16 Photos Of Foods We Can’t Believe McDonald’s Served (And 4 Times They Exceeded Expectations)

For a company making $22 billion yearly from over 37,000 locations worldwide, it's only normal that mistakes are made here and there. In 2017, McDonald’s was hiring 235,000 employees! Again, human error is quite common, especially given that 235,000 are taking part in the food preparation, at least somewhat.

Although McDonald’s remains untouched in terms of fast-food popularity, they aren’t necessarily immune to bad blunders. Heck, even most recently, they completely botched a social media post. The tweet went viral showing that the fast-food king is only human after all.

That kind of mistake was a playful one that social media users had fun with. However, the images shown in this article are a completely different story. Finding no meat patty in a burger or finding a roach inside of a drink is no laughing matter. In this article, we take a look at 16 examples of McDonald’s completely gaffing on easy orders. Again, we’ll say "human error" on these images. However, in some cases, human error is totally unacceptable.

On the flip side, we’ll take a look at four menu items that totally exceeded our expectations. Given that McDonald’s is a fast-food establishment, most don’t expect the absolute top quality every time. However, these four items gave us a glimmer of hope, completely pushing the standard upwards.

Enjoy the article, folks, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Bad - The Roach Cold Coffee

via Reddit

This wasn’t purposely done like, say, Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks, in fact, purposely put beetle extract into their coffee as a common ingredient. However, when it comes to McDonald’s, this wasn't the intention, clearly.

Now, it's one thing to mess up food, but making a mess of a cold coffee is just another level. Heck, a toddler can serve a proper glass of cold coffee! Nonetheless, it proved to be quite the task at this location as the customer found a nice big roach at the very top of the cold coffee glass. Hey, at least it was on the top...

19 Bad – Barcode Pancakes

via Reddit

McDonald’s gets a lot of love for the likes of Big Macs, Chicken Nuggets and Happy Meals. However, let’s not forget, the breakfast isn’t too shabby either and is a big favorite amongst the consumers.

Maybe because it's prepared when it's a little too early, we’ve seen so many examples of breakfast meals gone wrong from the fast-food giant. This is only one of the many examples featuring a bar code imprinted to the pancake. Ironically, it won't be the last time that you’ll see a barcode on a food item... Maybe we’ll opt for IHOP next time.

18 Bad - Where’s The Meat Patty?!

via Reddit

So, what are most burger lovers thinking about when biting into a burger? Of course, the taste of that spectacular meat patty, so succulent and juicy it is. Well, this consumer was in for quite the surprise as the meat patty wasn't only hardly noticeable but also just as thin as the cheese slice in the burger!

That’s totally unacceptable, defeating the point of the actual burger. Maybe if it was called the “vegetarian cheeseburger” we would've given it the pass, but it's not.

17 Exceeded Expectations - Nutella Sweety Burger

via Pinterest

Available in Italy back in 2016, this limited-time-only burger had the consumers talking. According to various YouTube reviews along with the likes of The Verge, the dessert option totally hit the mark for all the right reasons. The burger was stuffed with a buttery Nutella crunched between two delicious buns.

When all warmed up and oozing with Nutella, this menu item was a monster hit and a delicious one. Here’s to hoping the US and Canada markets catch on at some point.

16 Bad - Cheaping Out On The Cheese

via Buzz Fairy

We can imagine the utter disappointment this client faced. Heck, the Filet-O-Fish features two main ingredients on the inside: a slice of cheese and the fish; however, that proved to be a difficult task at some McDonald’s locations. In this particular case, the client was only given a half slice of cheese! Some might think this was a onetime mistake. However, that’s not exactly the case.

On the likes of Reddit, we’ve seen numerous examples of this same half slice of cheese. Either McDonald’s really wants the fish to be the hero of the sandwich or they’re cutting cheese costs behind the scenes! Let’s hope it’s the first one. And where's the tartar sauce!

15 Bad - Lemon Salad?

via Reddit

A surprise to some, salads are actually among the top-selling items at McDonald’s. This makes sense. Let’s say your work picks up McDonald’s, there’ll always be a few people that opt for the healthy choice. This is the reality of today’s society.

However, despite the salad boom, it isn’t always a guarantee that the fast-food restaurant will deliver. This one is a hilarious example of a McDonald’s completely messing up this customer’s order. Instead of getting the salad ordered, the end result was just a couple of lemons! Maybe ordering a salad elsewhere might be a wise idea.

14 Bad - Where’s My McRib?

via Reddit

Just imagine Big Macs finding success without the meat patties? No, just no. Ordering a McRib, obviously, the consumer wants that delicious rib alternative found inside of the burger. Yes, the other things that go along with it are quite tasty also, but the true hero is the rib part.

So, you can imagine the customer’s feelings when opening up the burger and seeing no rib on the inside. It wasn't a McRib but instead a Mc.... Just imagine the disappointment of biting into that sandwich expecting a rib taste and getting nothing but bread, pickles, and chopped-up onions...

13 Bad - Sausage Egg McMuffin With Mold

via Twitter

We spoke earlier about breakfast items gone wrong, and this is another example. In truth, most of us would devour that barcode pancake over an egg McMuffin with mold on it. This poor customer, finding a hint of mold on the side, dealt with this reality.

Thankfully, they caught the blunder; some of us might've eaten right through that. The reality is that those buns must've been sitting in the freezer for way too long. This is unacceptable for a fast-food king like McDonald’s.

12 Exceeded Expectations - McDonald’s Lobster Roll

via Boston

Over in Canada and later New England, the lobster roll became a must-try menu item. It wasn’t cheap in price, however, costing over $9—that’s quite a lot for a McDonald’s menu item.

Nonetheless, the item, receiving rave reviews, for the most part, was definitely worth the price tag. Unfortunately, McDonald’s ended the limited-time product because of elevated costs. That’s understandable given the amount of juicy lobster found in the sandwich. We hope this item makes a return at some point given the hit that it became due to top-notch quality.

11 Bad - Burnt Burger Bun

via Reddit

Ever think about the way that a burger can easily be ruined? One way that quickly comes to mind is burning something. In this case, McDonald’s completely botched the bread; it was inexplicably burnt to a crisp. Eating that is just so unappetizing, taking away from the actual taste of the burger.

We can imagine what kind of a letdown this was for the client. Overcooking a meat patty is one thing, but overcooking the buns is just way too amateurish. We expect better from the fast-food establishment.

10 Bad - Wrap With Expiry Date

via Reddit

Taco Bell might be shaking their head at this one. No, McDonald’s wraps aren’t supposed to come with the expiry date written on the wrap itself. We hope the person bit into the wrap did so before March of 2012, 'cause if not, boy, was that customer in for quite the stomachache.

Thankfully, the customer noticed this noticeable gaff when reaching the end of his wrap experience. It isn’t the worst mistake on this list, but still, McDonald’s needs to ensure better quality than this.

9 Bad - Filet-O-Fish Drenched In Tartar Sauce

via Wordpress

The fried breaded fish fillet became a huge hit way back when in the 1960s. It became a sought-after item at the fast-food restaurant. One of the true heroes of this sandwich has to be the yummy tartar sauce. But just how much is too much? We can safely say that the picture above is the perfect example of too much.

The sandwich usually contains 15 grams of fat, but we have reason to believe that it went a couple of notches higher thanks to this inappropriate amount of sauce.

8 Bad - The Squid Burger

via Reddit

There really wasn’t anything wrong with the way this bad burger was made, just that it was so bad-tasting, to begin with. No matter what you did, the outcome was the same—and a bad one at that.

Over in Tokyo, McDonald’s figured it might be a good idea to introduce a black burger. Now, coloring the bun a different color is acceptable, but tainting it with a bad taste is a different story. Taking a bite into the bun, it had a taste of squid. As you might expect, the reviews weren’t exactly positive.

7 Exceeded Expectations - Snickers & Twix McFlurry

via Facebook

The McFlurry invention turned into another phenomenon for the fast-food chain. Suddenly, McDonald’s packed a powerful punch both in terms of burgers and dessert options.

What makes the McFlurry that much greater is the unique flavor options. Both Snickers and Twix flavors took things to the next level. Both definitely exceeded expectations, and that was especially true in terms of the sales. Other notable McFlurry flavors that surpassed the expectations of customers include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, the classic Oreo, M&M, and Butterfinger.

6 Bad - The Lazy Salad

via New York Post

“Yes, I’d like to order a lazy salad with a side of two tomatoes, please,” said no one ever. This was another surprising reality, and in fact, it's quite common for customers to complain about the salads at McDonald’s. Let’s be reasonable, however; they’re a fast food place, so don’t expect the same salad that you might get at a sit-down restaurant.

This salad, however, pushed the envelope a little too far. The actual lettuce looks like the one that was left behind. Let’s not get started on those two tomatoes, just laying there.

5 Bad - The Tape Fries

via Rebrn

We could've done an article on faulty-looking back stores at various fast-food establishments alone. In a lot of cases, it just isn’t a pretty visual whether it be the mold on the floor or outdated food items kept in the freezer. Sadly, this is a reality when management doesn’t do its job properly.

The photo above is a clear example of that. A McDonald’s employee, no less, finds a bag of fries with a roll of tape on the inside. How did that even happen? Who puts tape in a bag with fries?

4 Bad - Maple & Bacon Poutine

via Travel Blog

Over in Canada, especially in the French-speaking province of Quebec, poutine is a big deal. The menu item exists at every McDonald’s in the country. In fact, a customer can easily replace the fries and opt for a poutine instead.

What should've been a yummy twist led to a massive letdown. This maple and bacon poutine was nowhere near what it should've been. Visually, it looks totally unappetizing with the gravy sauce all stuck to one corner. How can McDonald’s mess up such a yummy meal?!

3 Bad - Green Bean Pie

via Pinterest

Looking at this green bean pie, we’ll quote the great Randy Jackson: “It’s gonna be a no for me, dog.” Japan has a knack for creating weird twists on McDonald’s items. They’ve experimented with the pie in the past, even creating a taro pie that had a purple look on the inside.

They managed to create something that looks even more unappetizing than that: a green bean pie. It was featured in Hong Kong and Taiwan. There’s a reason it never made it to the US, and the picture above further illustrates why.

2 Exceeded Expectations - McPizza

via Vice

It all started in the '80s with a made-for-sharing pizza. This would change in the early '90s as McDonald’s would develop a single pizza. It became a monster hit, but because of time issues, it was discontinued in 2000. 11 minutes was deemed as way too long.

Despite the dismissal, fans of the pizza are still campaigning for its return. Especially for those that lived through the '90s, the pizza item was a major hit, especially for its awesome taste. If you crave the pizza that badly, a McDonald’s in Orlando still serves it!

1 Bad – The Rat Burger

via denofgeek.com

Over in Mexico City, a bad-tasting burger was taken to the extreme with a rat head found on the inside. Oh goodness! This caused the McDonald’s to completely shut down. The visual of that said burger was a harsh one to digest. We hope you aren’t munching on anything at the moment.

Rat problems seem to be a bit of an issue lately. Following a viral clip of a rat at a McDonald’s, the Washington location was forced to close. Perhaps opening the burger before biting into it might be a good idea.

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