10 Weird Donuts We'd Love To Try (And 10 We Wouldn't Even Think About Eating)

You know that magical moment when you walk into work, and you think it's just going to be another boring day, but then you find out that someone brought donuts? It can change everything and really get your day started on the right foot (not nutritionally speaking, of course, but that doesn't matter). We're all well aware of which donuts are usually going to be found in that box: chocolate-dipped, jelly-filled, bear paw, maybe even a plain cake and a glazed. However, there are plenty of great, creative donuts out there that are totally crossing the line into being almost gourmet foods. People are trying new things with donuts, and a lot of them are elevating the humble pastry to new levels of deliciousness.

Of course, some people are going too far in their efforts to make creative donuts, and they're making donuts that, honestly, shouldn't exist. These donuts are just trying way too hard to be cool or gourmet or even wild in ways that would put an average donut eater right off of them. Some donut makers just firmly believe that they have to make something memorable, and if that means that they're going to deliver something that's kind of gross, then they'll still do it. At least there are plenty of really delicious donuts out there that we'd still love to try. These donuts either give us a hit of nostalgia or honestly just look downright delicious. Either way, these are ten weird donuts we'd love to try (and ten we wouldn't even think about eating).

20 We want to try: Crunch Berries Donut

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There might not have been anything better as a kid than waking up and grabbing a bowl full of your favorite cereal. For some, that cereal was Crunch Berries, the delicious blend of traditional Cap'n Crunch with colorful fruit-flavored spheres. Well, now, it's possible to enjoy those flavors on a donut that not only looks delicious but also looks like a lot of fun. That might be due to the color contrast of the cereal with the white frosting, clearly there to represent the bowl of milk. This is the kind of donut that not only would be flavorful but would also hit that nostalgic pleasure center in your brain.

19 We would never eat: Peanut Butter Jelly Bacon Donut

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There's an obsession with the fact that Elvis, in his later years, loved to eat peanut butter, jelly, and bacon sandwiches. Sure, that's a crazy flavor combination, but just because it was eaten by a classic rock-and-roller doesn't mean that it has to keep being emulated or used in other dishes—case in point: this donut, which combines the three flavors into one pastry. We're not saying that it would taste terrible but maybe just that the flavors altogether, combined with fried cake dough, would be just a little bit too much too handle. Balance is key to donuts, and this would be way too rich for most people.

18 We want to try: The Purple Goat

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As we just said, balance is key to a great donut, and the purple goat might just be the best example of that. While most people would object to the inclusion of any kind of cheese in a donut, the purple goat uses goat cheese to complement the blueberry filling. This is a smart idea, as the tart and tangy flavor of the goat cheese would be perfectly paired with the sweetness of the blueberries. This would go down more like a cheesecake than anything else, and there's absolutely no problem with that. If a donut makes use of cheddar cheese, then we might have a problem.

17 We would never eat: the Grilled Cheese Donut

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This donut might just be the perfect example of what we mean. While goat cheese can be used to complement a fruit filling in a donut, cheddar cheese, especially if it's just sitting there on its own, has no place in the donut world. If you want to eat a grilled cheese, then more power to you. However, if you want a donut grilled cheese, then maybe it's time to seriously reevaluate some major life decisions that led up to this point. Donuts and grilled cheeses should always be kept separate. In fact, donuts should be kept away from almost every savory food, which means no more donut burgers or breakfast sandwiches. Enough is enough.

16 We want to try: a Lemon Sichuan Donut

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A spicy donut? Some of you may scoff at the idea and say that there's no way that it could possibly be good. However, let's examine the case of the lemon Sichuan donut, shall we? This donut delivers on all three flavor fronts: sweet, tart, and spicy, lending a nice balance to everything. Sure, spicy donuts may sometimes seem like a gimmick, but the truth is that any donut flavor can be great if it's done properly. This seems like it'd be a great way to experience some uncommon flavors while still getting a hit of familiarity from the lemon-curd filling. If you ask us, this would be a great donut to try before jumping into some of the other more obscure flavors.

15 We would never eat: The Bacon Cheddar Crickets donut

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No, no, no. Absolutely not. This is probably the worst-looking donut we've ever seen. By the way, yes, those are real crickets on that donut! Not only that, but they're flavored with bacon and cheddar cheese dust. This is truly a monstrosity of a donut, and whoever came up with the idea should be very, very ashamed. Sure, some people might try it out of novelty or because their friends challenged them to do it, but this is just something that shouldn't stand. Also, how are you going to put bacon and cheddar on top of chocolate glaze? That's the least of this donut's problems, but it's still irksome.

14 We want to try: an Arnold Palmer Donut

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If you've ever been lucky enough to try an Arnold Palmer, the beverage named after one of the greatest professional golfers ever, then you already know how delicious and refreshing they are. For those of you who've never had one, an Arnold Palmer is a blend of lemonade and unsweetened iced tea, which produces a drink that's somehow greater than the sum of its parts. This donut, which emulates that flavor, would probably be just as tasty and would definitely deliver on the flavor fronts of lemon and tea, with just the right amount of sweetness and tart lemon flavor.

13 We would never eat: a Pineapple Basil Donut

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There are a lot of flavor combinations out there that seem like they'd work in perfect harmony, and while we think that at some point, pineapple and basil could really come to be one of our favorites, we're just not sure if it could really work that well in donut form. It just seems like the basil flavor might get lost in the strong sweetness and acidity of the pineapple. Maybe that's why it had to be topped with crushed pistachios: to try and add another flavor element to make up for one that had sort of been lost in the mix.

12 We want to try: a Crumberry Donut

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The crumberry donut, first of all, has an absolutely delightful name that sounds like it came out of a Charles Dickens book. We'd want to try it just for that fact. However, it's also how the donut is flavored, with cranberry glaze and crumble pie crust on top, that makes this a desirable if somewhat uncommon donut. This seems like the kind of donut that would deliver all of the festive flavors of the holidays in every bite. That's definitely something that we wouldn't mind experiencing, even if Christmas is over already. The tartness of the cranberries would be a great way to offset any overly sweet flavor of this donut.

11 We would never eat: a Bubblegum Donut

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Why is bubblegum even considered a good flavor? It's probably the second-least desirable flavor of any candy, and it clearly only gets a pass when associated with the fun of chewing gum and blowing bubbles. So why is it that anyone would think that a bubblegum donut would be on anyone's list of things to try? Even the bright pink color is enough to put us off of this one. Also, the inclusion of a wrapped piece of bubblegum in the center is just the cherry on an awful donut sundae. Overall, this is exactly the kind of donut that no one should ever have to eat.

10 We want to try: a Green Tea Donut

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Have you ever had green tea ice cream? If you have, then you know that there's something kind of satisfying about the very mild bitterness of the tea meeting the creamy sweetness of the ice cream that creates a really nice flavor profile. The same could probably be said of a green tea donut, which would, no doubt, combine the best of both worlds into one treat that's both sweet and savory in a way that most other pastries couldn't hope to be. This is the kind of donut that might be an acquired taste, but we'd definitely be willing to try it just to see what it's like.

9 We would never eat: a Wasabi and Cheese Donut

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Is it possible to make a delicious savory donut, one that focuses primarily on flavors that aren't sweet? It might be, but combining wasabi and cheese isn't the way to do it. This very strange donut with an odd flavor combination seems like it would just be far too much for the taste buds of most people. First of all, any kind of cheese in a donut (other than goat cheese, as we've mentioned above) seems completely out of place. Second, wasabi is a very acquired taste and should only be used in sparing amounts, so for it to be the main flavor of a donut seems like a huge misstep.

8 We want to try: a Chicken and Waffle Donut

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Now, this is a savory donut that we can get behind. Of course, that may just be because it's combining savory flavors with other sweet ones. Still, there might not be anything better than chicken and waffles, unless, of course, they're combined into something better, like this donut, complete with a miniature waffle and chicken tender placed on top. The pale syrup glaze of this donut is then also sprinkled with just a hint of cayenne pepper, just to add a little bit of spice to the sweet proceedings. We think that this donut would definitely hit all the right beats of a perfect snack.

7 We would never eat: a Poi Donut

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It's not that we think poi would be a really weird food to try; we just don't think that it would be that great to try it in donut form. These donuts are given their signature purple color from taro root, the key ingredient in poi, which is a classic dish made in Hawaii. Poi is often served as a sort of cross between a soup and a porridge, with some varieties being thicker than others. We think that trying to get the authentic poi experience from a donut would just not work that well. In addition, taro is actually fairly mild in flavor, so this is really nothing more than a purple donut.

6 We want to try: the Boss Hog

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Just because a donut happens to be named after a character on The Dukes of Hazzard doesn't mean that it can't be downright delicious. Now, we've said previously that creating a savory donut is a hard thing to do, but let us describe this one to you: the donut itself is piled high with pulled pork, which is then topped even further by a scoop of potato salad. The whole thing is given a drizzle of spicy barbecue sauce. Now, come on... tell us that doesn't sound really delicious! Sure, it's more of an open-faced sandwich than a donut, but we won't split hairs on this one because really we just want one right now!

5 We would never eat: a Black Licorice Donut

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Remember how we said that bubblegum was probably the second-least desirable of any candy flavor? Well, guess which one is the first? Here we have it: black licorice put into donut form. Now, please tell us that anyone would actually enjoy eating this thing. Black licorice has always been the bane of any candy lover's existence. It's bitter, completely lacking in sweetness, and is the one flavor of jellybean that absolutely no one likes. It's the kind of thing that used to be fun when candy was barely candy at all, back when it was still made out of wax and stuff like that.

4 We want to try: a Snickers Donut

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There might not be any chocolate bar more satisfying than a Snickers. In fact, we might have even put it right at the top of our list that ranked chocolate bars overall. There's just something really satisfying about the combination of chocolate, nougat, and peanuts. So, obviously, throwing that flavor combination on top of a donut is going to make that donut even more delicious. This bad boy is obviously sporting some chocolate and caramel drizzle as well as crushed peanuts to complete the overall Snickers flavor. This is the kind of donut that makes you want to eat a dozen more just so the flavor never has to end.

3 We would never eat: Foie Gras and Jam Donut

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There's absolutely no way on this Earth that you could possibly get us to try this donut. First of all, foie gras is just ground-up goose liver. Sure, it's fancy, and people pay a lot of money to eat it, but it doesn't change the fact that, again, it's ground-up goose liver! On top of that, even if you were the kind of person who got down with foie gras, that stuff is rich! Stuffing a bunch of it into a donut then adding jam on top of that just seems like it'd knock anyone right to the ground. This is the kind of thing that should've only ever been talked about and not actually brought into the world.

2 We want to try: the Tres Leches Donut

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This donut might not look like much, especially when compared to some of the other donuts on this list, but truthfully, it's probably one of the most delicious. This donut is based on a traditional dessert served in Mexico: a tres leches cake. That cake is soaked in three different kinds of milk (something anyone who speaks the language would've already figured out): evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. This donut might not be soaked in the same way, but the milky glaze on the outside would sort of simulate that flavor. Needless to say, this donut would be rich, but it wouldn't be over the top in its sweetness.

1 We would never eat: Cronut

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It's not that we wouldn't want to eat a cronut because we think they wouldn't taste good. On the contrary, they actually look like they'd be pretty delicious. The reason we wouldn't try them is that, honestly, they're just too popular. People line up around city blocks just to get one of these things, and how good can they possibly be? Sure, it combines the flaky layers of a croissant with a donut, but so what? That's just one pastry meets another pastry. There's nothing really all that creative or interesting about it at the end of the day.

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