A $2 Wendy's Key Tag Will Get You Free Frostys For All Of 2019

If you purchase a key tag from Wendy's for just $2, then you will be entitled to free Frostys for the entirety of 2019.

Not much in this life is free, despite Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson telling us that the best things are. Food and drink is most certainly not free. However, fast food is probably the closest food comes to being free, at least when eating out. You may get what you pay for but let's be honest, we know what we're eating in fast food joints isn't normally good for us but we're okay with it because it's cheap.

Walk into McDonald's or Taco Bell with $20 in your pocket and you could eat more than enough food to feed you for an entire day. However, Wendy's is attempting to go one better than that in 2019. The fast-food giant is offering customers a year's worth of Frostys for the low low price of $2, as reported by Guilty Eats.


Let us be clear. Not $2 each. A one-off payment of $2 that entitles you to as many vanilla and chocolate junior Frostys as you like for an entire calendar year. As you might expect, there are a couple of catches, but nothing that is going to put you off. When you pay the $2 you'll be given a key tag. Lose that key tag, then no more Frosty's. You will also have to purchase at least one other item in order to get a Frosty for free each time you visit.

So what has prompted the decision makers at Wendy's to make such a crazy business decision? Charity. Dave Thomas, the founder of the restaurant chain, also has his own charity, the Dave Thomas Foundation. The nonprofit helps children in foster care find permanent homes. 85% of the $2 you pay for your key tag will go to the foundation.

There you have it. Fork over just two bucks to Wendy's and not only can you fill your boots when it comes to Frostys, but you'll be doing something good in the process. Seems like a no-brainer if you ask us. We know we'll be getting our key tags at the earliest possible opportunity. The only downside? Our waistlines will probably never be the same again.


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