10 Wild Chip Flavors We Need To Try ASAP (And 10 We Can't Believe Exist)

Potato chips are among the most enjoyable snack out there. Every grocery store and convenience store carries many different brands and flavors of potato chips. The top flavors are beloved favorites like barbecue, sour cream and cheese, and various spicy flavors. These flavors become commonly used, and the tastes are popular for good reason. However, not all great potato chip flavors are the obvious ones sold in every North American store. Different tastes will lead to unique concepts being created. Success sometimes comes to these flavors with enough people sharing the same interest to make these a hit.

Various places all over the world have started to experiment with different types of chips. Not everyone will love them all, but there are enough hits worthy of trying out. We'll look at a lot of flavors you likely didn't realize existed out there. Both the positive ones that are worth giving a chance and the stranger ones that just scare us will be examined. The story behind where they exist and what they taste like will be shared. Some will likely make you go on a search to find them, while others will just make you want to forget about the snack in general. Find out what the snack world has out there for you. These are ten wild potato chip flavors we need to try along with ten that we can’t believe exist.

20 Need to try: Grilled Cheese

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The flavor of Grilled Cheese is an interesting idea for potato chips that many of us would love to try. Lay’s created this flavor based on the comfort food grilled cheese sandwiches. There are quite a few reasons to believe this flavor would taste well as a potato chip.

Many different cheese-related flavors have been great for potato chip brands throughout the years. Grilled cheese sandwiches also don’t have too many different tastes to try to blend together for the chip. Lay’s likely created a delicious potato chip when coming up with the grilled cheese flavor, and it’s one we’d love to try.

19 Can’t believe exist: Hot Chili Squid

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Lay’s is responsible for most of the potato chip flavors that people wouldn't believe existed otherwise. One of the strangest flavors to come was the Hot Chili Squid flavor. This was released in stores in Thailand to international appeal, but it never made its way to North America.

The spiciness is there with the hot chili, and many of us would enjoy just that as the flavor. However, the squid comes into play to give it a unique taste that's hard to believe can be implemented in a potato chip. Lay’s found a way, and this peculiar chip flavor does exist in the world.

18 Need to try: Pigs in a Blanket

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Pigs in a blanket are a fun appetizer that people love to eat at parties. They feature mini sausages or hot dogs wrapped inside of a pastry breading. Each bite-size snack is a fun time and is a flavor of potato chips these days. Pringles is the company that came up with the idea to make a flavor for it.

Anyone who loves pigs in a blanket and potato chips would likely fall in love with this flavor. The pigs in a blanket and potato chips are separately great finger foods to put out at parties or events. Pringles may provide the option to get the best of both worlds.

17 Can’t believe exist: Cappuccino

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Cappuccino is a beloved drink all over the world. Millions of people adore having the espresso-based coffee that delivers arguably the best coffee experience possible. Despite cappuccino being popular, very few people have any interest in it as a potato chip flavor.

Lay’s experimented with some odd ideas, and the cappuccino flavor was one they hoped would work out. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the cappuccino potato chips weren't a success. Lay’s likely regrets trying to use the popularity of coffee to create a new potato chip flavor since this was an idea no one ever wanted.

16 Need to try: Porcini Mushroom

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Many vegetables end up making great snacks. Potatoes are a food most wouldn’t have assumed would create the most popular snack, but someone invented potato chips to give us this list. Mushrooms are another veggie that can be quite tasty on its own but can be taken to another level with unhealthy yet tempting snacks.

Porcini Mushroom is a flavor that's used with kettle chips. The taste of a porcini mushroom is unique enough to deliver a special taste for a food idea like this. This would be among the more intriguing chips to try since it doesn’t stand out as instant excitement, but it would offer something worth trying or even something someone would potentially want many more times.

15 Can’t believe exist: Salmon Teriyaki

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Seafood is a kind of food most would be afraid to try in the form of a potato chip flavor. The strong taste of salmon isn't one the average person wants to be associated with their favorite snack. Lay’s, however, decided to experiment with the flavor of Salmon Teriyaki for their chips.

Teriyaki is a flavor that could mask the strangeness of the salmon, but most people will still be weirded out by the seafood involved here. Many foods can easily be used as potato chip flavors. Salmon is just not one of them, and we're confused about Lay’s thinking of this idea.

14 Need to try: Prime Steak

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A juicy steak is among the most popular restaurant meals desired at establishments in North America. Herr’s noticed this and decided to use that influence to create a new potato chip flavor. The Prime Steak potato chips are one of their more unique products with a flavor most don’t expect to see at their convenience store.

Given how delicious steak can be, for most of us, the potato chip flavor is worth trying at least once. This is an idea that seems like it would be an easy one to come up with, but it’s unique enough for Herr’s to have it as a specialty flavor. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype of anyone getting tempted by the prime steak flavor.

13 Can’t believe exist: Lobster Roll

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Another peculiar seafood option is back on the list when it comes to surprising flavors we're still trying to process. Maine is known for the incredible lobster there, as most restaurants are lobster-centric, as the average tourist visiting New England will want the meal.

Lay’s decided to take this and mold it into a flavor known as "New England Lobster Roll potato chips." The taste is meant to replicate a lobster roll sandwich known as a top meal in New England. This, however, is a food item that doesn’t seem meant to be a potato chip. The strong taste of lobster would likely lead to disappointment when it comes to the snack.

12 Need to try: Builder's Breakfast

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Potato chips are a great guilty pleasure food, but so are many different breakfast foods. It only made sense that someone would eventually try to merge the two together. Walkers came up with the unique idea of a flavor known as "Builder's Breakfast."

The idea in question is meant to have the tastes of bacon, buttered toast, eggs, and tomato sauce all in each individual chip. It's hard to believe all these great items can be tasted in the potato chips, but we want to find out. Walkers had a genius idea that has likely led to many people trying a new flavor unlike anything they’ve ever had before.

11 Can’t believe exist: Caviar

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Caviar is a food item often associated with upper-class meals. The delicacy is pricey and has a reputation of being served at parties or events run by wealthy people. It's easier to get caviar these days compared to the past, but it still isn’t considered an everyday item that the average person eats.

Snackgold created a “gourmet” version of potato chips with caviar serving as the top flavor. The concept of potato chips tasting like caviar just seems impossible to believe, but it does exist out there. Aside from it being hard to find at times, caviar is often disliked by many people trying it, which makes this flavor even more confusing.

10 Need to try: Fried Pickle

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Fried pickles are a top appetizer at places like TGIF and Buffalo Wild Wings. They're fun to eat in place of items like chips, fries, and onion rings. The pickles are fried into bite-size pieces with a dipping sauce of your choice to eat with them.

Trader Joes has created a potato chip flavor based on fried pickles. Anyone to enjoy pickles, especially fried, will be lucky if they can find this flavor out there. Fried pickles have a specific taste that seems ideal to be merged with potato chips. Eating the fried pickle chips with fried pickles is something any pickle enthusiast would love to indulge in during snack time. Lay's even tried their own version of this flavor.

9 Can’t believe exist: Turkey and Stuffing

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This is another Trader Joe's potato chip flavor out there, but this one shocks us way more. Turkey and stuffing are two of the primary foods associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many households will serve a large turkey with stuffing on the inside to celebrate the family time on the holidays.

Trader Joe's tried to take advantage of the seasonal time by creating the Turkey and Stuffing flavor for potato chips. The idea of either turkey- or stuffing-flavored chips is strange on its own, but the two together as a flavor is even more impossible to believe. Good luck to anyone bold enough to try this during the holiday season.

8 Need to try: General Tso's

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General Tso’s chicken or beef is a top meal for food items that originated in China. The unique taste of the sauce the meat is cooked in presents a delicious item many of us love to get often. Private Selection came up with the idea to start making the General Tso's flavor for their potato chips.

This features ripple-cut kettle chips to add even more uniqueness to the product. General Tso's flavored dishes are often a mix of tangy and tasty. The idea of potato chips having such a flavor would be a dream come true that you never realized you badly wanted.

7 Can’t believe exist: Octopus

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Octopus is a polarizing food on its own. Many people all over the world love the taste of octopus and the many different recipes that can be made with it. There's a negative stigma attached to it by many people in North America who don’t want to eat such a seafood with its unique taste.

Even people who love octopus would think twice about getting the potato chips that come with its flavor. Octopus isn't a dish that seems ideal to carry over into a potato chip. However, Tako Chips loved the idea enough to experiment with the octopus-flavored potato chips. Anyone reading this who wants to try it is a bold person with an adventurous soul.

6 Need to try: Maple Bacon

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Maple bacon gives us the best of both worlds with sweet and salty guilty pleasures. The bacon is coated with maple syrup and brown sugar to add a sweet layer to it. There's a Maple Bacon flavor available for the Kettle Brand potato chips.

The craving for bacon has made it one of the most popular foods today. That just adds more temptation for us to want to try the potato chips made with the bacon flavor. Maple bacon adds another dynamic, as everything bacon flavored is normal these days. The maple aspect introduces something unique that would be fascinating to try.

5 Can’t believe exist: Borsch

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Borsch soup is a popular yet strange soup that's served internationally. The soup originated in Russia and has the main ingredient of beetroots. This explains why the color of the soup is overwhelmingly red. Many people love the soup enough for it to have its own potato chip flavor.

The Borsch flavored potato chips are sold internationally, but most readers wouldn't want to try it. Beetroot isn't the item most people associate with having a taste worthy of soups or potato chips based on the soup. Good luck when trying the Borsch chips, but maybe, they can be a surprise hit with you.

4 Need to try: Nori Seaweed

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Seaweed chips are a fun and surprising alternative for those who want to stay away from the unhealthy potato chips at most stores. The taste and texture are each a bit different, but the eating experience is similar enough for people to give up potato chips for the seaweed.

Lay’s has tried to use this to their advantage by creating a unique seafood flavor of their own. The Nori Seaweed flavor features potato chips that have the seaweed flavor. We've seen the option to get seaweed chips meant to replicate potato chips, but this is the opposite. The idea is interesting enough for us to want to test it out at least once.

3 Can’t believe exist: Marmite

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Marmite is a polarizing spread people use in the United Kingdom. The spread can be used for sandwiches, dips, and many other eating ideas. Many people adore marmite as a kind of food they always want access to, while others think it's flat-out gross, especially when trying it for the first time.

Walkers is a potato chip brand that creates chips to taste like marmite. The unique flavor is one that likely would come as a shock to anyone who doesn’t have a strong attachment to it. Marmite is just not the kind of food nor flavor that most would associate with a potato chip. Someone out there is dipping marmite chips in marmite while most of us are grossed out about it.

2 Need to try: Deep Dish Pizza

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Pizza chips aren't too strange, but the deep-dish pizza chips are a bit unique. Everyone has their preference of New York vs Chicago pizza. Anyone who prefers the latter enjoys the filling taste that comes from a deep-dish pizza at a respected restaurant like Giordano’s.

One of the greatest pizza restaurants in the world using their recipe to help create a Lay’s potato chip flavor is tempting for any pizza lover to try. You're not only getting pizza chips or deep-dish pizza chips, but you know the frame of reference for the pizza flavor is second to none. This is a unique flavor most of us would love to try.

1 Can’t believe exist: Hot and Sour Fish Soup

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The Hot and Sour Fish Soup flavor for potato chips mixes so many different flavors together, and most aren’t what we want from our chips. Lay’s came up with this idea for the international markets, but there seems to be way too much going on.

Fish on its own is already a tough item to turn into a potato chip flavor. Factor in the soup along with hot and sour tastes, and this flavor is clearly one of the bolder ideas to come from any potato chip company. The name and the look on the bag are each intimidating in their own right. Anyone bold enough to try this deserves respect for his or her potato chip courage.

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