All Hype: 26 Trendy Foods That Don't Really Taste Good

Social media is a huge vehicle for starting crazy food trends. Once one person posts a sweet pic of a cute cafe or weird food item, like the black ice cream trend, suddenly, every wannabe influencer and hipster floods to that place wanting to get in on it themselves. There have been so many crazy trends that were 'grammed in recent years to the point that some places create something crazy or controversial purely to get those Internet clicks. We're by no means haters of good food. Not all food trends taste bad, and some have given people great starts in life. Good food and skill deserve to be given the spotlight, but some things are just plain nonsensical or gross tasting.

If you can detect more than a pinch of salt in this article, it's because we're a little bit salty. Not only does it seem wrong to charge a bunch of money for a product engineered for pure aesthetic, but it seems ludicrous that people are willing to pay that money, have a photoshoot, then either try it and be disappointed or not even eat it afterward. Some people travel for hours to get to the trendy food, so for it to be unpleasant after putting so much work into it seems sad. We rounded up some trends that live up to the visual trend but not the taste department to let you know which ones to avoid.

26 Sushi Burritos

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Part of the joy of eating sushi is having a well-balanced bite of deliciousness. The rice-to-filling ratio is perfect, and it's meant to be savored. Sushi is a one-bite, maybe two-bite situation maximum. Burritos, on the other hand, are a different story; the tortilla is purely there as a vehicle to contain all the filling of which there are a lot, and the balance changes depending on ingredients. Even when wrapped in seaweed, sushi burritos fall apart, the ingredients ratio isn't balanced, and they're more about aesthetics or 'healthy eating' rather than taste.

25 Pumpkin Spice

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When September rolls around and the first leaf falls, you can hear the sound of Starbucks baristas quaking in their shoes. Why? The pumpkin spice people are coming. When autumn rolls around, suddenly, pumpkin spice is everywhere—in drinks, snacks, candles, and even perfume. It just invades everything everywhere, and you cannot escape. Do you want a latte? Too bad—pumpkin spice time! Pumpkin spice lattes don't even taste that great. If you like them, go ahead and enjoy. We'd rather have a hot chocolate.

24 Freakshakes

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Milkshakes are usually a great option. There was nothing more exciting than coming home from school, grabbing some snacks and chocolate milk, and watching cartoons. They come in so many flavors, and there are plenty of decent non-dairy options for folks who have intolerances. Milkshakes have received a makeover in recent years and now come in the form of 'freakshakes,' which are covered in ridiculous amounts of sweets, ice cream, and even cupcakes to create a colorful sugary mess for you to devour. It just seems like things thrown together rather than a cohesive dish.

23 Donut Burgers

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You've seen this before—two Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts grilled and used as buns for deliciously dirty burgers. This may seem controversial, but doughnut burgers don't look good in photographs and taste even worse. It's odd to put such a sweet and fluffy doughnut with savory meat, creamy cheese, and bacon. Some may think that this hits the correct flavor combinations, but for us, it just tastes like a greasy heart attack on a plate. If you love this, all the power to you, but we're going to give this a hard pass.

22 Gold Flakes

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We're so tired of seeing sub-par meals being sold for ridiculous prices just because someone slapped some gold leaf on there and called it fancy. Gold flakes taste like nothing and are just a silly bougie way of making something prettier rather than adding any flavor or actual value to the dish itself. Adding rarer or more expensive ingredients like caviar or wagyu beef to elevate the dish is one thing; slapping a thin piece of metal on there for the aesthetic is another. Also, people don't even digest gold flakes; they go right through your digestive system. What a waste.

21 Matcha

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Matcha is hailed as one of the healthiest things you can drink. It's a source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that was originally used in tea ceremonies across Japan. However, the news of its health benefits and its bright color caused it to be put on Insta, in coffee, and even in avocados—all for likes. Matcha is bitter in ways you can't describe, and it only gets worse the purer it is. Just don't go for it unless you're the type that likes taking ginger shots or drinking apple cider vinegar in the morning in the name of a cleanse or health boost.

20 Avocado Toast

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While avocado toast has provided us with some excellent millennial memes, avocado toast itself isn't that great. Toast, depending on the type of bread, can be bland, and avocado isn't great on its own. No one just eats a slice of plain toast unless he or she's sick, and avocado is always paired with other things. If they tasted great alone, they wouldn't need extra toppings like chili flakes, eggs, bacon, or salmon. With toppings, avocado toast can taste good but only because it was improved by extra items. We may not own homes, but at least we ate boring expensive meals, right?

19 Unicorn Food

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Unicorns aren't real. Sorry kids—that's just a fact. They're a cool myth, but we don't like the sudden plethora of 'unicorn' products and foods out there. When people call something a "unicorn food," they usually mean that it's unnaturally colorful or pastel and is sweet; perhaps, it comes with edible glitter. When something is labeled "unicorn," it usually means that it's colorful and/or sweet. There's nothing special about it besides that. We'd rather not have a bunch of extra chemicals in our food, thanks.

18 Cheese Tea

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This seems like a combination that was made to get clicks online. The phrase 'cheese tea' sounds crazy initially and gets you thinking of what kind of cheese is in there. If you thought cream cheese or cheddar, then you're correct. Some cheese teas have a creme-brulee-style mixture on top of the tea, whereas others have small chunks of cheddar cream on top. We vastly prefer that creme-brulee-style since it makes some cohesive sense, but the cheddar tea can stay out of our coffee cups.

17 Rainbow Everything

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The only difference between unicorn food and rainbow food is a label. Rainbow foods like rainbow cake don't taste better because of all the extra coloring. In fact, often, the bright colors try to disguise the average taste of the dish. Rainbow dishes are designed for sites like Instagram and aren't always tasty. Rainbow bagels are ridiculous, and frankly, what was wrong with the regular bagel? It seems like a lot of extra effort for something that tastes the same as its regular equivalent.

16 Edible Makeup

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When we were kids, our parents were always telling us to not put things that weren't food in our mouths. Someone out there looked at makeup and said, 'I want to eat that.' And then, edible makeup came into our lives. Why would you buy this? Are you truly so compelled to devour lipstick or dust some bronzer on your cereal? What situation would edible makeup be helpful in? Lipstick or lip balm has to be safe to eat since we accidentally eat it, but bronzer? Foundation? Eyeshadow? We really don't get it.

15 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors

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When you think of ice cream flavors, you may think of the usual suspects such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or maybe something fruity like mango. Well, what if I told you that there was brie ice cream? Squid ink? Broccoli? Crazy ice cream flavors had a moment in the summer of 2018, and the trend just keeps on growing. Ice cream shops are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with the delicious treat. The craziest we'll go is a Ben and Jerry's core ice cream, but you do you.

14 Kale

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Kale is gross. It's bitter, tough, and a pain to prepare. There are far better greens to devour than kale, such as spinach or watercress. This overhyped green finds its way in soups, salads, and smoothies—to much sadness on our part. Sure, it has some health benefits, but life is too short to have spikey lame greens in your otherwise delicious meal. Spread your horizons, and see the collard greens on the other side. Many people claim to enjoy kale, and that's totally fine. As for us, we'd rather eat nettles than eat another sprig of kale.

13 Cotton Candy Burritos

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Yes, you read that right. A kid's dream and a dentist's nightmare, cotton candy burritos are ready to deliver an overwhelming truckload of sugar into your mouth. Cotton candy burritos consist of ice cream, cereal, and candy all tightly wrapped in fluffy cotton candy. These burritos are good for all of three bites, and then things rapidly go downhill from there. The sugar becomes overwhelming, you have to bite the ice cream, which quickly melts, and it tastes worse the next day. Good luck getting through the sugar crash.

12 Butter In Coffee

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What? What? What? Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Who ran out of milk and said, 'Butter comes from a cow, so this should be fine'? There are people out there talking about how much better coffee tastes with butter instead of milk and are pointing out the health benefits of this new alternative drink. We personally think your arteries won't thank you for making this your new breakfast staple, but hey... whatever floats your buttery beverage...

11 Charcoal Juice

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Did someone accidentally drink this in an art class and decide this was good? Charcoal water looks cool but tastes like chalk and leaves your mouth feeling kind of dry and unpleasant afterward. Again, water is just fine, and we don't need to drink coal juice to be healthy. It looks cool on Insta compared to all the other colorful foods and drinks out there, but we don't get why people drink it.

10 Brussels Sprouts

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Too many roast dinners have been ruined by the presence of this bitter vegetable. Not only do brussels sprouts taste gross, but they also smell bad. People who eat brussels sprouts also produce enough gas to make family members leave the room, which is unpleasant for everyone. Now, they can be found in salads and even soups; frankly, we very much hate that. At least with roast dinners, we know they're coming, but now, we have to watch salads and soups for unwanted veggies? We may be salty after being forced to eat them at every roast dinner with family, but still...

9 Sriracha In Everything

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Sriracha is a good hot sauce—don't get us wrong. It can liven up a pizza, burger, salad—whatever you want. It's a handy condiment, but we can only take so much, which is why it's crazy that sriracha is on everything. It seems like every menu has some kind of sriracha mayo, relish, or mixture in almost every dish. There's a reason that the phrase 'too much of a good thing' exists. What about the folks who aren't into super spicy food? No one wants hot sauce where hot sauce shouldn't be.

8 Serving Foods On Anything But A Plate

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You've seen the hipster restaurant memes about places that serve food on weird things like in tankards, on shovels, in jars—you name it, someone served food on it and charged a lot of money. Getting food on something like this ruins the food because once you realize a way to actually eat your food, you spend so much time faffing around to get the food that it goes cold and doesn't taste good.

7 Deconstructed Food

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What's the point of deconstructing food? The only reason we can think of is to allow the chef a way to creatively present the food and give off the illusion of a simple dish. These often taste the same as their constructed equivalent would but require a whole bunch of faffing around. It's like being given a LEGO set: here are the pieces; build it yourself. It seems like a lot of effort on both the chef's and the customer's part.

6 Avocado Lattes

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We here at TheRecipe are totally down for finding eco-friendly alternatives to standard coffee cups, but why avocados? The avocado doesn't add any flavor to the latte, you barely get any coffee in the avocado, and avocado doesn't taste great on its own. Are you supposed to just compost the avocado? Or do you eat it? These are usually stupidly overpriced for what you get, and they aren't special in terms of taste; they're mostly just inconvenient.

5 Asparagus Water

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Why? Who looked at leftover asparagus water and said, 'Yes, I want to drink that'? It looks weird and tastes how we imagine sadness to taste like. Why would you choose this over water? Water is okay, and if you don't like it, throw in some squash or fruit to make it taste better. But asparagus? Really? We don't get this one either and frankly doubt the supposed health benefits of drinking this sad beverage.

4 Ancient Grains

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Ancient grains sounds like something that a bygone civilization would've eaten or worshipped, but that's not the case. Ancient grains are grains that haven't changed much in the millennia that they've been around as opposed to grains like rice and wheat, which are very different than they were thousands of years ago. Ancient grains are things such as quinoa, chia seeds, freekeh, farro, and spelt. They supposedly are good for you but, like other grains, just taste meh on their own.

3 Jackfruit

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This unusual fruit is commonly used by vegans and vegetarians in creating dishes like jackfruit sloppy joes, burgers, and sushi to replace meat or fish. It provides a lot of food and has a good balance of proteins and nutrients and has a wild variety of culinary uses. While it's wonderful to have an alternative multi-tasking food in a warming world, its unripe stage is unpleasant on its own. Like with bananas, leave it to ripe, and reap the deliciousness.

2 Kombucha Tea

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Fermented foods are supposedly good for gut health and digestion; kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir are all good examples of this. Now, there's fermented tea to contend with. Kombucha tea usually utilizes green or black tea and becomes slightly alcoholic through the fermentation process. As it's intended as a functional drink to help your gut, it's not meant to taste good; it tastes a whole lot like gross medicine. We'd rather stick to regular tea in the morning.

1 Algae

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When you think of algae, you may think of the green stuff that grows on lakes or on coral reefs. It's the kind of thing you accidentally swallow when you go on a lake trip or you wipe off of your wetsuit rather than something you just eat. This is another food trend that's touted as being a healthy superfood but is odd to think about eating. Algae don't really taste of much either, to be honest.

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