Toyota And Pizza Hut Are Teaming Up For A Pizza-Making Robot Truck

Toyota and Pizza Hut have recently unveiled the Tundra PIE Pro - a zero-emission pickup truck that can cook pizzas while they are being delivered to customers.

While it might seem quite daunting, the process proves to be actually fairly simple. The bed of the truck includes a pair of robotic arms, a refrigerator, and a portable conveyor oven, according to Elite Daily. When a pie is ordered, robot arms pull out a preassembled pizza from the mini-refrigerator, then place the pizza onto a high-speed ventless conveyor oven. A second robot arm transfers the finished pie onto a cutting board, divides the pizza into six pieces, and slides it into a pizza box. Surprisingly enough, the whole process takes no more than six to seven minutes, and they will even ring a bell to let you know your meal is ready.

The pizza factory is built from a Tundra SR5 that was reassembled from the ground up, with the gasoline-powered drivetrain replaced with a hydrogen fuel-cell electric power unit from a Toyota Mirai. As both the robotic kitchen and the truck itself rely on hydrogen, there is no ecological downside in the name of an ultra-fresh and fast pizza delivery.

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Robot automation in pizza restaurants is not a novel idea. Zume Pizza, a food delivery startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, has already patented the en route cooking concept. Zume Pizza's delivery vehicles are actually way better executed, according to The Verge, as they are the size of FedEx trucks, equipped with dozens of pizza ovens in an enclosed space. Their pizzas are not exposed to the the elements like the open-air Tundra PIE Pro pickup truck is.

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As wonderful as the Tundra PIE pro may sound to certain pizza lovers, we cannot expect to see this in service any time soon. There are obvious conspicuous design and cost issues that would have to be addressed in a production model. We should consider this more as what the future of delivery services will look like.

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