Top 20 Most Bananas Things That Can Be Ordered On UberEats

It has only been around for a few years, but already it's hard to imagine how we lived without UberEats. Uber itself could disappear from the face of the earth and we would still be able to get around either via taxis or public transit, but we would all be lost without UberEats. Sure, most of the restaurants that utilize the popular food app actually have their own in-house delivery system, but that requires a whole extra two minutes of work and may even involve having to use the "call" feature on your phone - and who wants to do that? Besides, you would also have to know what you want before ordering. On UberEats, thankfully, you can just scroll through the menus of nearby restaurants to find the most appetizing dishes or treats.

UberEats is not only available in most large cities in North America, but has also gradually expanded worldwide. It's available in South America, as well as in dozens of cities Australia, Europe, and Asia. It's even now operational in Africa. Because it's so popular and ubiquitous, there aren't many, if any, restaurants that aren't affiliated with UberEats; you can order a Big Mac combo from McDonald's from the app or look for some of your favorite foods from local restaurants. While you won't find anything too crazy from the prominent fast food chains, there's a handful of menu items from local restaurants throughout North America and Australia that just might be worth the trip to the city in which you can find them.

20 Mackin' Melt - Ms. Cheezious

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If you want to have a successful food truck business, you need a catchy and memorable name as well as a menu that includes foods you won't find elsewhere. Ms. Cheezious in Miami, Florida meets both of those criteria; in addition to the name, its menu include the Mackin' Melt, which is basically a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.

The Mackin' Melt is more than just a slice of cheddar between a couple of slices of bread, however. Its two slices of grilled sourdough bread with creamy Gouda mac n' cheese and bacon in between. Its other grilled cheese options include prime chuck and brisket, buffalo chicken, and the unique Frito pie melt, which includes cheese, jalapenos, onions, house chili, and of course, Fritos.

19 The Chapel Hill - South City Fried Chicken

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There's nothing wrong with KFC or Popeye's, but there's something to be said about the localized fast food chains that use unique and homegrown recipes. That's the case with South City Fried Chicken, which uses sustainably-sourced ingredients in its recipes that were passed down through several generations.

The restaurant has four signature burgers named after cities, one of which is Chapel Hill. The other three are just as unique and fascinating, but the Chapel Hill sounds the most appetizing. In addition to delicious fried chicken, it includes a homemade slaw, crispy tar heel country ham, Jenny's pimento cheese, and house pickles. Try the Nashville if you prefer a more spicy alternative.

18 The Omnivore - Omnivore

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Montreal is undoubtedly the best city in Canada in which to order a poutine. Most, if not all, restaurants and fast food locations there use real cheese curds instead of shredded mozzarella cheese, which is a necessity. However, poutine is only the tip of the iceberg as to the delicious food offerings in the capital of La Belle Province.

Montreal is home to world-renowned steakhouses and other gourmet restaurants, but one of the best vegetarian options is Omnivore, which serves up meals that even carnivores will be craving for weeks to come. Its signature dish is The Omnivore, which actually does include either grilled chicken or beef alongside lentil rice, fatouche salad, and hummus. It's not the most ridiculous-sounding dish, but it's one of the best-rated dishes - and restaurants - in the city.

17 Beef & Cheese - Top Round Roast Beef

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Sure, you can get a beef & cheese sandwich at Arby's to somewhat satisfy a craving, but it won't come close to the delicious sandwich offered up at Top Round Roast Beef in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Louisville. Whereas it's anyone's guess as to how long the beef has been roasting in an Arby's kitchen, Top Round slow-roasts its beef for 10 hours - yes, 10 hours.

The beef alone is worth the trip, but you'll keep coming back for the incredible flavor that is created with the combination of the beef, Top Round's signature au jus, and of course its signature house cheese "wizz" sauce.

16 Who's Your Daddy - Big Daddy's Burger Bar

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Big Daddy's Burger Bar is a restaurant chain based in Australia that offers a variety of burgers, wings, and subs. It's not all that different than most burger bars or sports pubs, with the exception of one of its flagship menu items: The Who's Your Daddy burger.

All of the restaurant's burgers are a little excessive (as they should be), but the Who's Your Daddy burger is Americana defined - it's even topped with a mini US flag. The burger itself costs $16 and includes not only a regular beef patty, but also pulled pork, coleslaw, cheese, maple bacon, and any other desired condiments.

15 Portugal Poutine - Porto Poulet

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One of the best things about diversity in big city centers is the sharing of cultural norms and practices to create something even better. There are many fusion dishes on this list, but never did we imagine people from Quebec and Portugal making an even better version of traditional poutine.

If you happen to be in Quebec even for a few hours, it's imperative that you try an authentic poutine at a local restaurant. The combination of cheese curds and gravy is something nobody should miss out on. However, after that, you should graduate to the Poutine offered at Porto Pulet. The Montreal-based restaurant serves up a delicious poutine with a hearty helping of Chorizo sausage.

14 Salmon BLT - 55th Park & Restaurant

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You don't have to be in New York to taste the Big Apple. The 55th & Park Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia was opened by a group of New Yorkers with southern roots and offers a variety of lunch and dinner dishes that combines the unique culinary appeals of both locations. One of the sandwiches that best captures that appeal is the salmon BLT.

For starters, the restaurant uses toasted sourdough bread, which provides a crunchy texture compared to the flaky, blackened salmon. The sandwich also includes applewood bacon and a dill caper aioli. It's a lunch option you would expect at a high-end restaurant, but thanks to UberEats you can eat it on the couch without even having to get dressed.

13 Chuck Norris XXL Burger - Burgers Anonymous

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You'll need to go all the way to Sydney, Australia if you want to take a bite out of the world-famous Chuck Norris XXL Burger at Burgers Anonymous, but it'll definitely be worth the trip, at least in addition to all the other amazing sights Australia has to offer.

The Chuck Norris XXL burger is the most expensive item on Burgers Anonymous' menu as it will set you back nearly 20 bucks, but you'll never forget it. It includes grilled-to-perfection double beef patties, two cheese slices, what the restaurant refers to as "crack" bacon, and onion rings between two fresh buns. It's also topped by a BBQ chicken wing, because why not?

12 Seoul Nachos - Seoul Taco

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Nachos are a pub staple. The combination of melted cheese, chicken or beef, and crunchy tortilla chips makes for the perfect blend of textures and flavors. And whether you prefer salsa, sour cream, or guacamole as an add-on, you can hardly go wrong. You can, however, be too ambitious with nacho toppings; sometimes simpler is better.

That isn't the case with the Seoul Nachos at Seoul Taco in Chicago. Thanks to UberEats, you can avoid waiting to get a table and instead, with the click of a button, have nachos smothered in Bulgogi beef, queso blanco, kimchi, and roasted sesame seeds delivered right to your door.

11 Mac N' Cap - Chachi's Sandwiches

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Chaci's Sandwiches is a popular restaurant chain with multiple locations across the West Coast of Canada from Manitoba to British Columbia. Fortunately, if you live within range of one of the dozen-plus locations, you can order yourself the unique Mac N' Cap burger with the click of a button.

The bun or bread generally makes or breaks the sandwich/burger and the crusty bread used by Chaci's definitely adds to its overall taste, but it's what's in between that sets the sandwich apart: dry cured capicollo, mozarella, macaroni and cheese, salted chips, and red pepper spread. Defined by its crunchy texture, this is a sandwich you won't soon forget.

10 The Bent Burger - Bent Burger

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If there's a burger named after the restaurant or vice versa, you just know that burger is going to be memorable. By the same token, it's an ambitious and risky play for restaurant owners as business can suffer significantly if said burger is average or worse. Fortunately that isn't a problem with the Bent Burger.

The Seattle, Washington-based restaurant is adorned by comic book memorabilia, but your eyes will be glued to the Bent Burger, which is more of a breakfast sandwich. It's a fried egg, bacon, sausage, lettuce, and tomato between two grilled cheeses. That's four slices of bread and a whole lot of cheese, so don't order this if you plan on doing anything at all in the next few days.

9 Kimchi Fries - Chi'lantro

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It seems every country has their own unique spin on traditional fries. There are fries from Greece, which are insanely delicious, and Canada has perfected the snack by topping fries with cheese curds and gravy. As hard as it might be to top poutine, Chi'lantro has at least created something that sounds even more delicious and crazy.

The Kimchi Fries available at the Austin, Texas-based food truck include cheddar cheese, Siracha, and a signature caramelized kimchi as well as other custom toppings like chicken or beef. Need proof that they're must-try? Jae Kim, who owns Chi'lantro, introduced the menu option in 2010 and soon after raised more than $500,000 to grow the Chi'lantro brand.

8 Popcorn MFC - Mr. Miyagi

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You can order up a serving of sushi fries from Mr. Miyagi if you live in or are visiting Melbourne. The chain based in Australia is best regarded for its unique and innovate takes on traditional dishes from Japan; its flagship menu items include souvas (basically wraps) with fries and varied meat options such as Peking duck, fried chicken, and slow-cooked pulled pork.

The Popcorn MFC option includes golden-crisp fries, kewpie mayo, and fried chicken that had previously been marinated for 72 hours. All that work just to make a unique and delicious takeout menu item.

7 Jerk Baby Back Ribs - Ends Meat

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Generally when ordering from UberEats, you think of smaller meals that can be carried in one bag or box. You're likely eating for one and there's really no need to go overboard and order more than your stomach - and budget - can handle. However, it might be worth your while to splurge a little if you're in Hollywood, Florida.

Ends Meat Eatery is a diner that offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes, but also does grilled meat to perfection. One of its standout menu items is the jerk baby back ribs, which is plated atop corn of the cob for a perfect pairing.

6 Zeus Hero - Fatties Brooklyn

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Competition is fierce in the food industry and restaurants and/or food trucks are always trying to come up with new tastes and dishes that can attract consumers. A simple sandwich can sometimes do the trick, but in order to stand out you need a sandwich with toppings that people normally wouldn't expect. Fatties Brooklyn excels in that regard.

Its "Hero" sandwiches usually include either chicken or beef with french fries and either cheese or marinara sauce. The El Chappo Hero sounds delicious, but the gold standard is the Zeus Hero, which includes gyro meat, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and fries.

5 Beef With Pineapple - Hong Kong Express

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A quick Google search shows that Hong Kong Express has locations all throughout North America, but it seems to be most popular in Canada - either that or people in the Great White North have different tastes than their southern neighbors. The restaurant in Ottawa, in particular, has an attractive menu.

Most of the dishes on the menu can be found at any average restaurant - egg rolls, fried dumplings, General Tao chicken, and beef with broccoli - but the beef with pineapple is unique in that not only includes pineapple chunks but comes in a bowl carved out of a pineapple. It's mostly for aesthetic, but also adds to the overall flavor of what is typically a standard recipe.

4 Tuna And Shrimp Poke - Grounded Kitchen, Coffee & Bar

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When you think of fast food, the first thing that comes to mind is often burgers or fried chicken. Maybe Subway. However, thanks to companies like UberEats, it's now possible to order gourmet items from high-quality restaurants that might not have normally offered delivery services. Ottawa's Grounded Kitchen, Coffee & Bar is one of those places.

Although it's worth a trip to for its delightful ambiance, if you can't make it and happen to be in Ottawa, do yourself a favor and order the tuna and shrimp poke, which is paired nicely with lemon kukuo rice, shichimi, avocado, five-spiced peanuts, nori, and soy and black sesame glaze.

3 Venison Taco - Mr. Bannock Food Truck

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Food trucks have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to TV shows that make it seem like they offer something more than traditional restaurants. While that might not be the case, it's hard to argue against their convenience and their unique menus - it seems as though most food trucks have at least one or two food items you won't find anywhere else.

That can likely be said about Vancouver, British Columbia's Mr. Bannock Food Truck, which has its own unique venison taco. For starters, the taco shell is actually thick and doughy fried bannock bread, while the venison meat is crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. Other toppings include cheddar cheese, lime sour cream, and salsa roja. It's amazing that you can have this delivered to your home in a matter of minutes.

2 Goat And Gnocchi - Chicon

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From late-night pub eats to meals that you might expect to find in fancy restaurants, you can order just about anything through UberEats depending on where you live. If you are fortunate enough to live in Chicago, you can open up the app, select Chicon and, within minutes, have the delicious goat and gnocchi dish delivered to your door. While a three-tiered burger might be good for a night alone, this dish is sure to impress a date or significant other.

It's also not exactly something you might be apt to make at home as goat meat isn't exactly as readily available as others. The dish itself includes tomato broth, black pepper, parmesan, and fresh herbs.

1 Truffle Mac - MS P's Electric Chicken

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Austin, Texas is home to a diverse selection of gourmet eats via delivery, but there's few dishes as ambitious and delicious as the Truffle Mac n' Cheese from MS P's Electric Cock. While the name of the restaurant might scare the average person away, there's several reasons to visit or at least order a meal from the comfort of your own home.

The Truffle Mac n' Cheese is about exactly what you would expect. It's a baked macaroni dish cooked with seasoned bread crumbs and a hearty helping of cheese. That's nothing special compared to what most of us can cook at home, but it's topped with a truffle aioli to give it a unique and upscale taste and feel. You can truly feel like a king eating it.

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