9 Photos Of Pizzas We Can’t Believe Pizza Hut Served (And 11 From Other Pizza Places)

Launched by Frank and Dan Carney, Pizza Hut took the fast food world by storm. It became one of the largest companies in the world with a near 17,000 locations worldwide. With all that success comes competition. McDonald’s has been able to distance itself from the rest of the pack. However, Pizza Hut hasn’t been able to replicate the same success in the pizza industry. Nowadays, Domino’s continues to breathe down their necks. In fact, Domino’s generated more revenue than Pizza Hut in 2017. Little Caesars isn’t trailing behind by much, and neither is Papa John’s – like the Hut and Domino’s, both have impressive sales numbers.

What matters most is the actual experience with these fast food pizza places. One wrong experience can be the end – in this article, we’ll feature several of those examples. Although Pizza Hut is widely regarded as the leader, they are prone to some bad looking pizzas. We have nine examples of pizzas that somehow left the kitchen and made it into these people’s homes.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at the other guys, as in Domino’s, Papa John’s and Little Caesars. Like Pizza Hut, these guys are also far from perfect. From burning pizzas to a pizza resembling a sub, these are some epic flops from the most popular fast food pizza places.

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20 Pizza Hut – The Hot Dog Blunder

via Huffington Post

Back in the summer of 2015, Pizza Hut announced a new pizza with a stuffed hot dog crust in the UK, Canada and South Korea. Although the prospect was exciting to some, the idea failed based on the evidence and result of the pizza’s look.

This image clearly shows the problem with the pizza. It was lazily created. In this particular instance, the Pizza Hut tried to stuff an entire hot dog in a part of the crust. It was a lazy move and one that was embarrassing to look at, not to mention unappetizing.

19 Domino’s – The 50% Pizza

via Twitter

This particular unsatisfied customer took to Twitter. Domino’s was offering a promotion for a 50% off pizza. The only problem, the guy actually got 50% of the pizza as evidenced by the photo above.

To Domino’s credit, they took notice of the post and deemed it as unacceptable. They promised a refund and not a 50% pizza! It is truly bizarre how someone that was working at Domino’s deemed this as an acceptable pizza to deliver. Not only that, but what were they thinking when they cut the slices!?

18 Pizza Hut – Uncooked North Carolina Pizza

via Yelp

The easiest way to mess up a pizza is by undercooking it. Heck, some might accept an overcooked pizza but when it’s under, it becomes easily uneatable. Not only is the taste reduced but eating the pizza also becomes impossible. As opposed to it breaking in your hands, you’re forced to eat with a fork and knife.

The customer turns this pizza around and clearly, it is barely cooked on the bottom. A pizza isn’t supposed to look white as day underneath. This is another unacceptable mistake. Perhaps they tried to rush the pizza because it was forgotten about?

17 Domino’s – Gooey Soup Pizza

via Yelp

Similar to Pizza Hut, although Domino’s has a decent following they’re also prone to various inconsistencies. This one, from a Domino’s in Illinois, just looks completely unacceptable without even tasting it. It looks as though the pizza fell in a mud and was picked up from off the ground resulting in a gooey pizza we wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Clearly, the pizza toppings aren’t cooked properly and it led to a bad looking pizza. It resembles a cheese and meat ball soup more than a pizza.

16 Pizza Hut – The Mystery Piece

via Huffington Post

You might let this slide if it comes from a local pizza restaurant. However, when it is delivered by Pizza Hut, it becomes that much more unacceptable. A worldwide company with over 16,000 locations, we expect much better quality than an inconsistent looking pizza.

The troubling part of the pizza above is one piece seems to be particularly smaller than the others. Maybe it was a better idea to go to a local pizza shop, you would get far better consistency than this.

15 Little Caesars – Crumbled Napkin

via Twitter

Just behind Pizza Hut and Domino’s is Little Caesars Pizza. In terms of price point, the fast food pizza place can compete with any other of the major fast food pizza brands. They also have a delicious product, of course when it’s done right.

In this instance, it wasn’t that the pizza was particularly bad, just that a crumbled up napkin came with the pizza, that’s just unprofessional. In all likelihood, the employee dabbed the pizza a little bit and disposed the napkin inside of the box, completely forgetting about it.

14 Pizza Hut - Burnt Crust Pizza

via Hissing Kitty

The first sign to judge if a pizza is over cooked or not is the crust. If it contains that thick, golden look, then the person did a good job. However, if the crust is burned, clearly it was left in the oven for way too long.

This pizza defies logic as not only is the crust completely burnt but the pepperoni looks to be so unappetizing as well. It kind of looks like beef jerky, hard and chewy. That’ll happen when the pizza is left in the oven for far too long.

13 Domino’s – Chocolate Brownie Pizza

via Reddit

A chocolate and brownie pizza sounds like a dream come true for most of us. However, this combo wasn’t a pretty one. A reviewer put an image of the result via Twitter and let’s just say they were none too pleased with the final product.

The pizza was from a Domino’s ship in China. Clearly, the result wasn’t as advertised and something reminiscent to what a child might create in the kitchen. Somehow, the taste was worse than the look, yikes. How can you mess up a chocolate brownie pizza!

12 Pizza Hut - Lazy Cut Pizza

via Reddit

Over in Italy, restaurants don’t cut the pizza. The reason for that is Italians typically fold the pizza in half while consuming it. That’s made a lot easier due to the thin style used by the masters of the pizza.

Over in the US and Canada, we aren’t accustomed to such traditions. Pizzas are thick looking and folding it in half can clog our arteries just thinking about it. That said, this Pizza Hut employee made a total mess of the cut, simply cutting it in half while merely cutting another piece on the edge. At that point, why cut it down the middle at all?

11 Papa John’s – Pepperoni & Oil Delight

via Twitter

With more than 5,000 locations across the US, Papa John’s can be another alternative to Pizza Hut. Some consumers choose Papa John’s instead - they grossed $102 million last year.

However, like the other fast food pizza places, Papa John’s isn’t immune to criticism, far from it. The opposite holds true as the pizza place is often blasted online via the likes of Twitter, maybe that’s why the price point is so cheap? Whatever the case might be, this picture isn’t helping things in the slightest. Not only is the pizza drenched in oil but the pepperoni on top clearly isn’t cooked properly either.

10 Pizza Hut – The Pizza Sub?

via twitter.com

Think about the disappointment this person faced when ordering this monstrosity of a pizza? That’s the tough part about taking it out, you aren’t there to send the pizza back, what you get is usually a complete surprise and at times, not a good surprise.

Some would rather a cold pizza than this misshaped mess. As if the form isn’t bad enough, the pizza is clearly undercooked not to mention the toppings that are just thrown around all over the place. We expect this from a toddler, not the Hut.

9 Domino’s – Charred Pizza For Two

via Twitter

We don’t even know where to start with this pizza. Not only does it look like a total soup in the middle but the crusts are clearly burnt to a crisp. This one is the total package for all the wrong reasons, soupy in the middle with a not so lovely charred crust on the edges.

This unhappy customer felt the need to post a photo of the pizza and we don’t blame them. As if the pizza itself wasn’t unappetizing enough, look at all the oil surrounding that box!

8 Pizza Hut - Dark Looking Toppings

via Hissing Kitty

Overcooking a pizza can be just as bad as undercooking it. Clearly, the Pizza Hut employee forgot about the pizza. Instead of starting from scratch, they decided to send this out regardless. Anyone would wait the extra 20 minutes instead of having this thing come to your door, right?

The result was a burned, dark looking pizza. The person even took a bite of it, that’s how hungry they were. The result was likely a pizza with a similar texture than a dry log on a winter’s day.

7 Little Caesars – Deep Dish Pizza Gone Wrong

via Rssing

Innovated in Chicago, deep dish pizza tastes that much better because of the added room for that yummy tomato sauce and cheese. The preparation is the key different as it is casserole prepared according to The Daily Meal.

However, it can also come out pretty bad looking. Due to the elevated amounts of cheese and sauce, it could wind up looking like a mess. The photo above is an example, the end result is an overly cheese pizza and one we wouldn’t even feed to our pets.

6 Pizza Hut - Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust

via Philly Voice

Pizza Hut doesn’t shy away from innovation. They are constantly looking to push the envelope in terms of creativity. As evidenced by the past, that can result in one of two ways.

Now a grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza really doesn’t sound all that bad and quite frankly, pretty darn tasty. However, show anybody a picture of this end result and it is less likely that they’ll give it a try. The cheese looks so unappetizing and completely wrong for that crust.

5 Papa John’s – Burn It Down

via Pinterest

The obvious mistake here is far too much oil which resulted in the burning of this pizza. We can only imagine the amount of oil hiding underneath that pizza. A burned pizza with way too much thickness isn’t the best mix, surely.

This seems to be a routine for Papa John’s as evidenced by their pizza failures, the end result is usually a burned one. Maybe the employees just aren't paying enough attention to cooking times? Or maybe it might be time to use a different cooking formula? Either or, either or.

4 Papa John’s – They Did It Again

via Yelp

You’ll have to include plenty of that special garlic sauce on the side to get some sort of flavor out of this pizza. Once again, it was left burning for far too long, so much so that the pizza turned brown completely. It likely tastes rock hard and all the specialness from the sauce probably evaporated completely thanks to the end result.

We applaud the person for his or heroics, managing to consume half the pizza despite the lackluster result. They must’ve been pretty darn hungry.

3 Pizza Hut - The Misshaped Pizza

via Trip Advisor

This person took to Trip Advisor and seriously, how can you blame them? Not only were they forced into waiting an hour plus, this is the end result that was delivered. An embarrassing pizza that had no business leaving any type of kitchen – Pizza Hut aside, this is unacceptable for any pizza place.

Even if this thing was free we’d still look the other way. How it was still delivered is truly beyond us, just look at that crust, the pizza is more dough than anything else. Major fail!

2 Little Caesars – Bubble Pizza

via Yelp

Here’s what Bakers Quality Pizza Crusts has to say about bubbles on a pizza:

“Bubbles in the crust are caused by trapped moisture that expands when the crust is baked. The pizza must be watched during the cooking process in case very large bubbles form.”

Clearly, this pizza was not watched and the end result was toppings sliding off the pizza such as the cheese. It just tastes like dry cooked pizza dough. We understand a small bubble but one the size of two large pieces, not acceptable.

1 Domino’s – The Deformed Pie

via Twitter

We saved one of the very worst for last. Where to begin with this Domino’s pizza! It is just so wrong in every sense. From the shape of the pizza, to the bubbly crust, this pizza is just bad by any standards.

With sales numbers higher than Pizza Hut, we expect a better quality from Domino’s. The person felt the need to post this photo and again, Domino’s was quick to respond via Twitter. At the very least, they take quality very seriously, though that can be debated...

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