25 Unusual Restaurants Foodies Have To Visit

Just about everyone has a favorite restaurant, right? When most people want to go out to eat and really treat themselves to celebrate a big accomplishment or special occasion, they have that one special restaurant that they almost always choose. While a tried and true restaurant is always a great choice for going out to eat, it can also be a ton of fun to head to a new and different place to try out the food there.

When a foodie wants to try out a new restaurant, they have so many options. There are restaurants that have all kinds of different themes and specialize in all kinds of different types of cuisine. Whether it's sushi, burgers, or pizza that you're in the mood for, there's a restaurant out there that serves up exactly what you're craving! And there are some restaurants out there that have some truly unusual themes. Whether it's their decor or the way they serve their food up (or sometimes both!), some restaurants are so different and creative that you just have to visit to really experience them.

These unusual restaurants are definitely not your average eateries. From toilet themed restaurants to eating in the dark, these are restaurants that every serious foodie has to visit! These one-of-a-kind establishments are not to be missed by anyone who is serious about food.

To see 25 of the most unusual restaurants that no foodie's life is complete without a trip to, keep reading!

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25 Haohai Robot Restaurant In Harbin, China

via TheDailyBeast.com

Instead of hiring people, this restaurant in Harbin, China employs about 20 robots to do all the waiting. That means there won't be any humans walking up to your table while you have a mouth full of food to ask how it tastes.

Instead, a robot will give you a warm greeting and allow you to place your order by tapping the screen installed on their chest after you've had a chance to browse the menu for a while. Then, they glide along a track on the floor to your table to deliver your food. They even show different facial expressions!

24 Beetle House NYC in New York City, New York

via grubstreet.com

Ever watched a Tim Burton movie and wished you could live in that world? For fans of his uniquely dark and quirky films, a trip to Beetle House NYC is a must! This restaurant was inspired entirely by his films from the decor to the names of the dishes. Menu entries include things like "James and the Giant Fruit Platter," "Edward Burger Hands," and "Shrimpy Hallow."

Halloween may only come once a year, but this restaurant keeps the eerie and whimsical world of Tim Burton's movies alive year round.

This small restaurant has both options for vegans and meat eaters which means it's perfect for any film loving foodie.

23 Heart Attack Grill In Las Vegas, Nevada

via Pinterest.com

At this novelty burger restaurant, diners wear hospital gowns over their normal clothes and are served massive burgers by people dressed up as nurses. If that doesn't feel like they're taking the hospital theme of this restaurant far enough, just wait until you take a look at the menu. Instead of having regular names for their enormous hamburgers and cheeseburgers, they have names like the Quadruple Bypass Burger and Flatliner Fries.

For people who are serious about their burgers and want to enjoy one in a truly unique environment, a trip to the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada might be just what the doctor ordered!

22 Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant In Ylläsjärvi, Finland

via LaplandHotels.com

This restaurant is located in the Snow Village in Finland. This village is a seasonal tourist attraction that pulls in visitors who love the colder weather and want to see a creative location in which everything is carved from ice. It's attached to a hotel made up entirely of snow and ice but for visitors that don't want to stay in the cold overnight, visiting the restaurant is also a truly unique experience.

Everything from the tables to the chairs and walls are carved out of ice and snow and the restaurant serves different local dishes, including cold-smoked reindeer, cloudberry jam, and Lappish cheese.

21 The Catacombs In Lancaster, Pennsylvania

via Eater.com

The creepy underground feeling of this restaurant isn't just for decoration, it's actually located underground! The Catacombs are located underneath Bube's Brewery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and are home to special dining events that the establishment has from time to time like feast dinners and mystery dining events in which the eater is a participant in a mystery that is solved while the meal is served. This location is also allegedly haunted which means that, when scheduled by appointment, the great granddaughter of the founder gives ghost tours.

Eater beware, you're in for a scare if you go down to this restaurant!

20 Alcatraz E.R. In Tokyo, Japan

via WordPress.com

Ever wondered what it would be like to eat in the hospital ward of a correctional facility? Yeah, neither have we. But just in case that's your idea of a good time, there is a restaurant for you! Japan, home of all things strange and unique, has a restaurant in Tokyo called Alcatraz E.R.

After arriving, eaters are handcuffed and lead to their table, which is located inside an individual cell in the dark and creepily decorated venue.

All the drinks in this restaurant are served in science equipment like beakers and different shows entertain guests each night as they eat.

19 Ninja New York In New York City, New York

via Pinterest.com

Visiting Ninja New York in New York City is like taking a step back in time to feudal Japan. The entrance to this restaurant may be a little tricky to find because of the fact that it's slightly hidden, but it's well worth it for fans of food from Japan who like to have their dining experience truly be an experience.

Ninjas act as servers in this restaurant and some of the dishes on the menu are specially marked as performance dishes which means that they're not just cooked up in the kitchen and brought out to the table but instead, there's an entire show that goes with getting them to your table.

18 Dinner In The Sky In Various Locations Worldwide

via DinnerInTheSky.com

Dinner in the Sky is a novelty dining service that has several different locations around the world including in Paris, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Toronto. If dining on the ground inside a restaurant just isn't your thing, then maybe dining 150 feet up in the air will be a little more your speed.

Dinner in the Sky began as a collaboration between an amusement park and a PR agency. The concept was thought up after they considered the fact that thrillseekers pay to be taken to the top of high places and bungee jump off, so why wouldn't they want to be taken up into the air to enjoy a meal?

17 Aurum In Clarke Quay, Singapore

via NYDailyNews.com

This restaurant is a combination of really unique cooking techniques and interesting decor.

Aurum is a restaurant located in Singapore that uses science to create unique food flavors and textures. 

Molecular gastronomy is a cooking technique that involves the use of tools and scientific supplies like syringes and liquid nitrogen in order to create unique food textures, flavors, and combinations. Molecular gastronomy isn't the only thing that makes Aurum interesting, though! The restaurant uses wheelchairs as seating and the tables are surgical tables. It's not all macabre, though! The gold accents on the walls keep everything light and feeling bright.

16 Kura In Various Locations Around The US

via AtlantaMagazine.com

Sushi restaurants that serve plates of pre-made sushi on a revolving conveyor belt aren't exactly a unique concept. This style of eatery has been all the rage in Japan for quite some time and has been making its way to the rest of the world in more recent years. But a restaurant that has various locations around the United States named Kura puts a unique twist on this concept!

Instead of letting the empty plates pile up on your table, why not play a game with them? Each table at Kura has a slot for empty plates to be deposited. For every five plates, a small prize is given to the person sitting there after a fun animation plays on their order screen.

15 Clifton's Cafeteria In Los Angeles, CA

via latimes.com

Clifton's Cafeteria is an iconic Los Angeles restaurant that any local is quick to recommend to foodies that are visiting the city of angels.

Clifton's is a multi-level restaurant that is known for the large redwood tree in the center of the restaurant.

While this restaurant may look like it's a restaurant from one of the Disney parks with all of its decorations and tiny details throughout each floor of the restaurant, it's definitely its own unique place that truly has to be experienced.

Clifton's Cafeteria used to be part of a franchise of several different restaurants but now, only one location remains open. Regardless, it's still a popular LA icon.

14 Disaster Café In Lloret de Mar, Spain

via SoCawlege.com

An earthquake isn't exactly something that people typically pay money to sit through. But the Disaster Café in Lloret de Mar, Spain isn't your typical restaurant! This restaurant is so popular that they actually recommend that people make reservations in advance to ensure that they get a seat and get to experience this truly unique dining experience.

Diners are taken to a venue within the restaurant that resembles an underground mine. There, diners can feast on a variety of different dishes but have to be constantly aware of what's going on around them because of the fact that they never know when the earthquake might happen!

13 Modern Toilet In Tapei, Taiwan

via Pinterest.com

If receiving your food on a plate or in a bowl is just too ordinary for you, look no further than the restaurant Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan!

No, that name isn't just some kind of clever joke, the entire restaurant is actually themed around toilets.

Everything from the bowls that this delicious food is served in, to the seats that you sit on to eat it, are modeled after a toilet. Although this may seem bizarre and entirely unappetizing, the restaurant is actually rather popular for foodies visiting Taiwan to stop and get a bite to eat in a quirky setting.

12 O.Noir In Toronto, Canada

via blogspot.com

Dining is a very sensory experience. It combines the senses of sight, taste, feel, smell, and sometimes even found. O.Noir is a restaurant located in Toronto, Canada that takes away one of those senses by removing all the light from the restaurant. Diners dine completely in the dark with no bright watches, smartphones, or lighters giving any light or luminosity to the room as they dine.

This forces the diners to rely entirely on the rest of their senses for the entirety of their meal.

While this concept exists in many other restaurants, O.Noir is also unique in the fact that its wait staff is entirely made up of the visually impaired.

11 ICHIRAN In New York City, New York

via GrubStreet.com

Introverts unite! ...Separately.

ICHIRAN is a restaurant located in New York City that believes in stripping the eating experience of all outside sensory experiences so that you can totally focus on the flavors on the plate in front of you. And yes, we do mean absolutely all of them.

Including social interactions!

Eaters at this ramen restaurant are seated at a counter that has walls between each person, leaving you completely alone with your bowl of steaming hot noodles. Ordering is done through a small window at the front of your booth where the food is passed through to you.

10 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant In Rangali Island, Maldives


Many seafood restaurants use super fresh seafood and even have an area of the restaurant where the diner can see the fish that are going to become their meal. For people who aren't into seafood, this may seem a little creepy but it's a fun part of the dining experience for people who are serious about their fish.

This restaurant takes seeing your meal before it's cooked to a whole new level!

This restaurant is located underneath the water which means that, the entire time you're dining, there are all kinds of fish swimming around you on the other side of the walls and curved ceiling.

9 Redwoods Treehouse In Warkworth, New Zealand

via TreehouseMap.com

Who said treehouses are just for kids? Just under an hour outside of Auckland, New Zealand is a restaurant called the Redwoods Treehouse. This restaurant proves that treehouses are most definitely not child's play.

To enter the restaurant, diners take an elevated walkway through the trees until they reach the pod-shaped dining room. Unfortunately, the Redwoods Treehouse isn't available publicly for individual diners to enter and is only available by booking the entire treehouse out for a special event. Although this isn't cheap, the unique setting and scenic view make it worth it for groups that want to have a truly special experience.

8 Harvey Washbangers In College Station, Texas

via EliteReaders.com

What's your least favorite chore? For many people, the answer is laundry. How many people legitimately enjoy taking their dirty clothes to wash, dry, and fold them up before they put them back away? Not many people. But in College Station, Texas, a restaurant called Harvey Washbangers makes this chore just a little more enjoyable.

One side of this restaurant is a laundromat!

Yes, seriously. After putting your clothes in the washing machine, you can head over to the other side of the restaurant and sit down to enjoy some food. A light-board will light up your machine's number when it's time to move them to the dryer.

7 Twin Stars In Moscow, Russia

via tripadvisor.ca

This restaurant is located in Moscow, Russia and, unlike some of the others on this list, it doesn't have an unusual setting or weird menu. For the most part, Twin Stars is a pretty normal restaurant. So, what's so unusual about it that it was put on this list as a place for foodies to visit?

The unique thing about this restaurant is the fact that it exclusively hires twins.

Each pair of twins are staffed together and work their shifts together. That means although it may feel like you're seeing double while you sit down to a meal, you're not!

6 Opaque In California

via Yelp.com

Around Europe, restaurants that seat diners in a pitch black restaurant have been pretty popular. Opaque is the first "dining in the dark" type restaurant to open in the United States and to bring this European trend across the pond. Currently, it's only open in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco but they're going to be expanding to other cities including Dallas, Texas and New York City soon.

The dining room is pitch black and the wait staff is made up of people who are visually impaired. Food is pre-cut to make it easy for diners to get a bite to eat without using their sense of sight.

5 Cat Cafe Nekorobi In Tokyo, Japan

via Kanpai-Japan.com

This Tokyo-based restaurant is definitely not for dog lovers or for people with cat allergies. This location isn't technically a restaurant as the food here comes simply from the vending machine located inside the cafe, but it's still a fun experience for cat lovers visiting Japan.

To enter, visitors pay a fee depending on how long they're going to be staying. During the weekdays, an hour inside Cat Cafe Nekorobi is about $10. Then, they get to sit and play with the cats inside while they snack on free treats from the vending machine and play games on the Wii and iPad they provide.

4 Barton G In Los Angeles, California

via LosAngeles.CBSLocal.com

If you're feeling like a quiet, simple night out, then this restaurant is more than likely not for you. But for foodies who prefer their dining experiences to be a little more extravagant with some more unique food, Barton G in Los Angeles is the perfect dining destination that must be experienced.

With food like Lobster Pop Tarts, a large cotton candy sculpture made to look like Marie Antoinette's head, and Mouse Trap Mac N Cheese, it's safe to say that Barton G is among the most creative restaurants around. The plating and dishes are incredibly creative and totally worth visiting.

3 Bors Hede Inne In Carnation, Washington

via avorsnoqualmievalley.org

In order to enter this restaurant, diners have to go through a medieval village. That's not where this trip back in time ends, though! Diners are encouraged to put their smartphones and other modern conveniences away away in order to make sure that the entire experience is truly immersive.

Inside, the medieval theme is kept up and the immersion doesn't break as the servers, who are dressed in the latest fashions straight out of the 14th century, speak in Olde English and play music from the time period for diners as they enjoy their food. From the setting to the food, the entire experience is like traveling pack in time.

2 Dirty Candy In New York City, New York

via TheInfatuation.com

Who said vegetables have to be a side dish? At Dirty Candy in New York City, vegetables are the main ingredient. This restaurant is a dream come true for vegans and vegetarians but foodies of all kinds are welcome at this inventive restaurant.

Dirty Candy uses vegetables in interesting and unique ways in order to really amp up the creative and clever presentation of their dishes. Some of the highlights of the menu include dishes like carrot sliders, Brussels sprout tacos, pumpkin pad thai, and fried broccoli. This trendy restaurant offers a tasting menu with five or nine courses so foodies can experience the entire menu.

1 Linger Lodge In Bradenton, Florida

via BradentonHerald.com

Foodies that visit the Linger Lodge Restaurant and Campground in Bradenton, Florida definitely have to be ready to be more adventurous with their dining choice. With menu items like frog legs and gator bites, this restaurant isn't for the faint of heart. If you're not quite ready to branch out into the world of Floridian food, there's also a more traditional menu section that is filled with beef and poultry.

What this restaurant is most famous for isn't just the menu, though! The entire inside of the restaurant is somewhat cluttered up and filled with taxidermy and other quirky and unusual decorations.

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