20 WWE Superstars: What Do They Like To Eat?

Most wrestling fans dream of looking like a WWE Superstar in every day life. A lot of that has to do with constant dedication outside of the ring. What goes under the radar is how they maintain such a look despite the rigors on the road. Just imagine having to find the proper meals while travelling around the world at least four days a week! They deserve so much more praise because of that factor. Nowadays, a lot of talents like Jinder Mahal and Rey Mysterio count on pre-made meals. They're healthy and so easy to consume – expect this trend to continue with the new school performers.

In this article however, for the most part, we’re looking at things that wrestlers love to eat, which aren’t necessarily healthy. A common theme in this article, WWE stars love to go out and have a good steak. Particularly at a restaurant in Vegas, Andiamo hosted various WWE stars both recently and years prior. Wrestlers love meat and they’re willing to go out in public for it, let alone in a populated place like Vegas!

From steaks to burgers to pizza, we’ll take a look at what wrestlers love to eat when they’re indulging. We’ll also feature healthy foods made by the likes of Daniel Bryan, Ronda Rousey and Carmella - maybe you'll try to replicate their healthy meals. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a fellow WWE fan or foodie. Let’s get started!

20 Seth Rollins - Bone-in Rib Eye & Pasta

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Like so many other WWE stars, Rollins visited Andiamo Steakhouse in Las Vegas multiple times. His most recent trip to the restaurant took place alongside his lovely partner, Sarah Alesandrelli.

Seeing as though Rollins commits to a high fat, low carbohydrate diet, he should have no problems squeezing in the fat that comes from a steak. According to the Andiamo restaurant page via Instagram, Rollins picked the Bone-in Rib Eye as his meat of choice. He was also feeling extra hungry, getting a bit of pasta on the side.

19 John Cena – Lamb Skewers & Popcorn Chicken

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Arguably the greatest WWE Superstar of all-time, there’s a reason Cena still looks so great today at the age of 41. He is very conscious of his meal choices, though in truth, Cena isn’t afraid to deviate from the diet, especially when he’s elsewhere.

As evidenced by WWE.com, Cena indulged during his China stay most recently. Passing by the same food cart in Yinchuan, John finally decided to stop, trying out both the lamb skewers and popcorn chicken. Remarkably, Cena made the order on his own, understanding the employee perfectly and speaking fluently. Cena enjoyed the skewers – though he claims they were heavily spiced.

18 The Rock - Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Chips with Peanut butter in the Middle

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If you follow The Rock via Instagram, he’s like posting one of three things. One, something motivational, two, a particular role he’s working on or three, a cheat meal he’s indulging on. We can do an article alone on Rock cheat meals and in fact, we have! (click here to see it) Via his Instagram post, The Rock describes what we’re looking at in the photo above:

“Start with 15 ginormous “DJ Heavens” of milk chocolate and salted caramel chips with peanut butter in the middle.” We definitely smell what The Rock is cooking!

17 Randy Orton – Well Done Meat

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Similar to John Cena, Orton really hasn’t aged all that much throughout the last couple of years. Like so many of the other wrestlers, Orton puts a lot of emphasis on eating cleanly and working out consistently, despite the hectic schedule.

In truth, Orton has pumped the brakes in recent years, a lot of that has to do with starting a family. Orton even posted a pic of a McDonald’s breakfast he ate most recently. However, this one deserves big time props as The Viper indulges in a fine piece of meat, one that looks crispy and well done.

16 Roman Reigns – 7 Pounds Of Heaven

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Reigns doesn’t do a lot of PR work for restaurants. He’s usually a quiet dude doing his own thing. However, he felt the need to post a photo of his experience at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood. According to his tweets, Reigns couldn’t believe the amount of food he was served and the guy is Samoan meaning, he definitely can eat!

As if that mammoth lobster wasn’t enough, he was also served a massive sandwich after that, one we hope he shared with the table.

15 Ronda Rousey – Homegrown Watermelon

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Some of you out there might be wondering, why on earth are we featuring Ronda Rousey and a watermelon. Truth is, this melon has quite the story as it was made by Rousey herself. She took a lot of pride in this DIY project, she explains to her Instagram followers:

“That’s that face you make when brimming with pride over a watermelon.☺️🍉Some friends brought a few watermelons they grew to #BrowseyAcres last year. I dried out some of the seeds and planted them, giving them up for dead after a couple weeks and forgot about them.... several months later at least two separate seeds germinated at the same time! I came home from circumventing the globe and found 6 giant watermelons!”

14 Daniel Bryan - FUNGUS AMONGUS Collard Wrap With Cauliflower Nuggets

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Although Bryan bashing the fans at the concession stands during a recent episode of SmackDown Live was exaggerated for television purposes, he does in fact have a different lifestyle when it comes to food. Bryan opts for organically made foods, nothing processed or anything like that.

Bryan shows that anyone can still enjoy a meal with this mindset, he combines mushrooms, a collard wrap and some delicious cauliflower turned into nuggets. We applaud Daniel for this original meal. Eating green can be fun folks, it is all about creativity.

13 Maria & Mike Kanellis - Crème Brûlée And Cheesecake Desserts

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We assume the Andiamo owner loves WWE Superstars. Just scroll down their IG page and it’ll become rather evident that the establishment welcomed numerous stars in the recent years – even celebs and athletes.

Both Maria and Mike Kanellis took to the Vegas restaurant celebrating their anniversary. We’re not sure if they ordered the cakes or if it was on the house, nonetheless, they went all-in with their sweet cravings ordering a cheesecake and a delicious crème brûlée. Chances are, they picked at both these desserts, how could you not?

12 Bayley & Carmella – Protein Overload

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Forget about green tea and blueberries (you’ll understand the reference a little later in the article) - both Bayley and Carmella go all out with their protein choices, both opting for a delicious piece of rib eye. The steak looks so well cooked that you’ll forget to eat a side dish with it – this kind of meat just melts in your mouth.

Living the road life, both Bayley and Carmella have such a great work ethic outside of the ring when it comes to keeping in shape. Bayley in particular makes it a purpose to visit a local Cross Fit gym when arriving at a location on the road.

11 Kurt Angle – 32 oz Tomahawk Steak

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It seems like Angle fully benefited from his recent time off. As evidenced by the Andiamo restaurant IG page, the Olympic gold medalist recently visited the Vegas restaurant. Like the others, he took a 32 oz Tomahawk steak. Generally, a 48 oz Tomahawk contains 120 grams of fat along with 2,500 calories total, just for the meat! WWE Superstar Braun Strowman scoffs at something like that!

We assume Angle himself finished it off without any problems. Who knows, maybe he made some room for dessert as well – oh it’s true, it’s damn true!

10 Triple H, Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash – Sushi

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Typically, groups of buddies, especially close friends love to indulge with similar foods when dining together. What’s better than your favorite meal in the company of your best friends?

We imagine these three Kliq members were in heaven, putting their busy schedules a side for a couple of hours and having some awesome sushi pieces and rolls. Surely, all three men smoked various pieces of Sashimi given its high protein value. Once they were done with that platter, we assume they took a bit of breather!

9 Baron Corbin – Tomahawk Worthy Of A Mention

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According to the speculation, Corbin isn’t the nicest person to deal with outside of the ring – though we assume that’s exaggerated and the dude is just trying to play the part. However, rarely does he credit anyone else, though surprisingly, he posted praise for Andiamo in Vegas and the great steak that he actually enjoyed. We have the proof in his IG caption:

“The tomahawk steak is unreal at @andiamolv inside @thedlasvegas thank you @richardwilk for the amazing time!” If Corbin approves, it is definitely worth a try.

8 Rey Mysterio – Lean Ground Turkey

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For those that are into clean eating, it was pretty obvious that Mysterio was chewing on some lean ground turkey. Though hilariously enough, trolls on IG claimed that he was eating fried rice or something heavy in carbohydrates. Given Mysterio’s shape, that assumption is so far from the truth. Instead, lean turkey contains hardly any fat, no carbs and lots of protein.

Rey is all about the pre-prepped meals, making his diet life a lot easier when he’s on the road. There’s a reason he looks better than ever in his 40s!

7 Finn Balor – Pizza

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Cheat meals must not be all that common with RAW’s Finn Balor. Seriously, the guy has a body fat of what we assume to be less than 6%. You don’t get there by hard work in the gym alone, that’s for sure.

Given all his rigorous healthy eating, Balor like most others gives himself a break every now and then. For Finn, his sweet spot happens to be pizza – an endless mixture of fat and carbohydrates combining for a magnificent creation. He’s not thinking about that bland protein shake when it is pizza time.

6 Braun Strowman – Joe Mama’s Monster Burger

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No doubt, Braun Strowman can eat. Converting into the world of strongman prior to joining the WWE, not only was Strowman lifting massive weights be he was also forced to consume a near 10,000 calories a day, this according to his interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He’s getting less than half of that these day but don’t worry, the man can still eat and this mammoth burger is a clear example of that. In protein alone, he probably got more than the average male in one meal. Let’s not even begin to talk about the fat in this burger given the bacon, egg and meat patties!

5 Kalisto – More Tomahawks!

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Talk about staying in character! Props to Kalisto and his partner for rocking the masks while they share this piece of meat – his partner also dawned the mask during the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony, now that’s some serious love from his spouse.

We assume Kalisto went for the steak while his partner chose a lighter option. Nonetheless, we assume she took an actual bite of the steak, it just looks so darn good, just look at that color! We fully understand why so many wrestlers make a pit-stop at the restaurant when they’re performing in the Vegas area.

4 Bill Goldberg - Tomahawk 32 oz Rib Eye steak

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Goldberg looks like a guy that pounds down steaks on a daily basis. Age 52, the guy still has traps that reach the top of his head, he’s not short on protein when it comes to his eating habits.

Not only did Goldberg visit Andiamo once, but we went twice, opting for the rib eye both times, a choice we really don’t blame him for. Knowing Bill, he probably hit the gym right after pounding down a pair of 100 pound dumbbells to his chest with ease. We hope the meat sweats weren’t too bad but who are we kidding - have you ever seen this dude sweat during a promo?

3 Carmella – Blueberries & Green Tea

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We promised some clearance on the blueberry and green tea reference made earlier in the article. Well, here it is. Yes, Carmella was eating a gigantic piece of meat earlier in the article but in truth, her every day food consumption is a lot tamer, featuring green and organic products.

The post above is an example at how Carmella starts her day off. A big breakfast can slow you down for the rest of the day. Carmella definitely knows that opting for a breakfast that’s easy to digest and one with so many nutritional benefits.

2 Sasha & Kalisto – All About Meat

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Close friend behind the scenes, Kalisto and Banks enjoyed fine looking steaks together. Both liked the restaurant so much that they decided to return with their loved ones on a later date. Banks even posted about her experience via Instagram, that proves how good this place really is (Banks isn't the most friendly out of the ring).

As you can tell from this article, WWE stars love to eat meat, though we assume they consider it a cheat meal given the high fat content found in a Tomahawk. Seriously though, of all the cheat meal possibilities, a steak is a pretty strong one.

1 The Rock - Roasted Turkey, Smoked Ham and Cheese with Sushi

via Instagram

“The Sunday Sushi Train 🍣 🚂 brought a friend to ride... a big roasted turkey, smoked ham and cheese sammich 🦃 🐖 🧀 hand made by yours truly.”

Major props to The Rock for making those mesmerizing sandwiches himself – ham, turkey and cheese together, that’s a winning combination. Though the true hero is the so called “sushi train” which Dwayne likely devoured in a couple of minutes. As he says, “If you ain't eatin' then you ain't cheatin'. Enjoy your treat meals, my friends."

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