10 Ridiculous Sushi We Need To Try (And 10 That Look Inedible)

At one point in time, sushi was considered to be something of an exotic dish. However, these days, the delicious food from Japan can be found almost anywhere in the world. Even in the smallest of towns, folks can usually find at least one restaurant that serves some form of sushi.

This rice-based dish is not only easy to find,  it also comes in several different varieties. In recent years, sushi chefs have gotten extremely creative with the types of sushi they serve – some might even say a little too creative.

In the age of celebrity chefs, we have seen culinary experts push their creative boundaries when preparing certain dishes. Sushi is a great example of a dish where cooks have showcased said creativity. In some cases, we have seen some delicious, and truly innovative, styles of sushi introduced. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of sushi that probably never should have been created.

In this piece, we are going to take a look at 20 types of sushi that are truly unique. These are dishes that are so over the top, that some readers may not even believe they exist – but they do. These bizarre takes on a favorite dish are, without question, some of those most ridiculous food items around. However, some sound ridiculously delicious, while others seem ridiculously bad.

With that in mind, we will take a look at 10 outlandish types of sushi that sound surprisingly tasty. Conversely, this article will also feature 10 strange styles of sushi that may not be for everyone.

20 Try: Sushirrito

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Those looking for an interesting way to enjoy sushi on the go, should check out the sushirrito. It’s part sushi, part burrito, and is a fine example of Asia-Latin fusion.

While it may sound a bit bizarre, the sushirrito isn’t as niche as one might think. In fact, there is even a fast-casual restaurant chain, with locations in San Francisco and New York City, called Sushirrito. Some popular menu items include things like the “Geisha's Kiss,” which features ingredients such as yellowfin tuna, piquillo peppers, and tamango. There is also the “Sumo Crunch” which includes things like shrimp tempura, surimi crab, and sriracha aioli.

19 Inedible: Insect Sushi

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Ever wanted to enjoy a nice, juicy grasshopper on top of sushi rice? Yeah, didn’t think so. However, that didn’t stop a prominent chef from Japan from coming up with a type of sushi that features a variety of creepy-crawlies. This eye-brow raising culinary creation is known as insect sushi.

Created by chef Shoichi Uchiyama, insect sushi is essentially white rice with some sort of bug placed on it. Locust, caterpillars, and even cockroaches are among the creatures one can expect to find on their insect sushi. It’s fair to call anyone who has tried this dish an adventurous eater. While it may not sound appetizing to most, this type of sushi is high in protein at least.

18 Try: Kit Kat Sushi

via CNN.com

Here’s a version of sushi (or at least something made to look like it) that even most kids will enjoy. This tasty-looking sushi-inspired item is known as Kit Kat sushi. This take on the popular rice-based dish features the iconic Kit Kat bar.

Those who aren’t fans of traditional sushi may still enjoy this item. In a nutshell, this version of the rice-based favorite features a base made of puffed rice and chocolate, with a Kit Kat bar placed on the top. While originally created as an April Fool’s Day joke, Kit Kat sushi has become quite popular and can be found in several locations – including chocolate shops in Japan.

17 Inedible: Haggis Sushi

Via Luchquest.co.uk

While popular in places like Scotland, haggis is something of an acquired taste. For those unfamiliar, Haggis a pudding-like food that contains sheep’s pluck – which is the animal’s heart, liver, and trachea. After these parts are cooked, they are usually encased in the creature’s stomach. As one might expect, haggis isn’t particularly popular with vegetarians.

For many folks, wrapping some rice around a substance that’s encased in a sheep’s stomach, isn’t going to make it much more appetizing. However, there is a version of haggis sushi, Deep- Fried Haggis Onigiri, that does look considerably more appealing. After all, anything that’s fried can’t be all bad.

16 Try: Ice Cream Sushi

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In truth, you can pair just about anything with ice cream – even sushi. In fact, there are several ways to make this dish. Ice cream sushi, in most cases, consist of either sushi (sushi rice) or nori (dried seaweed) combined with whatever type of ice cream the chef chooses. There is also a version of sushi ice cream, made to look like sushi, that doesn’t feature any actual rice.

Rice-based ice cream sushi can often be found at conveyor belt sushi restaurants – which are (usually) affordable establishments frequented by families. There are also quite a few recipes out there that offer their own unique takes on the dish.

15 Inedible: Kani Miso

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Kani miso is a type of sushi that’s made out of crab paste. This paste is basically just mashed-up internals. The flavor of crab innards is said to be rich and comparable to meats such as liver.

Most seafood lover would agree that crab is one tasty crustacean. In truth, the paste doesn’t sound too bad either – though the fact that it’s made of innards could be a deal breaker for some. However, regardless of how it might actually taste, crab paste doesn’t look so hot. At the end of the day, we are focused on sushi that doesn’t “look” edible.

14 Try: Sushi Doughnut

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There may not be a food more universally loved on the planet earth than the doughnut. Given how popular doughnuts have become, it’s easy to understand why sushi chefs would want to create a dish in its image.

While there are millions of different ways to make them, sushi doughnuts are, simply put, sushi that’s shaped like a doughnut. In recent years, chefs have been able to make some look exactly like high-end gourmet doughnuts, with some traditional sushi ingredients piled on top. From an aesthetic standpoint at least, the sushi doughnut (when done right) is one of the most appetizing-looking dishes of its kind.

13 Inedible: Sea Squirt Sushi

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The Sea Squirt (also known as the Sea Cucumber) is a unique organism that is found in the ocean – though humans also raise them. The name Sea Squirt comes from the fact, that when cut open, these creatures are mostly filled with sea water.

Sea Squirts can be consumed either raw or cooked. Moreover, some folks even like to make sushi with them. However, even when prepared masterfully, these strange sea dwellers still don’t look particularly appetizing. That being said, despite its appearance, the Sea Squirt is supposedly quite flavorful. Perhaps looks are deceiving in this instance – as they often can be.

12 Try: Cheeseburger Sushi

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Cheeseburger sushi is yet another example of combining two popular food items to make a delicious entrée. It probably won’t surprise anyone to discover that this type of sushi has become more common in recent years.

In many cases, cheeseburger sushi (also sometimes referred to as sushi burgers) take ingredients commonly found in cheeseburgers and wrap them in rice. However, there are several other ways to make it – including putting buns made of rice on a hamburger patty. Any ingredient that one might find on a standard cheeseburger can be added for additional flavor – so feel free to put some bacon in there as well.

11 Inedible: Raw Horse Mane Sushi

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Though it’s really not that much different from eating meat from a pig or cow, for some reason, a lot of people seem to find the idea of eating horse meat unappealing. When cooked right, horse meat can be something of a treat, for those willing to give it a try. That being said, raw horse meat slapped on a pile of rice is far less appealing.

Though it isn’t necessarily common, if one looks hard enough, they may be able to find this style of sushi at conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Japan. The raw horse meat is soft, chewy and  similar to a piece of fat.

10 Try: Lobster Lasagna Roll Sushi (Sushi Jin)

Via Yelp

Here is a type of sushi that definitely isn’t for those who are trying to slim down. That being said, while it may not be particularly healthy, the “Lobster Lasagna Roll” sure does sound delicious. Take some juicy lobster, add some lasagna, throw it on top of some rice and you’ll have one tasty-looking piece of sushi.

Unfortunately, finding this dish may be somewhat difficult. There is a restaurant, Sushi Jin, with locations in Maryland and Virginia, that served it at one point. However, this roll isn’t mainstay at sushi restaurants. Those who are lucky enough to stumble across this roll, are likely in for a treat.

9 Inedible: Torisashi (Raw Chicken) Sushi

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This is one of the few items on our list that features a food item that isn’t all that surprising. After all, there countless dishes out there that feature chicken. However, there aren’t nearly as many culinary creations where raw chicken is the main ingredient – as is the case with torisashi (raw chicken) sushi.

While cooked chicken often looks delicious, the same can’t be said for the raw version. Moreover, raw meat can be dangerous when consumed. For example, raw poultry and uncooked meat can cause food poisoning. It just doesn’t seem like there are many compelling reasons to try Torisahi Sushi; it certainly doesn't look good.

8 Try: Sushi Cake

Via Fashion Cooking

Folks who are looking to have their cake and sushi too may want to give sushi cake a try. There are a lot of fun takes on this popular dish. However, in many cases, sushi cake is very similar to a party food from Japan known as chirashizushi.

Made in the shape of traditional cake; sushi cake generally features ingredients like rice, pickled vegetables, strips of omelet, and sashimi. However, more recently, folks have gotten creative with the usual recipe and come up with a  version that looks (and in some cases even tastes) more like standard birthday cakes. Those who are hoping to spice up their dinner parties could try bringing (or making) a sushi cake.

7 Inedible: Marshmallow Peep Sushi

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How one feels about this type of sushi, will depend on whether or not they like Peeps. For those unfamiliar, Peeps are a type of  marshmallow candy that is commonly associated with the Easter baskets. These small, bird-shaped treats taste like pure sugar and definitely aren’t something dentists would recommend. Not only are Peeps sugary – legend has it – they may also be indestructible.

For some reason, putting these seemingly indestructible birds on top of sushi rice has become popular in recent years. Folks who find the idea of pouring a pile of sugar on top of sushi rice appealing – should enjoy Peep sushi – everyone else may want to pass.

6 Try: Waffle Breakfast Sushi

Via General Mills.com

Traditionally, sushi hasn’t been commonly associated with breakfast. That being said, now that waffle sushi has been introduced to the world, sushi for breakfast sounds a bit more appealing. This is one of the few dishes on our list that doesn’t feature rice. In fact, technically, waffle sushi isn’t real sushi at all – but it is made to look like it.

As one might expect, recipes for waffle sushi can vary – though most have somewhat similar ingredients. Eggs, Bisquick, sugar, and various types of fruits can be found in waffle sushi recipes’ – adding syrup is also usually a good idea. These bite-sized morsels look, smell, and taste like actual waffles.

5 Inedible: Spam Sushi

via eatingrichly.com

Thanks to the invention of the internet, when most people here the word “Spam,” they may think of unwanted e-mail. Of course, Spam is also a type of canned mystery meat made of pork and ham. The bizarre-looking meat is known for containing a good deal of fat and preservatives.

Despite its lackluster appearance, Spam is quite popular and has also become something of a pop culture phenomenon. Creative culinary minds have begun to add it to several well-known dishes – including sushi. Spam sushi consists of a pile of white rice, with a big chunk of Spam placed on top. As with most Spam-related dishes, this sushi doesn’t look overly appetizing.

4 Try: Buffalo Chicken Sushi Roll

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Buffalo chicken is a fine example of a food that seems like it could make just about anything taste better. From wraps to salads, there is no shortage of dishes that feature buffalo chicken. Now, sushi can now be added to the list of items that feature this delicious ingredient.

Buffalo chicken sushi, while unique in its own right, might be the easiest dish to come by on our list. Those who are looking to consume this tasty food item can find several recipes online. This is also a type of sushi that one might be able to finds at a sushi restaurant that isn’t afraid to get a little creative.

3 Inedible: Obama Sushi

Via WonderHowTo.com

Back in 2014, Barack Obama made headlines when he dined at Sukiyabashi Jiro – the world’s most exclusive sushi restaurant. While it didn’t draw as much attention, Obama also inspired a sushi-master known as Kawazum-san to make a roll in his image.

Honestly, this roll doesn’t look inedible, but it’s definitely a little weird. Obama sushi is made with fish paste, shrimp, sesame seed and rice. On the surface, none of these ingredients sound bad at all. That being said there is something a bit unsettling about gnawing on a piece of sushi that supposed to look like a former world leader.

2 Try: Corn Mayo Sushi

Via Yelp.com

Those who are looking to try sushi that doesn’t feature any raw seafood, may find corn mayo sushi very interesting. It’s a roll that showcases both corn and mayonnaise – so it can’t be all bad. In fact, it doesn’t look bad at all.

At home chefs who are looking to whip up some corn mayo sushi will need ingredients like canned sweet corn, salty mayo, and mustard – and don’t forget the black seaweed paper to wrap it in. This is a fun, little sushi roll that tastes as good as it looks and doesn’t require a sophisticated pallet to appreciate.

1 Inedible: Sushiwoks (Sushi Ewoks)

Via Juguetronica.com

It’s clear that Star Wars is everywhere nowadays – even the dinner table. Among the most loveable characters in the space saga are the furry creatures known as Ewoks. Recently, some Star Wars fans have decided to pay homage to the teddy-bear like species by creating “Ewok sushi.” In truth, nothing is unsettling about the ingredients used to make this dish. However, one might feel a bit uneasy devouring one of these cute little guys – after all what would Princess Leia think?

For folks who want to go through with eating a sushi-inspired Ewok, they are basically just rice balls with whatever ingredient the cook wants to fill them with.

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