Watch: This Absolutely Metal Chicken Ramen Commercial From Japan

If you are a fan of hot and spicy ramen, you are in luck. Japanese food company, Nissin – which specializes in packaged instant noodles – has just what you need with its spicy Chicken Ramen. But be warned: if the commercial is any indication of the heat level, the spiciness may take your taste buds to the fiery depths of hell.

In a commercial released in April of last year, Nissin’s adorable chicken mascot – named Hiyoko-Chan – trades his cuteness for that of the form of an unholy demon representing the power of the ramen’s flavor and spiciness.

The commercial starts out innocently enough, featuring Hiyoko-Chan prepping a bowl of ramen for himself while happy jingle music plays. The tone immediately takes a darker turn, as Hiyoko-Chan offers up the bowl to a statue known as “Akuma no Kimura,” the ritual transforming Hiyoko-Chan into a massive demon chicken surrounded by flames in a world that has turned into an apocalyptic wasteland. Heavy metal music replaces the jingle. The phrase "sugu oishii, sugoku oishii" – which translates to, “immediately delicious, super delicious,” is repeated by the metal vocalist, before changing to, "jigoku oishii," which means “hellishly delicious.” The entire commercial is reminiscent of Netflix’s critically-acclaimed original anime series, Devilman Crybaby.

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While the commercial may seem like an outlandish way to get people to buy ramen, there is a surprising amount of deep-rooted symbolism behind the commercial’s imagery. The website for the product breaks down the commercial, which (loosely translated) provides plenty of metaphors leading to an idea that through darkness, one can find the “light” of amazing food and flavor.

Interestingly enough, the initial commercial was only the beginning of the story. Nissin released a second commercial in October 2018 that features a Nissin employee attempting to rid Hiyoko-Chan of his Akuma demon form. However, Hiyoko-Chan overpowers the employee by transforming into a third and fourth form that harnesses the power of buttered corn – another ramen flavor introduced by Nissin.

The second commercial is a bit lighter in tone, with a style more along the lines of Dragon Ball Z.

There is no telling where Hiyoko-Chan will venture next within the world of ramen, but we have been captivated by the first two commercials and can’t wait to see what happens next.

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