Don't Judge A Dish By Its Cover: 12 Ugly Foods That Are Actually Delicious, And 12 Beautiful Ones That Are Kind Of Gross

There is an old saying that claims you cannot judge a book by its cover. This simply means that it is impossible to know what is written on the pages of the book, as well as whether or not it is a very good book or a terrible one, simply by looking at the outside of it.

Usually, this saying is used when people are discussing why we should not judge people by their appearances. We simply cannot accurately figure out what kind of a person someone is by just looking at their outward appearance. Instead, we must get to know them first.

Well, people and books are not the only things that saying can be used for. There are a lot of things that might seem fun or, at the very least, interesting, and then they turn out to be the exact opposite.

On the other hand, there are some activities that look boring. But on some occasions, we may be surprised to find out that we actually enjoy them. There are just some activities that can be very surprising, and we may never know what they are truly like until we take the time to try them ourselves.

One thing that this is certainly true for is food. There are a lot of different kinds of food that look absolutely scrumptious, but they taste horrible. There are also foods that look completely disgusting, but they taste pretty great. Here are some ugly foods that are delicious, as well as some beautiful ones that are gross.

24 Beautiful: Edible Flowers


Flowers are some of the most beautiful things on this earth, and they are pretty much harmless. There are quite a few of them that are edible, so some people like to use them to decorate certain dishes, like cupcakes and cakes, for example.

However, they do not have a strong flavor at all, which means the taste of them it not all that strong compared to the other things they are usually served with. Plus the texture is just weird and not at all enjoyable.

23 Ugly: Kiwi


There are quite a few tasty things that probably get passed up a lot just because they do not look very good, and this is where kiwis come in. However, despite how very odd they look on the outside, they look slightly better when they are cut open, and they taste amazing.

Furthermore, they are good enough to be enjoyed on their own, as the flavor is extremely tasty. But part of what makes them so awesome is that they can be added to other dishes as well.

22 Beautiful: Dragon Fruit


This fruit is extremely appealing to the eyes, and therefore some might think that it probably tastes good. However, looks can be very deceptive, especially when it comes to food.

Dragon fruit looks like a very fun thing to try. Just based off of looks alone, it seems as though it would be something that is enjoyable to eat, and there are some people who do like it. However, it is not something a lot of people enjoy. It has a very bitter, and sometimes extremely tart taste, which is not very enjoyable.

21 Ugly: Trifle


This is very much like gumbo in the sense that it only looks unpleasant to some people due to the fact that it has a lot of different ingredients in it. Just a few of the things in trifles are fruit, sponge fingers, and custard. There are also some other things that are optional, depending on what kind of trifle is being made.

This dish looks fine before it is scooped up, but afterwards it looks like a mess. However, this still tastes like an awesome dessert. There are many different kinds of trifles out there, such as black forest trifle, and raspberry trifle.

20 Beautiful: Fondant

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Anyone who has ever baked a few cakes, or watched a baking show or two, knows what fondant is. It is often put on cakes, as it looks extremely beautiful, and there are a lot of different things you can do with it, as far as decorating goes.

However, the taste of fondant is really unpleasant. It is not meant to be one of the main flavors of whatever it is being used on, so the taste of it is not very good. It is basically just a mixture of sugar and water, along with an added flavor and food coloring. Instead, fondant is supposed to be something that keeps cakes moist, and it also makes the cake look prettier on the outside.

19 Ugly: Oysters


Seafood is a fairly popular thing to eat, but there are some sea creatures that look very unappealing, and are therefore hard for other people to enjoy. One type of fish that belongs in this category is oysters.

They are rather delicious, but the way they look on the outside is not that great. Plus, some people just are not fans of how soft and mushy these fish are when they are eaten. However, once you get over the texture and the appearance of oysters, they are actually very good. They also provide a lot of health benefits as well.

18 Beautiful: Durian

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There are a lot of beautiful fruits that are very tasty, and there are also some that are more appealing to the eye than to the taste buds. That is where durian comes in, because it is definitely a beautiful fruit to look at, but the smell and the taste of it is not very good.

While people all around southeastern Asia seem to enjoy it, not many others do. Firstly, it has a very bad smell that is hard to overlook. But those who have overlooked the scent of durian and actually tasted it have compared it to a bad cheese from France.

17 Ugly: Brown Rice Porridge And Hazelnuts


When it comes to food, there are a lot of things that do not look as good as they taste. There are also many dishes that do not look as bad as they taste. Furthermore, the way brown rice porridge and hazelnuts look does not do the taste of this dish justice. Not even a little bit.

To those who have not tasted this dish, it might just look like a sloppy mess. After all, it is just a bowl full of soupy but thick porridge, topped with nuts and a jam of the cook’s choice. However, despite how it looks, this dish is actually very delicious. The flavor of the porridge and nuts mixes well with the jam.

16 Beautiful: Fairy Bread


This type of bread looks like it is a very fun sweet treat to eat. However, this is definitely one of those things that should never have been invented.

In some ways, it kind of looks like a cookie, but it also very different. Fairy bread is a basically white bread that is covered in butter, and then it is topped with a lot of sprinkles. Yes, you read that right. It is buttered white bread with sprinkles. This bread is not eaten in many parts of the world. The two places where people seem to enjoy it are Australia and New Zealand.

15 Ugly: Guacamole

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The appearance of guacamole is very unappealing, which makes it hard for some people to eat. Not everyone thinks that consuming green mush sounds like a great idea.

However, in this case it actually is a great idea. Guacamole not only tastes good, but it also makes the meals it is a part of more satisfying. Furthermore, there are actually a lot of different things that can be done with guacamole. One thing that can be made with it is toast. Avocado toast is huge right now, but guacamole toast tastes just as good. Furthermore, this recipe for pomegranate guacamole is very good.

14 Beautiful: Turkish Delight


There are some foods that are very popular in some areas of the world, while they are not that popular in others. That was the case for Turkish delight until it was featured in the book The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. After that, fans of the book and film series wanted to see what was so great about it.

As it turns out, it is really not that great. Turkish delight looks absolutely beautiful due to the many colors it comes in, as well as the powdered sugar that is usually on top of every piece. However, it is an acquired taste. Some people have even said it tastes like soap.

13 Ugly: Injera


There are some incredibly interesting foods out there, and trying many of them can be a lot of fun, even if they don’t necessarily look very good. You never know whether or not you will enjoy something until you try it.

Injera is a food some might not be tempted to try based off of its’ appearance alone. However, this flap, spongy bread is actually quite useful, as well as tasty when it is paired up with other things. It is usually served with some type of stew, and it is also serves as the dish that keeps everything together.

12 Beautiful: Licorice Candies


Some foods are very good for the taste buds, as well as being good for our health. But on the other hand, some tasty treats are not very beneficial to our health. There are also extremely healthy foods that get passed up a lot because they taste bad. Additionally, there are also foods that taste bad, and they are bad for our health.

Licorice candies are not something everyone loves, despite how visually appealing they can be. Furthermore, the United States Food and Drug Administration has claimed that black licorice can be harmful to those who are over 40 years old if they eat two ounces of it for 14 days in a row.

11 Ugly: Oatmeal


There are many foods that have a very unappealing appearance, and oatmeal is one of them. However, when there are other things added to it, oatmeal is usually very flavorful.

However, one of the reasons why a lot of people do not like oatmeal is because of the outward appearance it has. When it is moist, it looks like a sloppy, wet mess with small lumps in it. When it is dry, it does not look moist at all, and it looks like a pile of dry oats. However, there are a lot of things that can be done with oatmeal in order to make it taste really good. Some people add sugar to their oatmeal, while others mix fruit with it.

10 Beautiful: Breadfruit


Tropical fruits are known for their beauty, as well as their delicious taste. However, not all fruits that are pretty on the outside taste very good on the inside, and that is where breadfruit comes in.

By looking at it, one might think it would be rather tart. But that is not the case at all. Instead, those who have tried it claim that it is very bland, and therefore basically tasteless. It also can have a very grainy texture. Furthermore, it also goes bad rather quickly, and then it is very mushy.

9 Ugly: White Chicken Chili


There are a lot of foods that some people never end up trying just because they do not look appetizing. However, some of them actually taste pretty good.

One ugly food that has a pleasant taste is white chicken chili. Everything about it is delicious. The flavor of the chicken mixed with all of the spices is really something special. Try not to pass this dish up simply because of how it looks. The taste of white chicken chili is something that no other dish can come very close to.

8 Beautiful: Pure Chocolate


Many men, women, and children seem to enjoy a huge variety of different things, especially when it comes to food. However, one thing that nearly everyone seems to enjoy some form of is chocolate.

There are a variety of things that have chocolate in them, such as candy, cookies, cake, and ice cream. But chocolate is not always sweet, especially the pure kind. Despite how beautiful it looks, pure chocolate is extremely bitter, and not at all pleasant. This chocolate is usually used for baking purposes, and it is typically mixed with sugar that it tastes better.

7 Ugly: Gumbo


Every part of the world seems to have a signature food. For example, one of many popular dishes in the southern region of the United States of America is gumbo. In fact, it is the official state cuisine in Louisiana, and it is considered a Creole stew.

The look of it can turn some people away, especially if they have not tried it before. That is because some are uncomfortable with the large mixture of different ingredients that are in it. However, this is one southern dish that really hits the spot. It has a lot of strong and wonderful flavors in it, and they all mix very well with one another. Furthermore, it is sometimes served over white rice, which just makes it all the more filling and tasty.

6 Beautiful: Donut Burgers


There have been numerous times when two good products mixed together created another awesome product. However, that does not always happen. Sometimes, two good things coming together can result in something that is actually quite terrible, and that is the case for donut burgers.

Burgers are delicious, and so are donuts, so of course someone thought of making something that is a mix of the two things. However, the taste of the burger combined with the sweetness of the donuts on either side of it is just terrible. Plus, it is extremely unhealthy.

5 Ugly: Casseroles


Casseroles have been a very popular meal to fix for dinner for a very long time. However, some of them do not look that great, which is probably due to the fact that there are a lot of different ingredients mixed together in them.

However, this kind of meal is actually very good, and there are a lot of different casserole recipes to try. Furthermore, they have more than just a great taste going for them. They are usually very filling, and they are typically just as good when they are reheated as they are when they are fresh out of the oven.

4 Beautiful: Limburger Cheese


Many foods are very nice to look at. When a dish is a visual treat for the eyes, it is hard not to imagine that it must also be a tasty treat for the mouth, right? Well, that is not the case for limburger cheese.

This cheese looks pleasant enough, but there are some things about it that are very unappealing. For instance, one of the things this cheese is known for is the terrible smell it has after a few months. Some have said this cheese smells like feet, which is rarely, if ever, a compliment. As you can imagine, it does not taste all that great, either.

3 Ugly: Meatloaf


There are some foods that people either love or hate, and it seems like one of them is meatloaf. That could be due to a lot of things, but one reason some men and women do not like it is because of the way it looks. Meatloaf is not a very visually pleasing food to look at.

However, there are actually some realty good meatloaf recipes out there. This is a great example of a dish that has to be cooked just right, If anything is not done exactly the way it should be, it throws the taste of the entire dish off. But if you can get the past the way meatloaf looks, it is not hard to find one that actually does taste good.

2 Beautiful: Lutefisk


Seafood is pretty good. People all over the world seem to love things like lobster, shrimp, and some kinds of fish. However, there are cases in which the outward appearance of the food can be very deceiving.

One dish that proves this is lutefisk. This dish looks very much like something that is sweet, as it appears to have a jelly-like texture to it. But, lutefisk is a type of fish that is soaked in water for a few days before being soaked in lye and more cold water after that. For anyone who does not know, lye is also known as sodium hydroxide, which is used for things like cleaning drains. Some people, especially those who are of Scandinavian descent, enjoy it. But it is not something a lot of people eat, and we can see why.

1 Ugly: Drop Dumplings


Some foods can be very surprising. For example, drop dumplings are incredibly ugly. However, many people who sit down to try them do end up enjoying them quite a bit. Even just thinking about these awesome little ugly things has the power to make anyone hungry, even if they just ate.

Drop dumplings are delicious. These things are soft little balls of dough, which really do not look all that tasty. But when you bite into them, they fill your mouth with a unique and delicious flavor. These things are usually paired with some kind of stew, or chicken.

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