11 Cereals We Can’t Believe Were Actually Created (And 9 We’d Try)

Despite the health craze, sugary cereal is still a thing. In fact, take a look at Wikipedia, you can get lost in the amount of cereals created over the years. To conform with the times, healthy cereals are now a strong alternative but in truth, the best ones aren’t calorie friendly. In this article, we’ll highlight those types of cereals specifically - the awesome tasting kinds!

The annual production of cereal dates back to the early 1960s. With that said, you can imagine the amount of cereals to be released since then. Experimenting is a common theme in the food industry. As you’ll see in this article, it works in one of two ways in the cereal industry. Some are major hits, while others last a mere couple of months and are completely forgotten about.

In terms of the forgotten side, we’ll list 11 cereal types in this article. Some of these cereals include bacon and other random ingredients we’d never want floating in our cereals. On the flip side, we’ll also feature nine genius ideas that we’d actually try. One of the concepts recently came out in December; it was such a big deal that the likes of CNN and People covered the release. Yup, that’s a must purchase cereal, scroll down to find out which one we’re talking about!

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Avoid - Graceland Cereal

via Cerealously

We go back in time for this cereal. In all seriousness, the box art truly deserves a round of applause, especially for those that love Elvis. Even those that don’t, you must admit the box is pretty cool.

Some might have a different feeling when it comes to the taste of the cereal. We can get on board with the banana oat rings and peanut butter puffs – a decent blend in truth. But the company Cereal Time loses us with the addition of bacon bits in the cereal. Sprinkling milk while chewing on a bacon bit, no thanks.

19 Worth A Try - Sour Patch Kids Cereal

via z103.5

The likes of People and Today ran articles on the release of the Sour Patch Kids cereal. Given the exposure on those types of platforms, the cereal release was a pretty big deal. So much so, that some Sour Patch and cereal enthusiasts visited Walmart the day of their release back in early December.

According to the reviews, the cereal did not disappoint. Somehow, it still has that sour patch signature taste, something consumers worried would be lost. It is definitely worth a try, even if it means just buying one box.

18 Avoid - Sir Grapefellow

via Cerealously

Yup, the 70s was a wacky time even for cereal. Back in 1972, General Mills believed in a grape flavored cereal. Despite a catchy ad campaign which is still available via YouTube, the cereal didn’t sell well, at all. A lot of that has to do with the flavor, who in the heck would want to mix milk with grape?

An additional red berry cereal also came out, although it did better, it did not last all that long either. Hopefully, a revival won’t take place any time soon.

17 Worth A Try - Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal

via Reddit

Say what you must about Dunkin’, however, you must admit that tasting a donut flavored cereal sounds pretty darn appealing. Wash that down with some milk and this sounds like a glorious combination.

Surprisingly, although most of us would give it a try, it wasn’t a big hit with the consumer. According to Cereal-Graveyard, the cereal was released in the later 80s, 1988 and by 1990 it was already discontinued. Perhaps distribution was a reason for the short-lived run. Put it in a Costco next to a sample table and you’ll see how quickly they’ll sell out!

16 Avoid - Punch Crunch Cereal

via Etsy

"Little pink rings with a big pink flavor just like fruit punch... a dandy part of a nutritious breakfast."

According to the Mr. Breakfast website, this was the selling point when it came to the failed 90s cereal. With Cap’n Crunch on the box, it did get some intrigue. However at the end of the day, it was a fruit punch flavored cereal – something most of us would pass on without even the slightest hesitation. It isn’t the worst cereal on the list but one we wouldn’t try regardless.

15 Worth A Try - Krave S’Mores

via Amazon

Whose legs just gave out looking at a picture of this cereal? If God created a type of cereal, it would probably look like the Krave S’Mores, something we assume tastes heavenly without even trying it.

The chocolate cereal has a strong backing thanks to Kellogg’s, a company that typically invests in the top cereal concepts. It can be purchased online via the likes of Amazon, though we can’t believe it can’t be found in a Walmart just yet. This belongs at the front of the store.

14 Avoid - Honey Smacks

via NPR

If there’s any cereal to avoid on this list, make it Honey Smacks. According to the likes of CNN and Delish, the cereal caused a Salmonella outbreak earlier in the year. Over 30 illnesses were reported because of the cereal.

Believe it or not, Delish claims that the cereal will go back on sale; in fact, they’re back on shelves as we speak. It might be best to avoid the cereal nonetheless. It is also really calorically heavy, yet another negative factor.

13 Worth A Try - Cinnamon Toast Churros

via Cerealously

If you haven’t tasted a Churro, seriously, what are you waiting for? The origins of the Churro are debatable, as both Span and Portugal are considered the founders. Though anyone can find a yummy tasting Churro outside of those countries like in Mexico for example.

Wisely, the US decided to bring the Churro in a cereal format. This cereal is like Cinnamon Toast Crunch if it turned into the Hulk! The cinnamon flavor can have you refilling the bowl for a number of servings. It can be found in select Walmarts along with online via Amazon.

12 Avoid - Cool Ranch Cheerios

via Pinterest

When we think of cool ranch, cereal definitely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. This oat based cereal is barely remembered unless it’s by a major cereal enthusiast. The best recipes for this cereal isn’t with milk but instead as a type of snack.

We’re surprised Cheerios accepted the flavor given that it is so darn niche amongst the consumers. This is a ghost product nobody tried when it was released back in the day and the same would hold true today if it was ever recreated.

11 Worth A Try - Nutella Breakfast Cereal

via Make Food Better

Everything is better with Nutella. Yes, that is a slogan but it also holds true. Slap Nutella on just about anything and the taste is instantly upgraded, especially for those that have a sweet tooth.

Nutella fans might be parading the streets hearing about a cereal however, we hate to break it to you, but for now, this is only a DIY concept created by some genius. The likes of Delish, Huff Post and Food Beast all have recipes to make this cereal. It can make for a worthwhile afternoon creating this magical recipe.

10 Avoid - JIF Peanut Butter Cereal

via Fat Food Guy

Both Kellogg’s and JIF peanut butter teamed up for this concept. A PB fan myself, this concept sounds magical. However, try Reese Peanut Butter cereal and then have a bowl of this one – the difference will become real clear rather quickly on which is the superior cereal.

With the chocolate addition, Reese definitely has the advantage. Some might say that Peanut Toasted Crunch along with Peanut Butter Cap’N Cruch are both also better than the JIF cereal. Given the competition factor, it might be best to pass on the JIF creation.

9 Worth A Try - Apple Cinnamon Crunch

via Cerealously

There’s a reason this cereal can be found at Walmart, Amazon and various other platforms. It receives rave reviews for its taste, which pretty much resembles apple pie. An apple pie cereal sounds pretty darn heavenly. Just think about eating apple pie, for the most part, we’re swallowing that with a fresh glass of milk.

Now combine the two in a bowl and that makes for some serious magic. One we’d leave our homes in a snow storm for, just to have that comfort snack.

8 Avoid - Crispy Sea Cereal

via Pinterest

Released by Kellogg’s, there really wasn’t much wrong with the cereal. However, according to a Pinterest user, this cereal that was released in France led the consumers to believe that it was made with fish due to name of the cereal along with the box art and fish shape of the cereals themselves.

This is a big reason as to why marketing and proper name can be just as important. Just thinking about a fish cereal gives us the opposite feeling that were supposed to feel in the pits of our stomachs.

7 Worth A Try - Ice Cream Cones Cereal

via Free Falvour

Introduced by General Mills in the late 80s, this cereal was a brilliant concept. Shaped in a cone, the cereal contained chocolate, vanilla and chocolate chip flavors. We can imagine how mad kids went for this treat back in the day. The marketing was also real good as evidenced by YouTube.

Somehow, the cereal exited the market place the same year of production. In 2003, it was recreated as a special anniversary limited time item. Some might argue that it deserves full-time status.

6 Avoid - Banana Corn Flakes

via Pinterest

This became a common theme and one that still exists today. A fine bowl of Corn Flakes accompanied by a freshly cut banana. Given the combination, Kellogg’s decided it might be a wise idea to include pieces of banana already inside the box.

Although the idea wasn’t bad, the concept was flawed as it just didn’t taste as fresh as an actual banana. It didn’t last very long and consumers’ definitely aren’t urging Kellogg’s for a revival. It was a nice try, but at the end of the day, a forgettable one.

5 Worth A Try – Brownie Crunch

via Cerealously

Created by Malt-O-Meal, according to Cerealously, the company is so sure that the taste will satisfy the customer that they’re willing to give it out for free if satisfaction isn’t guaranteed. Now that’s quite the claim!

Double chocolate brownie crunch makes us salivate just thinking about the world, let alone what it would taste like swimming in a bowl of milk. This is a must try cereal. For what it's worth, the brownie crunch also comes in an ice cream format. Just imagine mixing in the cereal with the ice cream along with melted peanut butter or Nutella? This is what dreams are made of.

4 Avoid - Nutter Butter Cereal

via Snack Gator

If you love peanut butter, you have to try Post® NUTTER BUTTER® Cereal! Peanut-shaped pieces offer a crunchy bit of fun. A creamy coating with REAL peanut butter tops them off with the NUTTER BUTTER® flavor you love. Now you can follow your passion for peanut butter in a whole new way.”

We might have to disagree with Post Consumer Brands and their description of the Nutter Butter cereal. In truth, according to reviews, it has a thick taste and has lots of calories as well. For those that crave multiple bowls, this one might have to be passed.

3 Avoid - Hot Dogs & Cereals

via Reddit

Thank goodness this doesn’t exist for real. However, on platforms such as Bilderbeste and Reddit, this is very much a thing. We can get on board with getting a hot dog with some pieces of cereal sprinkled on top, in fact, there’s lot of evidence of that online. However, the inverse just sounds so wrong.

Just imagine the sogginess of that hot dog dipped into milk? That sounds like a really bad dare nobody wants to experiment. Not even as a gag gift should this formula be created.

2 Worth A Try - Homer's Cinnamon Donut

via Flickr

In all seriousness, there isn’t much The Simpsons franchise didn’t experiment with. Till this day, the TV series remains a juggernaut with no end.

Some might argue that in the 2000s, the cartoon enjoyed their biggest boom. Due to all the success, they expanded into various avenues such as the cereal industry. Back in 2001, they launched Homer’s Cinnamon Donut Cereal which also came with Bart’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cereal. They only lasted a year and given the flavors, it should have been a lot longer.

1 Avoid - Nerds Cereal

via Flickr

Introduced in 1985, the concept was a smart one. Nerds released two sides to the box, a formula were surprised others don’t try. However, the issue was the flavoring, which contained orange/cherry and the other side, strawberry and grape.

Although they had clever marketing, the idea faltered rather quickly. Just a year later in 1986, the product was discontinued. It would be fun to try but in truth, this is a onetime only type of purchase. Truthfully, that’s likely the reason it didn’t last on the market.

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