Zero Chill: 25 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors That Make Us Lactose-Confused

What's our favorite ice cream flavor? It's a very important question and something that we've probably been asked about 100 times. Some people swear by chocolate and want nothing to do with vanilla (and think that strawberry ice cream is the worst idea ever). Others want much more exciting than that and go for mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, Rocky Road, and so on. And still others are cool with plain old vanilla... while insisting that it's not boring, it's delicious.

We don't want to judge because everyone has their preferred flavor and we totally get it. After all, ice cream is amazing and even if we don't get the flavor that we love the most, we'll still eat whatever we're offered. We might engage in some lively debates with our significant others and siblings and friends about the best and worst ice cream flavors, but we swear that it's all in good fun.

But there are some ice cream flavors that are honestly weird and that we might have never even realized existed. Here are the 25 weirdest ice cream flavors that leave us totally lactose-confused. We totally applaud the creativity of the stores around the U.S. and the world that come up with these flavors, but we do have to admit that they're not your typical flavors.

25 Pizza

via Travel + Leisure

Look, we totally love pizza. We would eat it every single day. We probably have, too, at least back in college (those were the food-loving days).

Pizza ice cream? What?! It really does exist: Little Baby's Ice Cream in Philadelphia sells a pizza ice cream with tomato, basil, oregano, garlic, and salt. We're all for creativity, especially when pizza is involved, but flavors like oregano and garlic are just too savory and spicy for ice cream. We're not convinced about tomato-flavored ice cream, either.

24 Mushy Peas and Fish

via Big World Tale

There's creativity... and then there are things that don't need to be in ice cream. Case in point: mushy peas and fish. Fish and chips with mushy peas is a delicious dish in restaurants... and yet it just doesn't translate to a sweet food like ice cream.

This flavor is sold in Scotland. According to the Huffington Post, "It's a scoop of minty mushy peas flavor and a scoop of fish flavor, topped with bits of battered cod and served with a french fry."

23 Barbecue

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Red Circle Ice Cream in Houston, Texas sells an ice cream that is Barbecue flavored. We get it. It makes sense that they would. They're in Texas, after all.

Barbecue is a beautiful thing. We love chicken, ribs, pulled pork, and all of the side dishes. Our mouths are watering right now and we wish that we could be eating all of this stuff. The problem that we have is with barbecue spices in ice cream. It just doesn't make sense to us to add these to ice cream. We're not sold on the idea of adding spices to ice cream, though, so there's that.

22 Grass

via The Patriot Ledger

Max and Mina's in NYC sells a grass flavored ice cream... in case you have ever thought to yourself that you wished that this creamy and sweet frozen dessert tasted like the stuff that you walk on outside.

How is grass even an ice cream flavor? How do they even make this? We've very confused and have a lot of questions about this. If we don't think that any herbs, including cilantro, have any place in ice cream, then we definitely don't think that grass has any place in ice cream.

21 Garlic

via California Limited

Garlic ice cream is sold in Santa Cruz, California during a garlic festival. Sorry but we're still scratching our heads over the fact that garlic ice cream even exists.

This is just never a flavor that we would want to be in our beloved ice cream. Garlic has its place in cooking for sure. Tomato sauce (and many other sauces) wouldn't be the same without it, and it adds a nice bite to so many dishes. And we get adding something like black pepper to a sweet dish. It can work really well in some desserts. But garlic ice cream? No way.

20 Everything Bagel

via Circa New York

Well, we knew this one was coming. There's a smoked salmon flavored ice cream so, naturally, everything bagel had to join the weird ice cream party.

How is this ice cream made? According to Reader's Digest, it's "Everything bagels soaked in ice cream, further flavored with pieces of everything bagels, dried onion pieces, garlic powder, onion powder, kosher salt, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds."

Ugh. No. We can't even. We'd like to keep our everything bagels and our ice cream separate, please and thank you.

19 Kimchi And Rice

via Salt & Straw

A Portland ice cream shop has sold this flavor in the past, and we think that Kimchi and Rice are totally delicious... just not when we're talking about ice cream.

There are some strange ice cream flavors that sound cool and artistic and interesting, like goat cheese and blackberry/raspberry/another kind of fruit. We'd be down with that. Kimchi and rice, though? We think that we'll eat these in savory form -- you know, for lunch or dinner -- but not for dessert.

18 Mountain Dew And Doritos

via DoughnutsCookiesandCream

Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream has made your junk food dreams come true if you want Mountain Dew and Doritos flavored ice cream.

What? You don't? You think that this sounds weird and kind of off-putting? Yeah, we totally get that because we might not even like Mountain Dew, and we might have eaten too many Doritos back in our teenage and college years to really crave the snack food today. Sorry but we'll skip this ice cream flavor... and just crush some plain potato chips into our vanilla ice cream because that is definitely delicious.

17 Jellyfish

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Gross. So, so gross. That's really all that comes to mind when we hear that Jellyfish is an actual ice cream flavor.

Do people really eat this? Do they crave it the way that we crave mint chocolate chip or cookie dough ice cream? Do they eat it after a breakup (while listening to a super sad song... crying optional)? We just don't get this. Jellyfish are things that you run away from at the beach screaming. They can't be an ice cream flavor.

16 Ghost Pepper

via Bravo TV

The Ice Cream Store in Delaware sells Ghost Pepper Ice Cream and there's something that we definitely need to know about it (besides how this can be ice cream): they have you sign a waiver.

Okay, so we get that ghost pepper is, you know, hot. As in really, really, really hot. If you have to sign something before eating, maybe it's too hot? Maybe it's not the best idea? Just a few thoughts that we have. We think that this sounds way too spicy for our tastes.

15  Deep Fried Oyster

via Japanalytic

Yes, Deep Fried Oyster is actually an ice cream flavor. You can get it in Japan.

Many of us are probably thinking, "I'll take my deep fried oysters in, you know, deep fried oyster form. With a side of french fries. Not as an ice cream flavor." And, well, that would be a totally fair opinion to have. This just seems all wrong: it seems like fried food and ice cream don't mix, especially when the fried food is savory, salty, and fishy. We'll say no to this one.

14 Carrot Habanero

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We're not sure which confuses us more: carrot-flavored ice cream or habanero.

These just aren't flavors that we would ever expect to have in ice cream or, to be honest, that we would ever want. We just wouldn't. A Brooklyn ice cream store sells this flavor, and while, sure, it's super creative, it sounds more like a soup than an ice cream. Right?! We could totally get down with a spicy carrot soup... but not as an ice cream flavor. No thank you.

13 Idaho Potato

Westside Drive In

When we think of ice cream, do we think of a baked potato? Not exactly... but if you live in Idaho, it makes sense that you would combine the two things.

A Boise, Idaho restaurant called Westside Drive-In has a specialty called the Idaho Ice Cream Potato. As Livingly says, "The most important thing to know about this dessert: There are no potatoes involved. This stunt dessert helped make the Westside Drive-In famous and has been a menu staple for decades. It's actually ice cream rolled in cocoa powder, topped with 'sour cream' whipped cream then drowned in chocolate sauce."

We'll stick to vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, thanks.

12 White Chocolate Banana Curry

via Yelp

Many people love curry, whether it's chicken, lamb, or veggie, and many people love white chocolate. Of all the types of chocolate, white chocolate isn't as beloved as milk or dark, but that's probably because it's not quite as everywhere and can be tough to find.

Would we ever expect curry to be a flavor that was put into ice cream? What about curry and white chocolate together? Oh yes, this really does exist. The Black Dog Gelato in Chicago serves a flavor that is White Chocolate Banana Curry. The thing is that curry is way too strong a flavor for ice cream... and we're pretty sure that lots of people agree with us, right?! We'd go for white chocolate, though. That would be good.

11 Thanksgiving Dinner

via The Ice Cream Store

If we've ever thought, "all of the flavors of Thanksgiving dinner need to be in ice cream" then this is the flavor for us.

The Ice Cream Store in Delaware has a Thanksgiving Dinner flavor that has vanilla ice cream, along with -- yes, really -- potatoes, green beans, and tomatoes. We're definitely lactose-confused about this flavor because while it sounds fun in theory we're not so sure that it works in practice. Do we want ice cream with potatoes and vegetables on it? We're going to say no. Bring us the vanilla instead.

10 Pineapple Cilantro

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Pineapple Cilantro Sorbet is sold at Glace Artisan Ice Cream in St. Leawood... and while we totally get the pineapple and think that it sounds totally refreshing on a hot summer's day, we're not so convinced that cilantro should be in ice cream (or, well, sorbet, as the case might be).

If we love cilantro, we still wouldn't want a herb in our ice cream. That's just the plain truth. And if we hate cilantro, then of course we don't want it anywhere near our ice cream.

9 Lobster

via TripAdvisor

Let's just get this out of the way: lobster (and fish) doesn't sound so great as an ice cream flavor. We're pretty certain that many people feel this way.

A store in Bar Habor, Maine, however, actually does sell lobster-flavored ice cream. And, no, it's not a simulated or fake flavor. It really does have lobster in it. It's made with a cooked lobster that is added to vanilla ice cream. We'd rather eat a lobster roll with french fries and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Maybe that's too boring, but, hey, we're okay with keeping lobster out of our beloved sweet ice cream.

8 Nova Lox Ice Cream

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Max & Mina's in Flushing, New York serves Nova Lox ice cream. We get lox and cream cheese on a bagel, but ice cream and cream cheese are definitely not the same things. They're both creamy dairy products but that's basically where the similarities end.

Since we're not convinced that fish-flavored ice cream should be a thing, we're not sure that we want to try smoked salmon ice cream. But eating a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese and following it up with a scoop of ice cream after... well, we wouldn't say no to that.

7 Spaghetti and Cheese

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There's an ice cream shop in Venezuela that sells Spaghetti and Cheese ice cream.

Yes. Let's take a moment and let that sink in. What does this consist of? It really is what it sounds like: according to Mashable, "It's cheese flavored with pieces of spaghetti."

It's definitely a fun idea, and yet it's not super appealing, is it? Do we really want cheese-flavored ice cream? That would be a no. Also, that picture isn't doing it any favors. We'll save the cheese for a more savory meal and keep it separate from our beloved ice cream.

6  Broccoli

via People.com

Broccoli ice cream is sold at a New York ice cream shop, and if this ice cream flavor was going to be sold anywhere, we can totally see how it would be in NYC. This city has literally anything and everything that we could think of when it comes to food.

We're just going to say it: broccoli and ice cream don't mix. We get that we're all supposed to adore vegetables these days but we're not interested in a veggie-flavored ice cream. We're looking at you too, kale (and you too, cauliflower -- you're getting a bit too much of a hero complex, anyway).

5 Prosciutto

via Eater.com

An ice cream shop called Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco sells Proscuttio Ice Cream. Look, we'll take some nice salty prosciutto any day. It's an awesome pizza topping. It's great as part of a cheese or character platter. And it's great just on its own.

Ice cream, though? We're going to say that we're not big on trying this flavor at all... and we want to eat prosciutto without any ice cream involved. It's just weird and too much for us to handle.

4 Soy Sauce

via amNY

An NYC ice cream store really does have a Soy Sauce ice cream flavor... and we're really confused about this one.

Would we ever pour soy sauce on vanilla ice cream (or any flavor of ice cream)? No, we wouldn't. It would never even occur to us. We're not sure why it's a good idea to have ice cream be quite this salty. We can get down with the whole savory and sweet thing (cheese and fruit taste awesome together, for example, and we love a pineapple-flavored guac) but we're going to pass on this particular ice cream flavor.

3 Fig And Fresh Brown Turkey

via Icy Tales

NYC is at it again with a weird ice cream flavor, this time Fig and Fresh Brown Turkey.

Okay, we really need to chat about the name of this ice cream. Fresh Brown Turkey? As opposed to, you know, just a Brown Turkey? Or even a turkey (not brown at all)? What? We get fig ice cream. That sounds totally delicious (unless you don't like figs, but then you'd be wrong because figs are a gift). We would never put fig and turkey together, not even in savory form, so we don't want these two things together in ice cream.

2 Ramen

via spoonuniversity.com

Ramen is a real ice cream flavor. It's sold at Little Baby's Ice Cream.

This seems like an ice cream flavor that some people will think is too weird and will never want to try and others will think, "That's strange for sure but, hey, I'm feeling a little wild and want to give it a shot." If you really like ramen or have nostalgic memories of eating it in your college dorm room, then maybe you're into this idea. Otherwise, you might think that any kind of pasta (or any pasta or carb, really) has no place in ice cream.

1 Foie Gras

via grubstreet.com

If we want to give this weird ice cream flavor a try, we'll have to go to Oddfellows in New York.

But... well... we're a little bit afraid of eating Foie Gras ice cream. The thing is that we might even be concerned about eating Foie Gras in general, let alone in the form of our favorite frozen dessert. It's just not an appealing food.

Adventurous eaters might be thrilled to try these 25 weird ice cream flavors. If you want to stick to mint chocolate chip, though, no one would blame you.

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