes their potato chips at the Moncur Farm in Perthshire. Moreover, these chips are the only chips exclusively made in Scotland.

But when is exclusive over the top? Just take a look at their Haggis and Black Pepper Potato Crisps. Haggis is a cultural treasure in Scotland, but to outsiders, it's a flavor that's more suitable for a dare-based reality television series like Fear Factor. So it's available for order on Amazon, but I doubt it's in high demand in the states.

14 Yogurt Pepsi

Via michaeljohngrist.com

As you might've already guessed, this was Pepsi's first foray into the weird flavor madness overseas. So if you've ever had the urge to stir some yogurt into your Pepsi, look no further...but also don't throw out the possibility that your stomach could explode.

Pepsi White doesn't look bad on the outside, but it can be a disaster once it enters your mouth. Also, don't forget that it can be the first Pepsi beverage to curdle on a hot, summer day. I don't want to give the wrong impression to my guests at a pool party, mkay?

13 Black Walnut Ice Cream

via food and ice cream recipes

There's a dark side to black walnuts, which aren't the usual English walnuts that we've been to be accustomed to. But, you know, there are quite a few Southern delicacies in the Southern states like Black Walnut Ice Cream, which features an earthy, strong note of black walnuts that's supposedly balanced with a sweet, sugary cream.

You can purchase a cup or cone of Black White Ice Cream at the Cammie's Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe in Mobile, Alabama. But I'm not ready to take that risk.

12 Buffalo Wing Flavored Soda

Via jaxrestaurantreviews.com

They put what in my soda?!

Yeah, you'll likely be asking that question when you see a bottle of case of buffalo wing flavored soda sitting somewhere in the states. There's soda and then there's soda creations. The latter perfectly describes the Buffalo wing flavored soda, which can be downright delicious or downright disgusting. To me, I can't imagine myself downing a buffalo wing flavored soda after having a meat-filled entree like a burger or basket of chicken tenders, but I can't tell you what or what not to do.

11 Pepsi Flavored Cheetos

via Ern in Tokyo

To be honest, you can crack open a can of Pepsi or open up a bag of Cheetos, but you probably wouldn't want to partake in both snacks at the same time.

Sure, most of us want to stuff our faces with junk food and sugar-filled beverages on a Netflix and chill night, but companies  in Japan go the distance when it comes to creating new snacks and drinks. There are tens and hundreds of Cheetos flavors in Japan, but the Pepsi flavored ones stood out to me. After all, they're sweet and crunchy and they gently fizz, which seems odd.

10 Hot And Sour Fish Soup Lay's

via johnrieber

East Asia has an abundance of head-scratching foods with off-beat flavours and China is one of those countries. Just look at the twist on classic Lay's of hot and sour fish soup. Yes, hot and sour fish soup! That's stimulating to say the least!

So if you're in China for whatever reason it may be, you can just head over to the convenience store to satisfy your hankering for hot and sour fish soup instead of having to wait in a sit-down restaurant. You're welcome!

9 Wasabi Cheese Donuts

Via honestcooking.com

No one knows why on earth would someone have the nerve to come up with these crazy concoctions for a Dunkin' Donuts shop, but it's quite clear that people in Singapore aren't afraid of what others might think of their local flavors.

The Wasabi Cheese Donuts can speak for themselves. I mean, why would wasabi paste and cheese be on a donut? To me, a donut is a sweet baked good that can be consumed at a cramped cubicle at work, not an interesting take on what could be a crepe flavor.

8 White Ants Eggs Soup

Via sastaticket.pk

If you want to take a break from your standard chicken or tomato soup, go ahead. But if you want to go the extra mile, you should give the White Ant Eggs Soup in Laos a try. It's a strange soup that sort of tastes like shrimp, but there's also a mixture of ant eggs and partial embryos from white ants along with a few baby ants to add some sourness.

Rough Guides has described the soup as supposedly quite tasty, but I personally wouldn't try it.

7 Lemon Pepper Tang

via sensory replays

Remember the orange flavored Tang drink that you and your childhood friends once drank during the good old days? Well, I'm not sure if they still make Tang in the states, but there's an interesting twist of a lemon and pepper flavored Tang in Pakistani stores.

Hmm...I'd be down to try another fruity flavor like strawberry and banana or something like that. But lemon and pepper? Oh, heck no. The thought of that makes my stomach ache and churn like an old-school butter churner that goes way back to before we were all alive.

6 Sausage Doritos

via Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Alright, there's nothing wrong with the pairing of sausages and beer as it's a common German pairing for casual gatherings or Oktoberfest, but Sausage and Beer Doritos is a wee bit extreme. It may not be as obscure as white ants or boogers, but it's still a strange flavor that you won't be able to find in the states for obvious reasons.

Also, I'm wondering why it wasn't established in Germany in the first place. Does anyone have an answer to my question? Contact me directly if you know what's going on.

5 Saffron Pistachio Melody Donuts

via Pinterest

For those of you who don't mind saffron in paella, I have a suggestion for you all. I'd recommend Saffron Pistachio Melody Donuts. You can find this surprising flavor in a Dunkin' Donuts in India.

Yeah, I'm well aware that India is the home of a plethora of exotic ingredients, but I doubt that you've thought about incorporating saffron into a donut, a baked good to help you jump start your morning. After all, I'm talking about sweet baked goods, not savory entrees for main courses.

4 Poppin' Cookin' Candy Kit Gummies

Via nellbacala.com

There are so many novelty candies in Japan!

But if I were to choose a brand that caught my attention, it'd definitely be the Poppin' Cookin' Candy Kit Gummies, whose process involves mixing powdered gelatin and curing the mixture in a disposable plastic mold. Moreover, you can find a mold for just about anything from cute, cuddly animals to false, pretentious fast food, which sounds a bit too much for the average candy fanatic. But you know what? It looks like a Jell-O flatworm in between the first and final stages.

3 Seaweed Sesame Pork Floss Donut

Via radiichina.com

Forget about your typical Dunkin' Donuts in the states. If you catch a plane to China, you'll find that their version of Dunkin' Donuts are cringe-worthy. After all, Dunkin' Donuts' first two attempts at breaking into the market as the locals weren't having it with the atypical, no-frills type of donut shops, so the localized flavors were thrown into the mix.

The Seaweed Sesame Pork Floss donut is wrong on every level in the states, but it's a common flavor among traditional baked goods.

2 Apple Vinegar KitKat

Via nevertoomuchglitter.wordpress.com

In all fairness, apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural remedy for a wide range of illnesses ranging from sore throats to high blood pressure. But, unless if you're one of those type of sufferers, you're likely not going to touch a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

Sure, KitKat bars are a sweet snack, but not the apple vinegar flavoured ones sold in Japan. To the locals, this particular flavor may be just another local flavour. But the foreigners, like myself, see this flavor as a little too unusual.

1 Pancake Drink

Via therobotchef.com

I'm pretty sure we all love pancakes! But there will be times where there will be too many pancakes, including this instance, where there's a Morinaga pancake flavored drink sold in Tokyo, Japan. Um, I'd rather purchase a bottle of green tea from a vending machine as opposed to this disgusting sounding beverage!

I'm not interested in taking a sip out of raw pancake batter. Being sick isn't fun and I certainly don't want to deal with nausea and an upset stomach with Pepto Bismol.

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