Tokyo's Reptile Bar Is Like A Cat Cafe, But A Gecko Is Crawling Up Your Neck

Reptile lovers in Japan can finally sip their favourite beverage while being around a beautiful scaly creature. Tokyo is full of animal cafés, but none have catered to those who love reptiles until Bar Yatonokami (“God of the Night Sword”) came around. For those who can’t deal with fur, feathers, or hair, this reptile bar is the place for you!

While it may seem strange or edgy to own a reptile as a pet, they do make good companions for those who live alone or in an apartment. Their care and habitat set-up are more tedious than a dog or cat, but reptiles don’t shed hair or make a lot of noise. They won’t be as loving as a bird you’ve bonded with or a kitten that needs cuddles, but with the right amount of handling and care, a reptile friend can bring you comfort when you need it. With places like Bar Yatonokami introducing people to the wonderful world of reptiles, they could become more popular pets.

Via: SoraNews24

The bar is located near Nakano Station on the aesthetic street of Renga Zaka (“Brick Hill”). Customers are lured into the bar because of the wall of photos of various reptiles that lead up to the door. Once inside, they are greeted with over 100 terrariums lined up against the wall. Nishikawa, the owner of the bar, will help customers handle their reptile of choice if they are willing to greet a human that day. There's also a selection of spiders and other more-than-four-legged creatures they can say hi to. After disinfecting their hands, customers can then enjoy their favourite drink at the bar.

Nishikawa hopes to get rid of the negative stigma surrounding taking care of reptiles as pets. According to him, they’re the best pets for those who live alone. Reptiles are low maintenance, won’t disturb your neighbours, will never destroy your furniture, and don’t require daily feeding. As long as you keep the humidity and heat in their enclosure at the optimal level, your reptile will live happily with you.

Whether you’re a reptile lover or looking to get over your fear of snakes or lizards, Bar Yatonokami will welcome you with open arms. You’ll learn a lot about reptiles while sipping your favourite beverage—what more could you want?

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