Walmart Is Getting More Exclusive Instant Pot Products, Including A New Slow Cooker

Walmart has revealed that they will be showcasing new Instant Products this holiday season. With the recent rise of the Instant Pot’s popularity, the new appliance might just be the gift-of-choice this year.

The Instant Pot has made cooking gourmet-level meals easier and quicker. With the appliance, it’s possible for the average household to have access to better quality food. The device allows the cook to skip a lot of traditional steps, which saves time and elbow grease. For example, it’s possible to cook frozen meat in 20 minutes with the Instant Pot, but it would take hours to wait for the meat to thaw traditionally. This appliance’s functions already make it so appealing, so it’s exciting to find out what a new version could do.

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The Gem is the new Instant Pot exclusive to be on Walmart shelves soon. The appliance is a microprocessor-powered slow cooker that knows exactly how to adjust temperatures and cook times to perfectly suit the food. It can also bake, sauté ingredients, and sear protein. All this is possible due to the high-powered heating element the appliance has.

Other then the Gem, Instant Pot is also planning to release a blender that can also cook. This would be ideal for making soup because the cook doesn’t have to puree ingredients separately. Both the blender and the Gem are to be released as Walmart exclusives, so if you want to grab one, you’ll have to find one at the store.

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The one-pot cooking craze doesn't seem like it’s going to die down any time soon. These appliances make it easier and more convenient to prepare meals, so it’s no surprise that it’s slowly becoming a staple gadget in the kitchen. The Canadians who founded Instant Pot have started a new trend of all-in-one cooking devices, and we love it.

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