Hungry Wrestlers: 20 WWE Stars & Their Favorite Meals

They maintain tremendous physiques year round. However, like the rest of us, WWE stars take time off from and indulge on a meal that doesn't fit their regular diet. As The Rock says when it comes to cheat meals, “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.” John Cena is another advocate for cheat meals, however he hates the term, due to the psychological effects of the wording. Cena prefers to call these meals a "loading day." We’ll take a look at both Dwayne and John’s favorite “loading day” foods.

Some aren’t as showy with their favorite cheat meals. Take Triple H for example; we rarely see The Game eating anything bad. Maybe that’s why he looks the way he does... Amongst the things he indulges on  is Starbucks black cold coffee.... Yup, he’s a robot. However, he did once post a picture alongside HBK and Kevin Nash while eating some sushi. As you’ll see in this article, sushi is one of the most preferred cheat meal options. This is a great food to load with due to its high carbohydrate base and moderate fat count. Cheat meals are loaded with both typically, therefore sushi is that much more desired.

Sushi isn’t the only popular cheat meal. Pizza, hamburgers and other rare options will be uncovered in this article. Some prefer the more basic cheats like an Egg McMuffin - not a bad idea either! Without further ado, here are 20 WWE stars and their favorite cheat meals. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article. Let’s get started.

20 Ronda Rousey – Buffalo Wings

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Back in her UFC days, Ronda Rousey would celebrate a victory with an epic cheat meal. After all, she would diet and train quite rigorously for the bouts. As you might expect, she had a lot of the cheat meals back in her glory days away from the WWE rarely losing a match.

Turns out, Rousey had the same go to cheat meal. According to her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Rousey was all about Buffalo wings and don’t you dare get close to her when she’s eating them:

"I get a plate of like 80 wings in front of me, and I have to get at least 25 before anyone can get close.”(Source: Vice)

19 The Rock – Double Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookies

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The Rock isn’t shy when it comes to detailing his numerous cheat meals. This particular dessert was to be consumed at 1:30 AM following lots of sushi just prior. Rock details this epic cheat meal;

“Let me ES-plain what your eye balls are looking at right now/ Double milk chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with creamy peanut butter smothered between the two cookies.”

Johnson is both a sweet tooth while appreciating a pizza or burger. However these days, his go to cheat meals are both sushi along with a sweet dessert that must include a bit of chocolate and peanut butter. As Rock says, “If you ain’t cheatin’, then you ain’t eatin’ my friends.”

18 Braun Strowman - Triple Cheese Burger

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What your eyes are looking at is a triple meat cheese burger stuffed to the absolute rim. At the very least, Strowman went somewhat healthy with his side option, opting for sweet potato fries. He made the bold cheat meal choice back in Wisconsin at the Joe Mama’s Bar & Grill, a location known for their intense burgers.

Braun knows a thing or two when it comes to consuming calories. Back in his weightlifting days prior to the WWE Strowman regularly consumed over 15,000 calories a day! That’s five-times as many calories that a regular trainee looking to build muscle typically consumes per day! These days, he eats less than half of that due to wanting to look aesthetically pleasing as opposed to his days based off strength gains alone.

17 Randy Orton – McDonald’s Breakfast

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“Don't judge me @metabolicmeals @1stphorm @emergefitnesstraining I needed the calories. Also I'm training for a potential confrontation with @fightowensfight.”

Orton posted this photo to his Instagram account. Who said cheat meals need to take place at night, why not start your day off with the classic Egg McMuffin sandwich. Now the juice might have been overkill but major props to Randy for getting himself a hash brown on the side, well done sir.

Hilarious that he takes a shot at WWE Superstar Kevin Owens in the post - though he does show a little remorse to his fitness companies. Given his physique these days, the cheat meal is a well deserved one!

16 John Cena – Breakfast Sweets

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Cena is no stranger to eating cheat meals. However, don’t call it a cheat meal. According to Food Beast, Cena hates the physiological effects associated to the term "cheat meal". Instead, Cena looks at the meals as a loading day and one that can help him look in the long run.

We assume Cena took a break on the cheat meals given his look at the recent Australia event. However, when it is time to have a cheat meal Cena has a sweet tooth. According to Food Beast, his go to cheat meals include toast, pancakes, muffins, ice cream and cookies.

15 Brie Bella – Cauliflower Wings

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Both Brie and Daniel are advocates for vegan food choices. These types of meal don’t have to boring and can be just as tasty. Bella posted one of their go to food options during football season:

“Literally one of Bryan and our favorite meals! We ate them all summer! Cauliflower Wings!!! The best for football season!!”

Some might pass and side with Ronda’s Buffalo wings instead. However, there is no denying that the wings actually look pretty darn tasty and let’s face it, eating healthy while enjoying the taste is a pretty darn good formula.

14 Daniel Bryan – Vegan Fish & Chips

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“Vegan To-fish and chips!!! Just what I've been looking for! Who would have thought Glasgow was a vegan haven! Got it at Mono Cafe, a super cool spot that has a RECORD STORE inside.”

As The Rock says, “if you ain’t cheating then you ain’t trying.” Bryan tried alright, finding this epic vegan cheat meal out in Glasgow. Bryan finds an awesome vegan fish and chips recipe. To go along with the meal is some healthy avocado and why not indulge to the fullest with some fries on side.

13 Kurt Angle – Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

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“Cinnamon roll pancakes. Still under 400 calories. Love this food.”

Much respect to Kurt Angle for posting about his favorite cheat meal food in the morning. However, what makes this meal so unique is the fact that it is less than 400 calories, somehow. Cinnamon roll pancakes usually contain double the amount.

The veteran gives us a clear example on how to eat those foods you love the most while giving them a healthy twist. The same goes for pancakes; anyone can easily use oatmeal, egg whites, low fat cottage cheese and protein powder to replicate the meal. It still tastes yummy and it contains nothing but healthy carbs and proteins.

12 Seth Rollins – Wurst Sandwich

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“Butcher Brothers getting down on some wurst before the gig tonight. Vienna is one of my favorite cities in the world. Let’s gooooooo!”

Travelling across the world isn’t the easiest part of being a WWE Superstar. However, it also leads to the introduction of different cultures, something WWE stars can take advantage of. During his time in Vienna, Rollins definitely took advantage of some of their unique signature foods such as the wurst, a fantastic sausage sandwich you just won’t find in the US. This is one of the greatest parts of travelling overseas, getting to enjoy the different cuisines!

11 AJ Styles – Strawberry Cake With Icing

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AJ is an old school guy when it comes to cheat meals. So what does the WWE Champion like to indulge on when off his diet? How’s about some good old fashion strawberry cake with white icing on top! Styles posted the photo to his IG account during the holiday season, that’s always a great time to put the diet aside for just a little while and enjoy some of the tastiest sweets.

You just can’t go wrong with cake and hey, strawberry cake with white icing on top is not only sweet because of the icing but also so fresh tasting because of the strawberry flavor. A great mix!

10 Sheamus – Flat Bread

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“Come to India... The food. The food. The food.”

Clearly, Sheamus has his hands full with this epic cheat meal. Like Seth Rollins, Sheamus loves to indulge from time to time when he’s in a different country. Sheamus raved about the cuisine out in India during the WWE’s tour back in the fall of 2016.

When he isn’t eating India’s finest bread, Sheamus follows a strict diet. In fact, the Celtic Warrior owns his own food prep company, a trend that’s on the upswing with WWE stars looking for an easy and healthy meal while on the road.

9 Rusev – Whole Wheat Stuffed Crust Pizza

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Like many others on the list, Rusev manages to put a healthy twist on one of the most popular cheat meal food options out there. Rusev uses a healthy whole wheat base for the pizza which makes it a lot lower in calories. However, wisely, the WWE star decided to stuff the pizza crusts.

These days, stuffing the crust is among the most popular ways to enhance a pizza cheat meal even further. Crust with extra cheese in it? Oh goodness, now that sounds yummy! Health enthusiasts can also add a healthy twist to the pizza by putting Allegro cheese in the crust, it is low in fat and high in protein!

8 Baron Corbin – Tomahawk Steak

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“The tomahawk steak is unreal at @andiamolv inside @thedlasvegas thank you @richardwilk for the amazing time!”

Andiamo Steakhouse is a popular spot numerous wrestlers have visited in the past. Just recently, Goldberg attended the Las Vegas restaurant. Sasha Banks, Cesaro, Carmella, Kalisto and Seth Rollins are some of the others.

Baron Corbin visited and the restaurant and he wisely decided to take the Tomahawk Steak, the popular option most go for. Given its high fat content, wrestlers aren’t typically smashing down steaks, unless they’re trying to maintain a massive figure. These days, such an option is a cheat meal and not a bad one.

7 Finn Balor – Thanksgiving Turkey

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Given the current season it is only fitting to include Finn Balor and his favorite Thanksgiving turkey. Oh the holidays, it doesn’t get much better than enjoying some family time while carving that delicious turkey with wonderful stuffing inside. Even Balor takes a break from his rigorous diet to enjoy this awesome holiday meal.

Finn isn’t accustomed to lots of cheat meals. Instead, he keeps things basic sticking to a high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate diet. Given that his abs haven’t changed in years, it is pretty obvious the carb consumption is  low - but at least he takes a break from the diet during the holiday seasons.

6 Drew McIntyre – Sushi

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Dwayne Johnson and several other WWE stars are likely smiling from ear to ear thinking about this cheat meal. Today, sushi is one of the most favorite cheat meals whether it be amongst bodybuilding enthusiasts, athletes or WWE Superstars. Not only does it taste great but sushi is an easy way to spike carbohydrates while keeping the fats moderately low (depending on the sushi). That isn’t the easiest macro formula to find with a tasty cheat meal.

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre loves this cheat option. It also helps to fill out his mammoth frame. He can afford to extra carbohydrates in order to maintain that gigantic look.

5 Braun Strowman – Sushi Rolls

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For a second time, we include Braun Strowman and one his favorite cheat meals. Given his size and appetite, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that Strowman has a variety of cheat meal options he enjoys. One of them is similar to lots of other WWE stars, the beloved sushi rolls.

It isn’t surprising that Strowman opts for the roll instead of the classic sushi piece given the size difference of a roll. Sushi rolls can also be a healthier alternative with less fat, depending on what the toping might be. Knowing Braun, he might not be thinking about calorie friendly options.

4 Charlotte Flair – Crab Ragoon Pizza

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The best part of a cheat meal might be the creative aspect of it all. Charlotte certainly got creative with this cheat meal during her time in Des Moines. While at Fongs Pizza, Charlotte decided to get a little freaky with her pizza toppings going for a Crab Rangoon pizza.

Crab Rangoon is a tasty option but just imagine what a pizza might taste like? She got lots of praise for her choice via Instagram, Charlotte also felt the need to post a photo of the rare pizza showing just how darn good it was.

3 Bayley – Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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WWE faction New Day is known for bringing the pancakes literally everywhere. The group is known for making pancakes in the car while going from town to town (just watch WWE Ride Along) . Heck, they also toss pancakes out to the crowd.

Bayley might be taking notice as she loves chocolate chip pancakes. However, they aren’t as big of a cheat meal compared to other foods on the list. Bayley uses a healthy spin on this delicious dish by adding protein and other healthy ingredients. Does it really get any better than chocolate chip pancakes that are low in calories?

2 Riott Squat – Sloppy Joe

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Some wrestlers bring their own meals prior to a show while others hit the cafeteria area. WWE typically caters the show backstage. However, the food options don’t always have the best reputation. Among one of the food options backstage recently was the classic Sloppy Joe sandwich.

One would assume performers might be running away from such an option before hitting the ring. However, the Riott Squad featuring Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan thought otherwise. They fully indulged on the Sloppy Joe option, perhaps a little too much as WWE star Shelton Benjamin felt the need to switch tables as they chowed down on the cheat meal.

1 Otis Dozovic - Seafood Dumplings, Beef Lo Mein, and Mongolian Beef

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For those that aren’t aware who this wrestler, Dozovic is one of the strongest Superstars in the entire company currently working for the WWE’s developmental brand. Like Braun Strowman, he isn’t afraid to pack on the calories during cheat days. His preferred cheat usually consists of an abundance of meat. However in this case, Otis opts for some good old fashion take out. Not a bad idea. Here’s what the mammoth meal for one included;

“Last Meal of the Night, ya can't Beat @peterskitchenchinabistro Seafood Dumplings, Beef Lo Mein, and Mongolian Beef Ohhh Momma.”

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