Once We Pop We Actually Can Stop: 25 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Done To Popcorn

Just like it's not Friday night without pizza or Sunday morning without brunch, it's not a prime movie-watching experience without popcorn. This beloved snack food is both light and satisfying at the same time, and even the most health-conscious foodies will still admit to enjoying a bowl from time to time, especially if melted butter and lots of salt are involved.

Many people would agree that butter is best when it comes to a popcorn flavor. Some will go for cheese (or nutritional yeast if they follow a plant-based way of eating) and others will shower their popped corn kernels with pepper or spices. When it comes to popcorn, it's hard to imagine that you could ever improve on these simple ideas... and the truth is, when you start exploring the strange world of this snack, you learn that innovation is not always the best idea.

They say that once you pop, you can't stop, and while that might be referring to a certain brand of chips that we all know and love, we think that it applies here, too. Here are the 25 weirdest things that people have done to popcorn. We would have to say that when it comes to these flavors, once you pop you actually can stop.

25 Birthday Cake Batter

via floating at rottnest

We get the impulse to make Birthday Cake Batter-flavored popcorn... well, kind of. This kind of ice cream flavor exists and that's pretty delicious, but that makes more sense since ice cream is sweet.

Honestly, if we want this flavor, we're going to make cake batter, make a cake, or buy the ice cream version. We're not going to rush out and try this popcorn because it's just not a logical flavor to put on popcorn.

24 Kale

via Foodie City Network

We've really seen it all now that we know that kale popcorn is a thing. Talk about a weird thing that someone has done to poor old popcorn.

We're sorry, popcorn. We know that you didn't do anything wrong and that you didn't mean to get caught up in the whole kale craze. While people still love this green vegetable and put it in everything and anything, we think that most people would draw the line at kale-flavored popcorn. It's gross and off-putting.

23 Buffalo And Blue Cheese

via Popsugar

Sure, we'll go for some spicy buffalo wings at a pub and dip them in blue cheese dip. It's a great combination and hits the spot when we want to really indulge.

Putting these flavors on popcorn is also a no, though. While cheesy popcorn might appeal to lots of people (and, sure, why not? It's got cheese which is obviously amazing), that would be popcorn with powdered cheese that is more of a cheddar cheese vibe. Blue cheese wouldn't be our preferred choice here. We're going to pass on this truly weird popcorn flavor.

22 Ketchup

via Ricardo

In Canada, ketchup isn't just something that you put on fries, burgers, hot dogs, and the like. It's not something that only tastes awesome on home fries and breakfast potatoes. It's so much more than that and it's a chip flavor. Ketchup chips are magical and if you haven't tried them, you need to.

But putting ketchup flavor into popcorn? Well, that we're not so sold on. It doesn't seem like the best idea, not when there are other things that you could put on popcorn. You know, like melted butter and lots of salt. Those sound good.

21 Sushi


Yeah, this exists. And yeah, we're not going to be trying it anytime soon.

Why would anyone want salty and seaweed flavors on their popcorn? Popcorn is a delightful and wonderful crunchy snack. It makes movies more fun to watch and it makes afternoons go by quicker when you need something to keep your energy up when you're working hard. Sushi is something that you order when you've had a long day or it's a fun dish to go out to eat for. It shouldn't' have anything to do with popcorn. At least they haven't put raw fish on it, that would be the final straw.

20 Pregnancy Mix (Ice Cream And Dill Pickle)

Poparazzi Popcorn

You've probably heard that some pregnant women crave weird stuff like pickles and ice cream. It's basically become a joke now but it's really something that people want to eat during those nine months, so it has some merit to it.

So it only makes sense that someone would add these flavors to popcorn. Well, it makes sense because, sure, this is a fun/cute idea and it's marketable, but it doesn't make sense from a flavor standpoint because this is plain gross. Of all the weird things that people have done to popcorn, we're calling this a time when you can pop... but you should stop.

19 Watermelon

via Popcorn Junction

Watermelons are a glorious thing to eat on a summer day. They're even better when eaten at a barbecue along with coleslaw, potato salad, burgers, hot dogs, and the like.

Watermelon-flavored popcorn, though? Why is this a thing that exists? Our minds are boggled and we're not sure that this will ever make sense. What would this even taste like? If it tastes like super sweet watermelon candy, we're not big on that because that is way too sugary. We want our popcorn salty.

18 Ramen

via Food Network

We should have seen this popcorn flavor coming, right?! If we think about a true junk food that everyone has had a moment with, that would be ramen. This exists, though, and the Food Network even has a recipe for Garlic Ramen Popcorn.

The super salty (like really, really, really salty) noodles that are associated with broke college students and dorm rooms aren't the best fit for popcorn. Honestly, would you be interested in trying this flavor of popcorn? Definitely not, right? It's not only weird but it's confusing and frankly sounds really gross. No thank you on the ramen popcorn.

17 Lemon Sherbet

via Twitter

Putting lemon on popcorn might be a fancypants thing to do. You can totally picture the fanciest person that you know doing this, right? They would host a grand dinner party and put out an appetizer of tiny bowls of popcorn with lemon zest and herbs. It would be pretty fabulous.

Lemon sherbet flavored popcorn? We're curious for sure, and we wouldn't mind trying it, but we're wrapping our heads around exactly what this would taste like. We think that we'll keep eating lemon sherbet in its actual form in the summer.

16 Kimchi

via Saveur

It's the same problem with kimchi-flavored popcorn that there is with wasabi. This is way too strong a flavor for a snack food like popcorn.

Can you really see yourself chowing down on several bowls of kimchi-flavored popcorn? While kimchi is an amazing condiment and can be enjoyed with so many foods and many people are in love with it, it doesn't seem like the greatest way to flavor popcorn. These two things shouldn't go together at all... and we're here to say that they definitely don't.

15 Mountain Dew

via Fun Foods

Someone posted on Reddit that there is a popcorn store that sells this flavor, and it's hard to imagine how it could taste.

If it tasted just like the soda, that would bring up the question, why? That's seriously all that we can think of right now. Why would this have to be a thing? We don't even want to drink Mountain Dew. It was probably a soda that we liked when we were growing up but now that we're adults trying to be healthy with our drinks (you know, to make up for all the popcorn that we consume), we're going to go with sparkling water. Thankfully, there are flavored versions out there.

14 Blueberry

via Yum Yums Gourmet Popcorn

We have the same issue with blueberry popcorn that we do with watermelon. We truly don't understand putting fruit flavors into popcorn.

It's just strange because it doesn't seem like something that is necessary. Blueberry is also a strange flavor for this snack since actual blueberries can be sweet, sour, or taste pretty bland depending on the season, and blueberry candy is strangely bitter and makes us wonder why it's even a thing. We can't imagine any of those flavors on popcorn.

13 Eggnog

via Kernel Season's

For many people, nothing says the holiday season like eggnog. It's creamy and sweet and a fun treat. Would people say that it's not a movie night without eggnog-flavored popcorn?

We're not sure but it doesn't seem like it. Like the other popcorn flavors on this list, this is a truly weird thing to do to popcorn. We wouldn't even necessarily want to eat popcorn while drinking a glass or mug of eggnog. It doesn't seem like the flavors of this festive drink would work well with popped corn kernels.

12 Loaded Baked Potato

via Original Popcorn House

Loaded Baked Potatoes are a beautiful thing... if you're going to make them at home for dinner (yay) or order them from a pub. They are cheesy and bacony and full of carbs and it's all so great.

Putting this flavor on popcorn, however, isn't so great. In fact, it's truly baffling and is kind of giving us a headache. We would never want a fry to taste like a tortilla chip, for example, so why would we want popcorn (aka corn) to taste like a potato?

11 Mince Pie

via PayasUgym.com

Now this is truly confusing because let's face it, no one even wants to eat mince pie in its actual form. It may be a festive thing and many families may have been chowing down on these pies for generations so no offense or anything. But many people would agree that it's not the greatest food ever.

Mince pie has really been made into a popcorn flavor, believe it or not. It's not only sold and therefore we can actually buy it but there are lots of recipes for it online and we can make it ourselves. Sorry but we'll say no to buying it or making it.

10 Cream Cheese

via Pinterest

Cream cheese belongs on a bagel. Maybe, just maybe, it belongs on crackers. And perhaps it's good on toast (you know, if you're super stuck and need a snack ASAP).

Cream cheese doesn't, in any circumstances, belong on popcorn. It doesn't make any sense at all for cream cheese-flavored popcorn to be real. And yet it is. Some recipes are also for Cream Cheese Icing Popcorn and, well, we think that cream cheese icing needs to stay where it belongs, too. That would be Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Cake.

9 Ranch Dressing

via Mind Over Batter

Look, if ranch dressing is going to go on something other than a salad, it's going to be dumped on top of pizza. Or we'll dip our slices into it. That's a common thing that many people go crazy over (and if you think it sounds gross, don't knock it until you try it).

Ranch dressing flavored popcorn, on the other hand, is a no go from us. People have added ranch flavors to popcorn in all kinds of ways, from adding ranch plus BBQ sauce or just plain ranch, and either way, it seems weird.

8 Grape

via Popcorn Junction

Grape soda is a real throwback to your childhood, right? Think about the carefree days when super sweet soda was something that you considered to be totally normal. No, really, you did. You couldn't imagine drinking plain water (talk about disgusting).

Grape soda is never a flavor that we would think would be a popcorn flavor... and yet, well, here we are because it totally exists. Technically, this flavor is called grape, but it has been described as being like grape soda, so that's why we're chatting about this.

7 Pickle Juice And Tabasco

via Pinterest

When she appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show, Selena Gomez made "Texas Popcorn" which, according to Glamour, means that you "take a bag of unsalted popcorn, add salt and Tobasco, then drizzle on some pickle juice and shake until well-coated."

Um... okay?! It's hard to know how to react to this. No offense to the famous singer but this doesn't sound very appetizing. Maybe Tabasco would be okay if we like our snack foods spicy, but the combination of salty pickle juice with spicy Tabasco is not for us.

6 Wasabi

via Flickriver

Gross is what we have to say about the idea of putting the flavor of wasabi into popcorn. First of all, this would totally burn our throats as we ate it. We can just see it now and it's not a pretty picture. And second of all, people barely want to eat this with sushi or other fare, so we don't think that it's the best choice to flavor a popular snack like popcorn.

Let's just pretend that this isn't even something that we know about because glancing at this photo of bright green popcorn is a bit scary. But hey, this could be fun at Halloween.

5 Peanut Butter

via Snapguide

Peanut butter goes with many things: jam, toast, oatmeal, chocolate. It's impossible to pass up no matter what time of day. It's pretty cool that it can be a breakfast food when put on toast, a snack when paired with a banana or apple, and dessert when put into a baked good.

While those are all wonderful ways to enjoy this delightful nut butter, we're going to draw the line at popcorn that is flavored with the stuff. If we want this flavor, we're going to just go ahead and eat popcorn mixed with actual peanuts. That seems like a better way to go.

4 Parmesan And Garlic

via Cooking with Cocktail Rings

We get the interest in putting parmesan on popcorn because cheese is great and cheesy popcorn sounds like a dreamy snack any time of day or night.

It's the garlic that we're not sure about. The thing with garlic is that you want it in dishes but you don't want it to stand out too much. That's why people joke so much about having garlic breath or not kissing anyone after a very garlicky dish (it's true foodie love when your partner doesn't mind). Keep the parmesan, hold the garlic.

3 Banana

via Toronto Popcorn Company

Banana popcorn is another weird thing that people have done to popcorn. Again, what would this even taste like?

It doesn't seem like it would taste like real bananas (and we wouldn't even want it to). And it doesn't seem like it would taste like fake banana flavor/extract (or if it would, then we definitely wouldn't want to try it). It looks pretty and golden, but we'd rather smother our popped corn kernels in butter and call it a night.

2 Blue Coconut

via IPOP Gourmet Popcorn

What is blue coconut popcorn? It seems to be popcorn flavored with coconut, and there is not much info out there about why it's blue. According to the website of Popcorn Girl Vegas, "The islands come alive with this tasty tropical flavored treat. Blue coconut is one of our most delightful flavors when it coats our freshly popped popcorn."

This is cool if you like coconut. But you might not since that's a pretty strong flavor that can be very off-putting to many people. And you might not want coconut-flavored popcorn.

1 Everything Bagel

Joanne Eats Well With Others

There are many recipes out there for Everything Bagel flavored popcorn, and we have to say that this is one instance where we find it weird... but we also find it super intriguing.

This could be weird but still good, right? Like putting pepper on strawberries or in sweet desserts, or eating blue cheese with fruit? Some of us might want to try putting everything bagel seasoning on popcorn... and others will say no way and long for butter. It's a subjective snack idea.

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