12 Unsavory Food Innovations We Wish Had Never Happened & 9 We Can't Imagine Living Without

There are many times during when it's very interesting to go through history and take a look at past events that shaped the future. There are a lot of inventions that truly shaped the way we live these days, and life would be extremely different without them. Additionally, there were some inventions that didn't quite work out, and it’s therefore hard to imagine what life would've been like had they become popular.

Since the beginning of time, it seems that we've always wanted to come up with ideas and inventions that would make life easier, more fun, and more fulfilling. A great example of this is the wheel, which is one of the earliest known inventions. Before the wheel was made, it must've been pretty hard to transport items or even to visit people. Afterward, however, things were just a bit easier.

Another great invention—and also one that occurred more recently—is the internet. Since the internet was invented, we've been able to send e-mails to our friends and family members, as well as co-workers, within minutes. Another incredible thing we can do as a result of the invention of the internet is to share recipes with one another.

Food is something that everyone loves, so naturally, there have been some amazing innovations in that area as well. There are a lot of food-related inventions we all should be thankful for, as well as some that we could have done without. Here are some of the best and worst food innovations.

21 Heinz EZ Squirt Colored Ketchup Wasn't A Hit

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There are very few products that are perfect as they are and therefore don't need any improvement. However, ketchup does seem to fall into that category. Most people picture something red when they think about ketchup.

However, Heinz decided to change that in the early 2000s. This is when they decided to bring out lots of new colors of ketchup, one of which was called “Blastin’ Green.” The green shade of ketchup was a promotional item that was meant to support the first Shrek film. However, the demand for it decreased after a while because kids became less excited about Shrek as time passed, and new animated films came out.

20 Ruby Chocolate Is New

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There are many people all over the world who are fans of chocolate. Furthermore, there are different flavors that can be added to it, some of which are also very popular among those who love chocolate treats.

In the past, there were only three known types of chocolate. There was white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. However, there's now another kind of chocolate that sounds just as amazing. It's ruby chocolate, and it's made from the ruby cocoa bean. An interesting fact about this tasty new chocolate is the fact that there are no artificial flavors added to it. Additionally, the color is natural as well.

19 Carbonated Yogurt Was Just Strange

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It seems that there are very few men and women out there who don't like having a yogurt every once in a while. Part of what's awesome about yogurt, aside from the fact that it's a sweet treat that's pretty healthy, is that there are a lot of different forms of it.

One of the many ways some people like to consume it is by drinking it. Years ago, Yoplait was looking to find a way to make yogurt more popular with kids. Kids love soda, so Yoplait decided to try making a carbonated yogurt, which was called "Fizzix." Strangely enough, this reminded some people of pop rocks candy.

18 Celery Jell-O Didn’t Work Out Like They Hoped It Would

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There are a lot of really awesome, tasty sweet treats out there that are loved by many. While Jell-O isn't something everyone likes, it seems to be enjoyed by the overall majority, and the length of time that it's been popular proves that.

However, not everything Jell-O that was made in the past has been well received. In fact, the company has seen quite a few of their products fail. Celery Jell-O is one of them. This was made to be used in salads, but consumers wanted nothing to do with it. Other Jell-O flavors that failed were chocolate, cola, and coffee.

17 7-Eleven Changed Convenience Stores

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One of the best parts about traveling, especially to places you've never been to before, is seeing the little stores you pass by on the road. These places tend to have some pretty unique items, as well as delicious snacks and drinks that can usually be enjoyed during long road trips.

One of the most well-known convenience stores is 7-Eleven. In fact, it was this store that paved the way for many others like it to be made later on. Part of the reason why the original location for this store became so popular is the convenience it offered customers. If all someone needed was milk, eggs, or bread, they could go there instead of having to go to a grocery store. 7-Eleven has definitely grown since then. There are now 55,000 locations around the world.

16 Pepsi A.M. Was Not As Satisfying As Coffee

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On a typical morning, many people get their coffee brewing whenever they wake up. The warm caffeinated beverage seems to have found its way into the hearts of many men and women, and in the late 1980s, Pepsi decided to take advantage of the love numerous people have for coffee.

The company began selling a new beverage that would ultimately be a financial flop. They released Pepsi A.M., which was meant to be a drink that would replace coffee. However, just like Crystal Pepsi, this highly caffeinated soda wasn't one of the company’s better inventions. There were even diet versions of this drink that contained one calorie.

15 New Coke Was Less Tasty Than The Original Recipe

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There are a lot of popular sodas. However, Coca-Cola and Pepsi seem to be the two most popular sweet, carbonated drinks out there, and it's been that way for a very long time.

In fact, that's what led to one of the most unsuccessful moments in the history of Coca-Cola. In the 1980s, soda consumers seemed to prefer the sweet taste of Pepsi, so Coca-Cola changed their recipe.

However, this new coke recipe wasn't a hit at all, and some customers were upset that the company planned to stop making the original drink. In fact, many people in America boycotted the new version altogether, which really put a financial dent in the company. The company soon went back to their original recipe.

14 We All Love Dr Pepper

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A lot of people drink soda. These days, we have a lot of amazing flavors to choose from, but it wasn't always that way.

One of the most popular sodas is Dr Pepper. The flavor isn't something that's easy to replicate, and it's definitely unique. The story behind how it was invented is just as interesting as the combination of flavors that make up its distinct taste. Dr Pepper was invented by a pharmacist by the name of "Charles Alderton." Alderton worked at Wade Morrison’s store, where he also served sodas from the fountain. He noticed that people were bored with the few flavors they had, so he created Dr Pepper. First, Alderton had Morrison try it. Then, others tried it, and the rest is history.

13 Sylvester Stallone's Pudding Was Doomed From The Start

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There are a lot of celebrities who become the face for certain products at some point in their careers. Many of them have helped market perfumes and even clothing lines. However, some famous people have marketed items that are aimed more at those who live an active lifestyle, and that's where actor Sylvester Stallone comes in.

The actor is quite famous for the movies he's starred in. However, he's been very healthy throughout much of his life, so it's no surprise that he once marketed a protein-packed pudding that had no sugar. However, the pudding was discontinued, and it seemed to bring a lot of legal trouble to those who were involved in the creation and marketing of it.

12 Colgate Meals Weren't A Success

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When one thinks about toothpaste, there's one company that's likely to come to mind: Colgate. This is because when it comes to the health of our teeth, the company has really been on top of their game as far as soap and toothpaste goes.

However, it seems that they should probably stick to what they're known for selling. Colgate once offered frozen meals that were marketed towards widowed and single men and women who were very health conscious. But the problem was that consumers didn’t want to buy their food from the same company they purchased their dental care products from.

11 Chicken Fried Steak Tastes Awesome

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Many of the popular dishes in America involve meat of some type, especially chicken. This is even truer when it comes to food in the southern region of the United States.

This particular dish has a few different names. Some people call it "chicken fried steak," while others call it "country fried steak" or "pan-fried steak." Just as there are different names for it, there are also different theories about how it got started. Some people believe this delicious dish originated in the South. However, there are also some people who claim chicken fried steak came from wiener schnitzel, which is a German meal that's similar to chicken fried steak. However, wiener schnitzel is typically made with veal.

10 The McLobster Isn't Liked By Everyone

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Throughout history, there have been many very popular dishes. Some were popular because they tasted great, others have been popular because they tasted so bad, and then some items have found themselves right in the middle of both categories, as there were people who liked them and some who didn't.

That's the case with the McLobster, which is a sandwich sold by McDonald’s. Lobster isn't exactly what most people would consider being fast food, while McDonald’s isn’t really known for being an upscale establishment.

Nevertheless, there are many people who have strong feelings about it. Love it or hate it, the McLobster is certainly a strange creation.

9 Chicken And Waffles Are A Delicious Combination

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There are some food combinations that are pretty strange, as well as some that are truly delicious. To some people, combining chicken with waffles might sound like an odd idea.

However, this dish is definitely one that everyone should try at least once. For those who haven't yet tasted this culinary delight, it has an interesting sweetness to it, which is due to the waffles. Something else that makes this comfort food dish all the more interesting is the mystery behind it. Some say dishes combining both chicken and waffles was invented in the southern part of the United States of America, while others believe it began in New York.

8 Singles By Gerber Weren't As Good As Actual Meals


Sometimes, when a business that's already very popular introduces its customers to a new product, it's a financial success. However, there are also times when the new product turns out to be quite a failure, and that was the case for the Gerber product that was marketed towards adults.

In the 1970s, the company that was famous for their jars of baby food decided they wanted to make something that would appeal to a slightly older audience. They created Singles by Gerber, which was specifically aimed at college students. Beef Burgundy and Creamed Beef were two of these meals that flopped.

7 Frozen Yogurt Is Popular

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Everyone loves a good meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something in between. However, what makes lunch and dinner even better is when there's an awesome sweet dessert to have afterward.

This is where frozen yogurt comes in. Furthermore, this is just a great snack in general, and it's even considered healthy, which just adds to the love many people seem to have for this sweet treat.People love to snack on this these days, but that wasn't always the case. In the 1970s, it seemed that consumers weren't quite ready for their yogurt to be frozen. However, the 1980s was when this frozen delight began to grow in popularity, which was partially due to new information coming out about how healthy yogurt was.

6 Frito Lay Lemonade Was A Strange Idea

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Men, women, and children everywhere seem to love potato chips. One company that's typically associated with this product is Frito Lay.

This company has been known for selling popular snacks for quite some time. Considering how salty some potato chips can be, the company decided to sell lemonade that would cure their thirst. However, this wasn't a very popular thing to do. For one, this is another case of a popular brand stepping outside of its main market, and customers had trouble associating Frito Lay with anything but potato chips. Another reason why this was a flop was that it brought nothing extra to the table, so there was nothing unique that separated this lemonade from others that were already being sold at the time.

5 Blue Bell Is Great Ice Cream

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If there's one dessert that almost everyone likes, it's ice cream. From its smooth creaminess to the extra sweetness it has, there's nothing quite like this frozen treat.

One company that's very popular among ice cream lovers is Blue Bell Creameries. One interesting thing, however, is the fact that this wasn't always the name of the company, and their first product wasn't ice cream. When this company started out, the name of it was "The Brenham Creamery Company." Additionally, the first item they made was butter because they were given a lot of cream by farmers who lived nearby. They didn't make ice cream until 1911. Approximately 47 years later, they stopped making butter and put their focus on ice cream.

4 The Cheeseburger In A Can Was Unique

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When some people get the craving for a cheeseburger, they might think about some delicious beef being put on a grill and then melting some cheese over the top of it (if they're in the mood for a cheeseburger). Or they might prefer it to be cooked another way.

However, there's a completely different way to cook a cheeseburger, thanks to Trekking-Mahlzeiten. This company caters to those who travel a lot, as their products typically only require water and fire in order to be cooked. Furthermore, the cheeseburger in a can only cooks for approximately two minutes, and it has a shelf life of one year. It’s not exactly what one craves during a typical day when they want to eat a cheeseburger.

3 Everyone Should Try Whataburger At Least Once

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Fast food isn't exactly known to be the healthiest kind of food to eat. Furthermore, there are a lot of very strange rumors that have been surrounding a few fast-food locations for quite a long time.

However, sometimes, we all get cravings for delicious fast-food meals. One popular place to go is Whataburger. The restaurant first opened up in Texas, and it apparently has a huge fan following. One guy even wrote a poem about it, which isn't exactly something that people usually do when it comes to fast-food establishments. The history of this place is just as interesting as the food is delicious. One fun fact is that the creator of Whataburger, Harmon Dobson, invented the five-inch hamburger bun.

2 Pancake And Sausage On A Stick Is Just Odd

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One thing that a lot of people seem to be big fans of is breakfast food. There are a lot of different foods that can fall under that category. However, pancakes and sausage seem to be some of the most popular breakfast items.

So, of course, someone had to take advantage of that at some point and create a breakfast item that customers would be excited to have. The sausage company Jimmy Dean introduced a breakfast dish that's a combination of the two foods, in a way. This item looks similar to a corn dog, but it's a sausage wrapped in a pancake. This product is made for those who are on the go and don't have much time to make breakfast. But some people still seem to prefer eating their pancakes and sausages separately.

1 Brisket Is A Good Meal

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There are a lot of very cool and interesting food-related and drink-related inventions that originally came from Texas. Some say brisket originated in the lone star state just like Dr Pepper and Whataburger did.

However, that's not quite true. Brisket is a meal that men, women, and children have been enjoying since the beginning of time. There are many ways to enjoy this tasty dish. Some people prefer their brisket to be moist and tender, while others like to have it smoked. Smoked brisket often has a rich flavor, and it has a very dark appearance. Furthermore, sometimes, this dish tastes similar to roast beef.

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